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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 2 Recap

Diva Las Vegas – Episode 2

This was a nice, fun episode with lots of conflict resolution.  It wasn’t sit on the edge of your seat drama, but the ladies needed some time to patch things up from last season.  Don’t carry drama over into the next season!  So, now it’s all done and the ladies can find new things to rip each other apart over.  The circle of life for a Housewife. 

Episode 1     Dorit’s Looks     Reunion


Rinna arrives at the hotel room in Vegas, much to Dorit’s chagrin.  She meets Teddy and very awkwardly hugs Dorit.  But they agree to have fun for the sake of both of their birthdays.  Adrienne makes a surprise visit – she is the Queen of Vegas after all.  I can’t believe she would show up to a hotel besides The Palms.  And her face sure does look tight.  I mean, it’s always been pulled really tight but now she can barely open her eyes.

hotel 3 

And then Erika Jayne makes her grand arrival dressed like a dominatrix.  She looked hot but I can’t say I cared for the look overall.  It didn’t wow me or have anything special to it besides pure shock value of looking like you’re going to an S & M club.  She’s done better. 


The ladies head out for dinner and drinks.  Dorit announces to the table that Teddy is John Mellencamp’s daughter.  It’s obvious that Teddy doesn’t go around revealing this info unless it comes up but Dorit can’t help but be a blabbermouth.  Teddy explains that she’s an accountability coach for people trying to lose weight.  Basically, she sends them encouraging text messages and helps to motivate them.  Only in Beverly Hills.  Teddy admits that she has struggled with her weight in the past and at once time was over 200 pounds.  Well damn – she looks amazing now! 


The ladies go clubbing and I’m ready to see some amazing moves from Camille and Erika Jayne.  But I was a little disappointed.  Camille didn’t shake it nearly as much as she had in the past – be yourself Camille, stop the censorship!  And I didn’t see Erika Jayne dancing at all – maybe she only can do choreographed moves.  And Kyle didn’t even pull out her signature hair twirl!  What is happening?!!  Each of the birthday girls had a special birthday message with their picture on the big screen.  And everyone had a fun, drama free night.  Good for them – boring for us. 

club 1

FaceTime Tales

The next morning Rinna receives a call from Delilah Belle who is feeling ill from her meal last night.  A meal that consisted of wagyu beef and cost $280!  She charged it to Rinna’s card so at least Delilah is paying for it with her stomach.  I thought Rinna was trying to raise the girls to be down to earth.  And why is Delilah, who is over 18 and making tons of modeling money, still using her mom’s card for dinner?  She’s no Gigi but that’s because Rinna is no Yolanda.  Both of the Hamlin girls have always been a little bratty and backtalk a lot. 


Dorit forces us to see the horrifying face of PK via facetime.  Thanks Dorit, can we go one episode in peace?  I’m convinced that those two babies belong to the mailman because there is no way they came from the genes of PK.  They are too darn cute!  And apparently PK and Dorit are calling each other “Bubba” now a la Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.  It’s a Bravo epidemic. 


Throw That Money

Erika, Dorit, and Teddy go gambling and are playing the easiest game to play but hardest game to win – roulette.  They all start with $5000 and Teddy wins $800 right away which she sets aside.  That what I do when I (rarely) gamble too!  I don’t re-bet the money I’ve won.  Dorit orders a round of vodka sodas which is a bit shocking considering it’s 10am.  Vodka is pretty aggressive for 10am – unless it’s a bloody Mary of course, that’s perfectly acceptable.


Dorit wins over $4000 and is super excited – but she started with $5000 so she still lost money.  That’s why I can’t gamble – it’s not fun for me.  But Dorit and Erika are having tons of fun and even hug each other when Dorit wins.  But in the end, everyone leaves empty handed except for Teddy and her $800 winnings.  $800 – from $5000! 

gamble 1

Group Text

Vanderpump comes to join Dorit and Erika for some shopping which is Teddy’s cue to head to the pool.  Spending money really seems to freak her out.  Maybe accountability coaches aren’t quite raking in the dough?  Shocking.  LVP is delighted to see Erika and Dorit getting along.  But she claims that she also wants to be close to Erika.  Her previous sentiments were that she had been texting Erika and not getting any response.  Now comes the truth that Erika has been texting back but it’s been short, uninvolved texts like “thank you”.

lisa 1

LVP wants Erika to engage back with her and reach out to her once and awhile.  LVP knows exactly what she’s doing.  She tried unsuccessfully to knock Erika down a few pegs from the side but none of her tricks have worked.  So now she’s going with the “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality.  Smart.  Dorit is giddy, “I love when everyone’s getting along!”  But Erika still has her doubts, “Don’t get used to it.  It won’t last long.” 


