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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 12 Recap

Ain’t No Misbehaving – Episode 12

This episode really didn’t do much for me.  I’m very glad that we’re already aware of Siggy exiting the show – it makes her a little easier to stomach.  And this might be an unpopular opinion but I think Melissa needs to go too.  She has been so boring the past few seasons.  The real star in that relationship is her husband, (and Teresa’s brother) Joey.  They can still have him make appearances throughout the show to support Teresa but Melissa needs to go. 

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Turning Tables

Teresa is doing a photo shoot for her latest book cover and Siggy shows up for moral support.  Siggy keeps trying to get Teresa to open up about her situation with Joe.  Old Teresa would’ve told Siggy to back off and mind her own business, but new Teresa gives Siggy just enough generic lines to ease her curiosity.


And it’s the same things that she’s already been saying: she’s upset with Joe for everything that he’s put the family through, she’s resentful that she didn’t get to spend more time with her mother, and she wants an apology from Joe.  She does reveal that she’s going to see Joe in the slammer this weekend and it will be the first time she’s seen him since her mother died.  On a positive note, Teresa’s yoga bod is insane.  Muscles on top of muscles on top of tan. 

photo 3

Ship Goals

Dolores, Big Frank, and Frankie head out on a road trip to visit colleges for Frankie.  Dolores is freaking out about having empty nest syndrome and being left all alone in the house with only Big Frank for company.  Omg it’s totally on between them now and she knows it but is trying to fight it.  Anything can happen on a drunken, lonely night with no kids in the house. 

dolores 3

Back at home, Dolores and Big Frank go for a walk with their pup and reflect on their living situation.  Dolores loves it because she has her boyfriend who has very little time to spend with her but then she has Frank at home to help around the house and keep her company.  They’re basically in a relationship without the sex which does sound pretty ideal.

And she should withhold sex from Frank as long as possible to teach him a lesson.  But Big Frank may have already learned from his mistakes.  He admits that he didn’t appreciate her and he regrets it and Dolores looks a little shocked and pleased.  This is when I started yelling at my TV, “Kiss her already!  Just grab her and kiss her dumbass!”  Yeah, I’m majorly shipping them.  Do us and yourselves a favor and get back together! 

dolores 2

The Josephs

There’s another ex-couple in Jersey who are still great friends: Margaret and Jan. And wow, Jan is really cool with Margaret considering that she cheated on him and then left him.  He even brought her bagels!  Margaret confides in Jan that she misses “the kids” and wants to be back in their lives.  She raised “the kids” since she was 24 and the oldest child was then 16 which means that that “child” is now 42.  She keeps talking about “the kids” as if they’re in their teens or 20s.  But 42 is not a kid and I don’t think they need their step-mom anymore.

marg 2

I feel bad for Margaret but don’t really blame the adults in this situation who don’t want or need to have a relationship with their ex step-mother who cheated on their actual father.  And Jan echoes those sentiments but says he’ll let “the kids” know that she thinks about them. 

Table Flip Remorse

Teresa is finally making good on her word to Danielle and coming over to apologize to her daughters for the “prostitution whore” comments and table flip.  Danielle’s oldest daughter, Christine, refuses to speak to Teresa but her younger daughter Jillian is willing to hear her out.  Jillian is now 19 and totally gorgeous – I mean, talk about a jaw line!

danielle 2

Teresa apologizes for her comments right away and for hurting her family.  She even said the word “jail”!  She explains that since she went to jail she’s learned a lot and had a lot of time to reflect and become a better person. Jillian says that when she first found out that Teresa and Danielle were doing yoga together she was irate.  And who could blame her?  How could her family trust Teresa again?  But also, how could Teresa trust Danielle again?


Danielle explains that both of her girls were bullied over Teresa’s comments.  Oh come on Danielle, it wasn’t all because of Teresa.  Danielle was a total crazy person for seasons 1 and 2 – starting fights, dancing on poles, hanging out with ex-convicts, and banging a 26-year-old.  I think she embarrassed her daughters all on her own during that time and gave bullies plenty of ammo. 

danielle 3

Can We Keep Him?

Siggy meets with her adorable father and gives him the rundown of her dispute with Margaret.  Even though Siggy is leaving the show (thank God!) can we keep her cute and sweet parents?  Siggy’s father was pretty much agreeing with her about the Hilter comments from Margaret.  But then she tells him about her anti-Semitic accusation and he draws the line.  He tells her that she can’t call someone that unless she truly knows their heart and just to avoid Margaret so her anger doesn’t get to that point again. 

siggy 2

2nd Grand Opening

The Gorga Family Restaurant is having its grand opening – didn’t we already do this?  I distinctly remember all of these ladies standing around, eating pasta, and having the exact same fight.  Melissa had previously told Joe that she wants to focus mainly on her store, Envy, and let him handle this whole restaurant thing.  I mean duh – who would want to waitress when they can play with clothes all day instead?  But Teresa and Joe don’t seem to understand this and get on Melissa for not being more of a team player.  Melissa in turn gets a major attitude with them and is sick of the siblings ganging up on her. 

party 4

The guests all show up and Joe makes a speech saying that this restaurant is to honor his mother and keep her memory alive.  Melissa and Teresa both work it out and Teresa even offers to help Melissa out at Envy if she every needs it.  This whole thing is screaming fake storyline to me but whatevs.   

party 5

Siggy is taking her father’s advice and completely avoiding Margaret.  But Margaret is confused by this since she received a friendly text from Siggy earlier that day.  Siggy really is bi-polar or something – her mood and feelings towards people can change at the drop of a hat.

party 3

Danielle goes to Siggy and tries to get her to meet Margaret’s mom.  But Siggy downright refuses.  Wtf is her problem now?  Does she really think that someone’s mother is going to come at her?  I’m so happy she’s off the show – her type of drama doesn’t make any sense to the rest of us rational, sane people. 

party 1


Next week is the season finale and it couldn’t come soon enough.  I was initially upset that this was such a short season but now I’m glad that it’s being put out of its misery.  Jersey was always one of my favorites but ever since the season with the twins and Jim Marchese, it hasn’t been the same.  I’m already looking forward to the reunion and hope that Siggy gets dragged by the viewers – not that she’ll accept any of it. 

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