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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 8

The Petty Mess – Episode 8

Maybe I’ve lowered my standards, or maybe it’s because this week’s Vanderpump Rules was subpar, but I rather enjoyed this episode of Beverly Hills.  There can be drama amongst this group without Lisa Rinna meddling in things.  The friendship drama, albeit petty drama, was still very relatable and down to earth.  Every group of girlfriends has had a fight about who is getting closer to who and someone feeling left out and getting jealous.  And at least LVP was involved, rather than sitting on the side lines playing with puppies.  Although, I do quite enjoy seeing puppies. 

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Fresh Puppies

LVP arrives at Vanderpump Dogs just in time for a “fresh” bag of puppies to be revealed.  This is the spinoff that we need – all about the puppies.  It could be on Animal Planet.  Ken and Lisa both grab and handful of the puppies and sit down to talk with their 13-year-old business partner.  He tells them that the lawsuit against them has been dropped.  Lisa and Ken are both elated and relived.  But come on, look at little Ken with a batch of puppies running around on his chest.  I didn’t believe for a second that he would assault a woman.  He’ll knock James Kennedy’s spark out but would never touch a woman. 


Three’s A Crowd

LVP is excited to go out to dinner that night with Dorit and Kyle to celebrate the dismissal of the lawsuit.  But Kyle and Dorit are both 30 minutes late and LVP is not pleased.  You can get away with that crap with the new girl – but not LVP.  And when the two ladies arrive they don’t apologize or acknowledge their tardiness.  So LVP is already perturbed but pushes past her annoyance and announces her news about the lawsuit.  The ladies are happy for her but quickly change the subject to a more negative matter. 


Kyle doesn’t understand why Dorit was so annoyed with her on the boat for doing the exact same thing that Lisa did.  Dorit accuses Kyle of butting in but she doesn’t see what a hypocrite she’s being because Lisa also butted in on her behalf.  Dorit totally doesn’t get it and her only defense is, “I love Lisa more than you.”  And now Kyle is pissed.  She sips her margarita and stares Dorit down trying to think of a good comeback.  But she can’t think of one so instead she decides to play victim and starts to cry.  She feels ganged up on (even though Lisa has barely said anything) and thinks that Lisa and Dorit set this up to come after her. 

dinner 2

That’s when LVP snaps.  She will not be accused of setting people up again like she was several seasons ago when Brandi blamed her for showing magazines of Mauricio’s affair.  She has officially had enough and gets up to leave.  She was already pissed about them being late and she is over this conversation that’s not going anywhere.  Dorit and Kyle chase her out to the street but she’s already in her car.  But before she drives off, she opens her window and says, “I’m going home to my husband who actually wants to spend time with me.”  Ohhhh!  And Kyle and Dorit are left on the curb, mouths agape.

dinner 3

This will for sure be a classic housewives moment for years to come.  People always threaten to leave or walk off but then return, but not LVP – she means business and when she’s out, she’s out. 

Dorit and Kyle go back inside and are both still in complete shock that LVP actually left.  They both agree that Lisa left because the attention wasn’t on her and that she’s jealous of Kyle and Dorit’s relationship.  Dorit surmises that perhaps Lisa needs a lot of attention because she didn’t get it in her childhood.  I have the opposite problem – too much attention in my childhood yet I still need it all the time.  Kyle is taken aback by this information because Lisa has never shared with her about her upbringing.  Dorit also mentions Lisa’s new jewelry line that Kyle knew nothing about.  So now Kyle is the jealous one of Dorit and LVP’s relationship.  Oh, for Pete’s sake. 

dinner 1

Out of the Picture

Lisa Rinna finally has something to talk about this week other than her model daughters.  She’s returning to one of her old soap opera gigs – Days maybe?  But still almost every time we see her this episode she’s talking about or to her daughters.  Give it a rest – I used to like them but I am getting way over their bratty and entitled attitudes.  Sorry, but they’re no Gigi and Bella.  

rinna 1

Beverly Hills Ladies in the OC

The rest of the ladies are heading out to Orange County for their “potluck” at Teddi’s beach house.  Erika Jayne didn’t bring a potluck item, “I left my Jell-O salad at home.”  Kyle and Dorit (who’s late) ride together and Erika and LVP ride together.  Bravo should have made them all take one car!  Then they would all be annoyed with Dorit for being late and would be forced to talk about their issues with Erika Jayne as mediator.  LVP vents to Erika about Kyle and Dorit not caring about something that was such a big deal to her.


And then the editors give us a flashback to a never before seen scene.  Lisa is trying to talk to Kyle about Ken’s health issues and Kyle is totally inattentive and keeps checking her phone.  This is probably why LVP is more open and honest with Dorit than with Kyle and this will def be coming up again. 

All of the ladies eventually arrive at Teddi’s cute and charming beach house.  Kyle walks right past LVP without saying hi but she did have her hands full.  Dorit brought a ton of food that her mother made so the potluck is saved (no thanks to Erika lol).  LVP passive aggressively brings up Kyle and Dorit being late today just like they were late for dinner.  She explains that the lawsuit was such a big deal to her and she just wanted to celebrate with her friends.  But instead the two ladies were bitching and fighting the whole time.  She felt as though they were brushing off something that was important to her.

beach 2

But Kyle’s not buying it and totally calls her out.  “Maybe you didn’t like that it wasn’t about you.  If Dorit was sitting there crying, would you have left?”  LVP has no answer for that which pretty much gives Kyle her answer.  LVP shuts down the conversation but Kyle has major attitude so it’s not over yet. 

Camille arrives just in time for a beautiful sunset on the beach.  Kyle and Lisa are still acting icy towards each other and it’s awky af.  They discuss the whole thing again on the beach but are still just going around and around.  Erika breaks the whole thing down and thinks that the 3 of them are competitive for each other’s friendship.  This type of thing always happens with 3 girl best friends – someone always feels left out or not as close.  Kyle feels like LVP is harder on her and Dorit gets off scot free for doing the same things.  Surprisingly, LVP apologizes for storming off while Kyle was crying but she also wants an apology for Kyle saying they were trying to set her up.  And that’s that…. for now. 



Next week the ladies are still in Orange County and stuck in one house together – perfect.  I had to watch this scene several times because it was all pretty confusing.  But from what I gathered, Erika left and didn’t stay the night at Teddi’s and all of the girls felt some kind of way about it.  So the next day, Dorit throws everyone under the bus and blabs to Erika that everyone was talking about her.  Erika has to come clean with her reasoning which is totes embarrassing but she had a very heavy and painful period and didn’t want to mess up Teddi’s sheets.  OMG – cringe!  I am feeling true second-hand embarrassment but it’s also such a real thing that almost every girl has been through – just not on TV. 

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