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Best and Worst Look Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

The Best and Worst Looks of RHONJ Reunion

The ladies all look great but at the same time they look a little worse for wear.  It’s all the work they keep getting done.  Teresa and Dolores especially need to lay off the filler and the lip injections.   

Reunion Recap     Finale      Episode 12


Teresa’s hair has gone almost full blown blonde and it looks great but I miss her signature dark black locks.  Something is different about her face, but I can’t put my finger on it.  I think she’s definitely been plumping her lips and hitting the Botox.  Her dress was a glittery blue/purple color with a giant slit and lots of cleavage.

teresa 1


Margaret’s hair is not in her signature pigtails and it looks great!  Time to say bye to the pigtails Marg.  Her eye make up is pretty dark and her cleavage doesn’t so much look like cleavage – just a long line down her chest.  But her dress is nice enough and the green is a great color on her.

couch 4


Melissa’s face is almost unrecognizable from her first season.  I mean according to Jacqueline, she did have 3 nose jobs but something else is definitely different.  Her dress is straight of the Envy racks and is a cute, short, “I’m younger than the rest of you” look.

melissa 1


Siggy is trying to pull off a Disney princess look a la Belle, but falls short and ties for her bf Dolores for worst dressed.  Her hair is so extremely ombre – the roots are jet black, then the majority is brown, but her tips are bleach blonde to the extreme.

siggy 2


All of Dolores’ filler is just making her face look bloated and damn girl, could those boobs be anymore out.  Her dress is a lot like Teresa’s – navy blue and glittery.  I love the style of it and it would look great if maybe she had gone a size up so she’s not so smushed in it.



I was actually really impressed with Danielle’s look – her dress, skin, and boobs were all amazing!  Her dress was a magenta red covered with sparkles and had a huge train.  I don’t know what she did to her face but it looked so much more fresh than it did during the season.  Even Dolores had to pay her a compliment!


What did you think of the ladies’ looks?  Who was your favorite and least favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

Reunion Recap     Finale      Episode 12

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