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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 6 Recap

Wham, Glam, Thank You Ma’am – Episode 6

Finally, this episode of Beverly Hills seemed to pick up a little bit.  There was still a lot of individual segments in the beginning and at the halfway point I couldn’t think of anything of significance that happened.  But when all of the girls finally got together there were some sparks.  That is the solution to these shows being entertaining: the ladies have to be together.  And not just one on one talking about the other ladies. 

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Pump Pups

Vanderpump brings up the lawsuit and explains that originally, they wanted to partner with another shelter but they didn’t like the way things were going.  So they pull out, after Ken had put in 40k, and now the other shelter is suing them.  The details are a bit foggy and Lisa never brings up any assult allegations.  But I mean look at Ken – he is sitting there with a sleeping puppy nestled in his shirt and another one crawling all over him.  The worst that Ken will do is threaten to knock your spark out and he prob doesn’t even have the energy to do that anymore. 


Another Commercial for Kyle

Kyle’s team is in the editing process of putting together her show “American Woman” and Kyle shows up to promote the show, I mean watch the footage, I mean help with the editing.  She is very hands on by the way.  And in case we forgot, the editors cut to clips from last season of Kyle working hard on set – asking about a camera and watching the actors.  We see a clip from the show that Kyle actually lived through when her mom gave her a pep talk before starting a new role.  It looked pretty damn cheesy to me. 


Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

Dorit and Erika are all buddy buddy now so Dorit invites Erika to go shopping for PK’s birthday present.  But Dorit still wants to show off to Erika so she takes her to the Pagani dealership.  And for a reasonable price of 3 million dollars, Dorit can purchase one of these cars for her beloved.  3 million!?  Dorit must not have got the memo: you’re poor!  Don’t do it, unless you want to give PK a heart attack or have a Russel Armstrong situation on your hands.  At least Erika and Dorit had a fun time taking the car for a test drive. 


Model Problems

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamilin are having a nice little casual morning together and talking about their daughters.  That’s the thing about Rinna, if she’s not starting shit with the ladies or hawking her dusters on CVQ she really doesn’t have anything interesting to talk about – except her model daughters.  Delilah Belle is moving to New York in the fall but won’t be starting at NYU until the spring.  Harry is worried that she’ll have too much time on her hands and get into trouble – idle hands are the devil’s work after all.  But Rinna reassures him that she’ll be fine because she has a white bubble of light around both of their daughters to keep them safe.  Harry knows that his Glenda the Good Witch wife is cray cray but he loves her anyway. 

rinna 1

Silly Willy Friends

Kyle takes one of her giant, fluffy dogs up to Vanderpump Dogs to get groomed.  Lisa “forgot” to make Kyle and appointment and all of the groomers are booked so the zany ladies have to do it themselves.  Perfect opportunity for these two ladies to show off how fun and wacky they are.  And they really do fancy themselves as the Lucy and Ethel but I wasn’t amused.  Splashing water on each other, trying to wrangle an oversized dog, blowing hair in Kyle’s face – it all seemed a bit forced.  Although, if Lisa’s going to blow an air dryer at anyone, I’m glad it was Kyle because she has so much hair and it really was going everywhere. 


“Glam Circle”

Teddi throws a spa party at her home and asks Dorit to come early so they can chat.  Dorit can’t even make it on time, let alone early so I think that Teddi is expecting too much.  But surprisingly enough, Dorit does arrive on time and expects some major praise for it.  They discuss “late gate” but Dorit is digging in her heels that the agreed upon time was 4:30.  So is she lying to make herself sound better or did she really think the meeting time was 4:30?  We need receipts!


Teddi is more upset that Dorit went and blabbed about the situation to Kyle which then put Teddi is a position to have to defend herself to Kyle.  But, as Dorit points out, Teddi talked about it with Kyle and Camille so she turned around and did the same thing. 

late 1

Everyone arrives and Lisa Rinna is boasting that for once she doesn’t have any issues with anyone in the group.  Cue, Vanderpump, “Well I have an issue with you Rinna-er.  I heard you’re going around talking about my husband.”  But Vanderpump is not really that upset because the story is out there for public consumption.  Rinna tells her that she didn’t mean anything malicious by it but come on Rinna – you didn’t bring it up to be nice.  And not only does LVP know that but Kyle probably ran off and gave details about how excitied Rinna was to spill the gossip. 

glam 2

Diva Dorit is back at it again, this time complaining about what glass her wine is served in.  I get why she would want a proper glass for her wine rather than that tiny champagne glass but there’s no need to call it out.  When you’re a guest in someone’s home you just let that sort of stuff go.  But instead Dorit calls Teddi out on it and embarrasses her – although it’s really the bartenders fault.  Glass gate? 

glam 4

Teddi is calling this party a “Glam Circle” but it doesn’t look very glamourous.  Diva Dorit won’t do the procedures because she doesn’t trust anyone but her own people to touch her face.  And LVP doesn’t need a laser facial because she just had an amazing face lift. 

Dorit is still clamoring on about “late gate” and gets Kyle involved.  Again, Dorit and Teddi go around in circles but Dorit is getting a little more heated this time.  She is jerking her arms around and seems very high energy – must be all that choke in the bathroom.  The two ladies decide to just drop it but have no resolution so hopefully this really is dropped and not dragged out all season long. 

glam 1

And on the last leg of her apology tour, Dorit runs up to Camille, who is lying down, and gets right in her face.  What a strange way to approach someone.  I think Dorit thought she was coming across as silly and innocent but she ended up invading Camille’s personal space.  Dorit apologizes right away to Camille for her comments, says she doesn’t know where they came from, and that she definitely didn’t mean them.  Camille thinks that Dorit’s apology was sincere but still have no interest in going forward with a friendship with this wack-a-doo. 



Unfortunately, next week the dispute over late gate rages on, so they obviously didn’t just drop it.  The main event is PK’s surprise 50th birthday party which is a black-tie affair on a yacht.  Dorit and PK arrive via helicopter and Dorit even tries her hand at singing – Déjà vu anyone?  Do we have a Gretchen and Slade sitch on our hands?  And the party concludes with a drunk (or coked up) Dorit and her bug eyes calling Teddi a psycho.  And the best part is, they’re all stuck on a boat with nowhere to go! 

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