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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 11 Recap

Fauxpology – Episode 11

This was a pretty blah episode. These ladies can really talk one little thing to death. There’s been a decent amount of drama this season, yet I’m still bored. I think because the root of the drama is so stupid and so repetitive. And Jersey just cannot compete on a week of Vanderpump Rules and the premier of Beverly Hills. 

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Cooking Class Lacking Class

Teresa, Dolores, and Margaret head off to a cooking class with an authentic Italian chef.  First, they go shopping at the market for fresh, local “ingredientses.”  The Chef takes the ladies to his home (he must have a death wish) to prepare the meal.  Teresa tries arguing with the chef about mixing the dough with a machine instead of by hand.  Teresa, just do what the instructor tells you – this is not a recipe in one of your cookbooks.  I don’t think they have Kitchen Aid mixers in Italy.

chef 4

Teresa is tasked with cutting the meat and she chops and bangs on it so hard that she broke the cutting board!  Little shards of wood were mixed into the meat, rendering it uneatable.  The other ladies joke that she had a lot of sexual frustration to get out. 

chef 3

Picnic in the Park

Melissa is a little tipsy and tries to flirt with the bike guy, “It’s just you and me kid.”  She’s actually been pretty flirty with all of the Italian men.  Thankfully, Danielle and Siggy show up to save the guy from Melissa.  They go bike riding around the city and then find a park for a picnic.  Danielle and Melissa try to reason with Siggy about the Margaret situation.  But Siggy is being stubborn and resentful and she’s not budging. 


Dinner – Hold the Steak

Everyone meets up at the Chef’s house for dinner – wow this guy is brave.  I can’t believe that word hasn’t gone around town about these crazy Americans – don’t let them into your restaurant or your home.  And this chef is essentially doing both.  Hopefully, for once the ladies are on their best behavior.  And Margaret definitely is – she’s so afraid of saying something that will offend the overly sensitive Siggy.  So her solution is too not speak at all.   

night 2

Melissa pulls Margaret aside when she sees that Margaret is not being herself.  “I just can’t, I just can’t be classic Marg when Soggy is so overly sensitive.  What if I say I like the noodles and she has choked on a noodle in the past and blames me for trying to kill her?”


They walk back in right as everyone is talking about trigger words.  Teresa admits that her trigger word was “jail”.  Siggy explains that her trigger word is “Hitler” (I mean, she’s only said it herself over 20 times by this point) and after hearing that something inside Margaret clicks.  She very genuinely apologizes and says she would never want to directly hurt Siggy.  And how does Siggy react?  She doesn’t!  She continues to sip her wine and stays completely silent.  The other ladies don’t know what to do – like what next?  It is so awky! 

night 3

Spilt Group – Again

The next morning the ladies split off into groups.  Margaret and Danielle go to a shoe factory so Margaret can decide if she wants to use them as her new distributor.  Danielle is just obsessed with shoes and along for the ride.  The ladies see how the shoes are made and Margaret flirts with a gay man.  But in the end, she decides that this distributor is not right for her based on their high price point.  Seems like something that could’ve been worked out over the phone. 


Siggy and Teresa go walking around near a cathedral to find a place to pray for Teresa’s mother.  Teresa explains that she wanted to include Siggy in this moment since she knows Siggy felt bad about being left out of the wreath ceremony in Boca.  Siggy is very touched by this gesture and realizes what a true friend Teresa is.  Siggy puts a new perspective on Teresa’s situation when she went away, “I know that you are feeling resentful about missing time with your mother, but think of it as time she got to bond with your daughters.”  And it’s kind of true – I’m sure with Teresa away the girls saw Nona more than ever. 

tre 2

Final Dinner

It’s the ladies last night in Milan and Teresa plans a private dinner in case things get out of control again.  Siggy finally acknowledges Margaret and thanks her for her apology.  But Siggy is still standing by her convictions that no one should ever mention the name “Hitler”.  Margarets says that she understands that it’s a trigger word for Siggy which is why she has already apologized and asks her if she really thinks that Marg is anti-Semitic.  Siggys responds, “I want to believe you’re not… and if I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry.”  Classic housewives’ non-apology.

dinner 3

And Margaret calls her out on it.  She wants Siggy to apologize for her actions, not how Margaret feels.  She says that Siggy aligned her with a hate group that could be relationship and career ending.  Siggy tries to talk her way around it, claiming that everyone says things in the heat of the moment.

dinner 4

But finally, she tells Margaret that she doesn’t think she’s anti- Semitic but anti-Siggy.  God, do Siggy and Dolores share a brain or just practice together what they’re going to say?  Margaret tells Siggy that if she gives herself a pass for not being perfect, then she needs to be willing to do the same with others. 

dinner 2


Next week the ladies are back in Jersey.  I was hoping we would see Margaret’s disco party but it looks like that will be saved for the finale.  Teresa visits Danielle’s house to speak with her daughters – that’s gonna be awkward.  And Melissa has an attitude towards Joe and Teresa regarding the restaurant.  Well, thank God Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules are back. 

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