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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 9 Recap

That Was Weird – Episode 9

Finally, this season is starting to pick up, too bad it was yet again at Erika’s expense.  This episode still had a lot of boring moments in the middle but at least the whole thing wasn’t a total snooze fest.  The episode starts off with a passive aggressive disagreement over the most stupid and petty things.  That’s how the ladies of Beverly Hills roll – find something petty to slowly drag out all season long.  And at the end of the episode, Dorit puts her foot in her mouth yet again.  But going against LVP will have worse consequences than calling Camille a nasty name. 

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RHOBH in the OC

The Beverly Hills’ ladies are still out in the OC at Teddi’s beach house.  They partied hard the night before.  We see a few highlight clips that include Lisa giving Kyle a wedgie and Kyle giving Lisa a half topless lap dance.  Put it away Kyle!  No one wants to see that mom bra.  Erika Jayne is the only one in this group who is allowed to be on camera half naked. 


Speaking of Erika, she didn’t stay at the house with the ladies because she was having terrible cramps and she felt more comfortable at a hotel.  When she walks into the kitchen with the other ladies it’s super quiet and awkward.  But they’re saved by the trainer that Teddi has arranged to come over.  Girl really knows how to throw a party.  LVP is exercising at half speed while joking about her bouncy natural breasts.  Hope that trainer was well paid.   


While everyone is outside working out, Dorit takes the opportunity to suck up to Erika some more.  She tells Erika that some of the ladies were mad about her not staying the night – key word “mad”.  Another flashback shows both Teddi and Kyle talking about Erika leaving at the last minute and how it was weird, but no one was “mad” or seriously ticked off about it. 


Erika immediately confronts Kyle and straight up asks her if she was mad about it.  Kyle says that she wasn’t upset but she wished that Erika would have stay and had fun with them.  Then Erika moves on to Teddi who says that she wasn’t mad but found it weird.  Camille, who already has a vendetta against Dorit, calls Dorit out for being a tattletale.  But Dorit has learned her lesson from last year and wanted to throw everyone else under the bus before it could be turned around on her.  Erika has reached peak frustration and announces, “I didn’t want to bleed all over your sheets.” 

dorit 2

And then she storms off and hides in a bathroom.  Dorit calls Camille silly which snaps Camille back into her true bitch form.  She brings up the “see you next Tuesday” comment, pushes past Dorit in the hallway, flicks her hair, and calls Dorit a troublemaker.  Season 1 Camille!  Teddi’s fake tan is getting close to Stassi levels of orange hands.  And she cannot stop calling the situation “weird”.  Learn some new words Teddi!  And now that Erika’s explained her reasons for leaving, is it really that weird? 


Erika emerges and is completely embarrassed – again at the hands of Dorit.  Teddi tries to comfort her and puts her hand on Erika’s arm.  But Erika turns away saying she doesn’t need to be pet.  And that makes overly sensitive Teddi upset and in tears!  OMG these bitches.  Teddi demands answers for Erika recoiling from her and Erika explains that she’s hurt.  Or as Bethenny Frankel would say, “The wall’s up.  Back away – wall’s up.  Nope, nope, my wall is up.”  Erika doesn’t like being coddled or victimized because she has a tough girl exterior.   And that’s how everyone leaves it because they all pack up and head back to Beverly Hills.  Somehow, I don’t think this is over. 


Middle Fill

And then there’s a lot of filler – just like in the ladies’ faces.  Rinna is out hustling and shooting her many shows – Baby!  Erika and Tom have a business meeting at their kitchen table and briefly discuss Erika’s upcoming book.  Rinna’s pushes her daughters on us – again.  I’m so sick of these two and their bratty attitudes.  Teddi goes to Kyle’s store for fashion and styling advice.  Talk about the blind leading the blind – Kyle’s fashion choices have been extra atrocious this season. 



And then all of the ladies go away again together, this time to New York for fashion week.  LVP and Kyle head off to mess around at Kyle’s store and the rest of the ladies, including Rinna and Camille, go out to dinner.  Rinna needs to be caught up on all the gossip that she missed while filming Days for 2 days, then the Middle, then Days again.  Dorit narrates all of the stories and the other ladies interject here and there.  She starts with the dinner that she, Kyle, and LVP had and explains how LVP stormed off.  All of the ladies find this dramatic act hilarious, especially when they picture LVP driving off in her Rolls Royce.  It does seem pretty ridiculous when you hear it back, especially Dorit’s version of events. 

dinner 1

Dorit moves on to the beach house situation with Erika and the other ladies.  This is still a touchy subject and Teddi again says that it was weird.  Her reaction is a lot weirder than the act of Erika leaving.  Let it go Teddi.  You’re weird Teddi – you have a weird job, a weird looking husband, and weird kid’s names.  Go ride your horse.  But Erika shuts her down once and for all, “Erika’s gonna do what Erika wants to do until the day that Erika dies.”  As a fellow Erika, I felt like she was talking directly to me! 

dinner 2

And then Dorit brings up LVP again!  She tells everyone that Lisa has told her “privately” that she sometimes feels ignored by Dorit or that Dorit talks over her.  What a great idea to tell this to the whole group Dorit.  Erika sees that Dorit, Kyle, and LVP are all competitive and jealous over their friendships.  Three’s a crowd.  But by Dorit telling all of the ladies this, she is embarrassing LVP and betraying her trust.  She is digging a huge traitor hole that LVP doesn’t let people out of very easily, if ever.  And Rinna knows this all too well – she is afraid for Dorit.  Abort, abort – no one who has crossed Lisa Vanderpump has survived.  The rise and fall of disloyal friends: Cedric, Adrienne, Brandi.  Is Dorit trying to be next to get the axe from Lisa’s life and thus the show?



Next week Rinna pushes her model wannabe daughter on us yet again – they are not Gigi!  LVP finds out what Dorit has been saying about her and they have a discussion about it while Lisa is holding a black umbrella – not a good sign.  A dark cloud has descended over Dorit and LVP is the grim reaper here to finish her off.  And then Kyle fights the battle on Lisa’s behalf because why else would she be upset with Dorit?  Kyle sees a chink in the Dorit/LVP armor and is going in for the kill.  Take her down Kyle! 

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