Harry Freaking Hamlin

Kyle has a quick chat with Erika about running into Harry on a hike.  She reveals that the incident happened the day after the reunion was taped and the famous bunny ordeal.  Well, no wonder he was upset.  Kyle made it sound like she had ran into Harry just the other day and he’d been holding on to these feelings all this time.  But it’s Kyle who has been hold on to feelings.  She should just let the whole thing go but this is Housewives and that’s not how things are done.  So of course, Kyle knows that she has to bring it up to Rinna. 


High Roller Drama

The ladies take an excursion to The High Roller which looked very similar to the London Eye.  But the inside of each cabin is huge and even has a bar!  Erika describes it best as “a luxury Ferris wheel” but it moves very very slowly and takes 30 minutes to get around.  And obviously this seems like the perfect time for Dorit to talk to Rinna – where no one can escape.


Dorit explains that she doesn’t want to feel in danger when she’s around Rinna and she’s still hurt by Rinna’s cocaine comments.  But Rinna is also upset about all of PK’s comments calling her crazy and a pill popper.  Dorit doesn’t remember that ever happening and of course the Bravo editors deliver us a pretty package of PK repeatedly slamming Rinna.  Rinna wants a second chance with Dorit and finally apologizes for hurting Dorit via the cocaine accusation.  And they agree to move on, but slowly. 

ball 1

And next up is Kyle who decides to air her grievances out in the open and in front of everyone.  I mean, there’s only so much room on this ball thing but she still could’ve pulled her to the side.  Rinna already knew about Harry running into Kyle because of course, Harry told her.  Kyle explains that she was uncomfortable with the situation and can’t be held responsible for what Kim does, just like Rinna can’t be held responsible for what Harry does.  Rinna apologizes that Kyle was uncomfortable and that’s that.  Really worth holding onto for a year Kyle? 

ball 2

The Ice Queen Has Toys

The ladies go out for drinks and Erika is utterly bemused by the ice in her glass.  Instead of cubes, it’s in the shape of a long thin… well.  The ladies all think it looks like a penis and beginning comparing the size of their “ice”.  Erika sticks her ice down Dorit’s cleavage but Dorit says she’d rather have PK there.  OMG puke – throw up in my mouth! 

drinks 3

Dorit asks Teddy how it was growing up with her father – Dorit seems really obsessed with John Mellencamp.  Or maybe that’s the only thing she can think to talk about with Teddy – she’s not giving us much here…. horses and…?  Teddy explains that her dad was so laid back and chill and that it was never a big deal until she moved to LA.  She says it would be the same as if someone asked Erika about her dad.  If only Teddy had directed this at anyone else except Erika, she would not be removing her foot from her mouth.


Erika explains that she didn’t know her father and only met him when she was 25.  And that meeting him was like meeting a stranger – there was no connection.  And right then it clicks, and I’m think “Ohhhhh – Tom.  Daddy issues – it all makes sense.”  But Erika knows we will all be thinking that and calls us on it.  “My husband is older than my father so there.”  Ewwww gross – not something to be bragging about. 

drinks 1


Unfortunately, next week looks like a filler episode.  It’s too early in the season for such nonsense Bravo!  I’d rather a shorter season with less boring crap.  Kyle’s remodeling her house, Teddy rides a horse, Erika Jayne talks more about her daddy issue or lack thereof, and Dorit’s kid talks.  Real riveting stuff.  Although, when sweet little Jagger does talk it’s to call Erika Jayne a “bad guy” so maybe that will get interesting. 

Episode 1     Dorit’s Looks     Reunion

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