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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 12 Recap

Gag Gift – Episode 12

I think that this has been the best episode of the season so far – but that’s not saying much.  Last week’s episode was good also but there was too much talking in circles.  This episode had both Camille and LVP at their prime and they both happened to be going after the same person.  It was very season 2 when everyone was coming for Taylor (except not as tragic) and it’s about time Dorit was brought down a peg or two. 

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Shop for Confidence

Rinna and Camille go shopping for lingerie together because Camille has been feeling insecure about her body since her hysterectomy.  What a great way to boost confidence – strut around half naked in front of cameramen, crew, and America.  But damn, Camille does look and always has looked amazing.  And Rinna is lucky that she had to stupid filler scene to film because she is not in one other scene the entire episode.  She missed out on 2 parties because she was home sick.  The best part was not having to see her annoying daughters.  Maybe the Bravo editors caught on to the overexposure and cut some scenes out. 


Sticking His Nose in It

PK has been getting involved in Dorit’s swim line, per her request, but has done an entire overhaul behind her back.  He thinks that the line was too couture and specific to a small demographic and wants the line to be more accessible to all markets.  Ok, that sounds reasonable.  But then Dorit discovers that her line has been cut in half and all of her hard work wasted.  PK also doesn’t like the name “Nova” for the line and I have to agree.  But he replaces the name with another terrible name, “Beverly Beach”.  Why don’t they incorporate Dorit’s name into it somehow or better yet, hire a branding consultant?   Oh yea, because they’re poor. 


Scents for Charity

Camille is hosting a party to sell fragrances for a cancer charity.  Man, this episode is already very Camille heavy and I love it.  Dorit and LVP arrive separately and apparently haven’t been speaking.  Dorit is all over LVP.  She gets right in her face and talks baby talk, then follows her around spewing constant flattery.  It was disgusting to watch.  Get a grip Dorit. 


Dorit doesn’t understand how LVP got so worked up and upset because she was fine after their walk in the park.  Teddi admits that she told Kyle what Dorit had been saying about LVP and if that were her, it would upset her.  But Teddi is sick of being involved and we are sick of hearing the same thing.  They’ve already talked about the situation at nauseam in New York.  So Dorit huffs over to Erika and complains that Teddi exaggerated what she had said about LVP and made it sound worse than it was.  And surprisingly, Erika agrees with her.  She thinks that Teddi can’t un-involve herself now that she already got involved. 

party 3

LVP was trying to sneak out of the party early to meet with Ken for a pre-Birthday dinner.  But Dorit chases her down and wants to continue talking about this situation.  LVP admits that she was hurt by what Dorit said and defends Teddi.  She’s slowly picking Teddi over Dorit and it’s only going to get worse.  Dorit blames Teddi but LVP reminds her that even the things Dorit owned up to saying in the park were not nice things to say.  So Dorit tackles LVP and climbs up on top of her like a complete crazy person!  She is straddling LVP asking for her love and forgiveness.  This was the wrong move Dorit.  It comes off as silly and insincere and LVP is annoyed by it. 

party 1

Princess Birthday

LVP is having a small group over to Villa Rosa for her birthday and the place looks absolutely beautiful.  She hatches a clever plan to serve Dorit’s drinks only in an ugly green tumbler.  This is why LVP is the Queen.  This simple act is so petty and so manipulative yet so brilliant and hilarious.  It’s meant to dig at Dorit a little and possibly embarrass her but if it goes wrong LVP can back out and say it was a joke.  But either way Dorit will still be the butt of the joke.  It’s a very subtle way to make Dorit look like an asshole for caring about such stupid things as proper glassware.  When Dorit gets served her champagne in the green tumbler, she laughs along – which is the best and really the only thing she could do. 


LVP starts opening her presents and first is a lovely scarf from Erika.  But Teddi really steals the show!  LVP pulls out this fluffy, pink, horse saddle thing and she absolutely loves it.  Dorit got LVP a bracelet and she tries to show Lisa the eclipse that’s on the bracelet.  But LVP’s not interested, “You mean like the eclipse on our relationship?  There was a time of shade and darkness.”  Ohhhhh!!! Damn LVP is coming for her and Dorit has no idea how to react.  Teddi 1 – Dorit 0 


Camille bought LVP a sexy bunny ear set thing with a lacy veil.  But she also has a gift for Dorit… a ball gag.  Camille explains that Dorit needs it because she talks too much and maybe this will get her to shut the hell up.  Everyone is laughing and going with it but Dorit doesn’t look amused.


They sit down for lunch and Lisa calls Teddi “Teddi Bear” several times in a sing-songy voice.  And then Kyle arrives and gets a kiss on the lips.  So not only is LVP icing Dorit out, she’s also giving everyone else extra attention in front of her.  And it seems to be working – Dorit looks super jealous. 

But Dorit takes her aggression out on an easier target and again turns to Camille to complain about the ball gag.  But season 1 Camille is back and not taking Dorit’s shit!  She looks Dorit right in the eyes and says in a sassy voice, “I don’t find it offensive.  It’s not like it’s a… strap on.”  She says this all while playing with the ball gag in her hands.  Erika can’t believe that Dorit is making this a big deal and says in her interviews that she’ll drag her if she doesn’t laugh it off as a joke after everything she put Erika through with panty gate. 


LVP receives a gift from Gigi and Ken – $75k Cartier earrings.  She takes off her old earrings to put the new ones on and Dorit immediately reaches out ready for Lisa’s hand me down earrings.  But LVP just laughs and says, “Two weeks ago you would’ve gotten them, but today…”  Kyle sees exactly what LVP is doing and is loving it.  That’s why I don’t see why she was so upset when this all went down in New York.  She knows that LVP’s tactics are not to yell and scream in someone’s face.  She takes her prey down slowly with little jab here and there.  And now LVP is finally punishing Dorit for being a disloyal backstabber. 


Dorit has had enough of being the group’s punching bag, even though she’s brought this all on herself.  “I think we’ve celebrated quite enough” she proclaims before storming out.  LVP follows her, pretending not to know what’s wrong.  But Dorit refuses to be consoled, pretends like everything is fine, and walks off.


But the cracks in the relationship may be deeper than originally thought.  LVP has replaced Dorit as the model for her jewelry aline nd completely scrapped everything from the shoot.  But again, Dorit brought that on herself by being a mega bitch during and after the photo shoot. 


The midseason trailer dropped at the end of this episode and it didn’t look too exciting.  We are halfway through this season and finally some fights are happening but they are about the stupidest things!  I’m hoping that within the next few episodes LVP will keep jabbing at Dorit and punishing her until Dorit finally cracks and has a breakdown.  The ladies will be travelling to Berlin soon which is exciting because the group trips are always a good time (except for Orange’s County’s recent Iceland trip – eww).  Rinna almost gets bucked off of a horse a la LuAnn vs the camel in Morocco.  Dorit has her swim line fashion show, Kyle storms off from a confrontation because she’s a spoiled brat, and Teddi and Erika have a falling out.  Erika needs to step it up this season with the drama factor – her book storyline isn’t doing it for me.  And where has Rinna been?  She is hardly ever interacting with the other ladies but is always on her own or with her family.  Girl better step it up and find someone new to go after besides Kim Richards. 

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