My name is Erika Marie and I have loved all things Bravo since the very first episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  Vicki yelling about sending a “FAMILY VAN!!!” for 6 people was all I needed to see to be completely hooked.  Unfortunately, my friends, family, and fiancée do not understand my Bravo obsession and are pretty over hearing my ranting and raving about Bravo-lebrities.  So I decided to create a blog where I could dish with other avid fans and we could share some major lols.

A little background about me:  I live in Florida where it is obviously too excruciatingly hot and terrifyingly dangerous to leave the house (gators, pythons, cougars, snow bird drivers) so this leaves me a lot of indoor time with my TV constantly set to Bravo.  I’m hoping to one day run into the mysterious triplet brothers of Tom Schwartz – although the fact that they seem to leave the house even less than I do makes that seemingly difficult…. I’ll add it to my vision board.

My only other obsessions are my pit bull, Roman, and my go-to drink, Pinot Grigio – I can’t get enough of either.  Stick an IV drip of Pinot in and call me Ramona Singer or better yet, put a sexy pup in my arms and call me Lisa Vanderpump. Maybe I should start a charity entitled “Pinot and Pups”, where strangers can donate and enable my addictions.  Coming soon to Crowd Funding.