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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 1 Recap

Stronger Than Ever – Episode 1

Beverly Hills – Chi chi chi!  One of my faves is back!  There wasn’t a lot of action this episode but that’s because we were catching up on the ladies’ lives.  It’s also becoming painfully obvious that like many franchises before them, these ladies are not friends off camera.  Most of them haven’t seen each other since last season wrapped and that’s usually not a good sign.  Hopefully last year’s drama doesn’t carry over and everyone can start fresh before creating new arguments. 

Dorit’s Many Looks     Reunion    Reunion Fashion

It’s Expensive to be Me

Erika Jayne is so over the top and fabulous!  Her motto is “everything today” and she’s been taking advantage of every opportunity that’s coming her way because of the show.  She did Dancing with the Stars and there was an SNL parody of her and she’s loving it all.  I gotta say, as amazing as her house is, the kitchen has always been such a letdown.  Maybe it’s because she could care less about cooking or maybe that’s just the staff kitchen we’ve been seeing this whole time but it def doesn’t match the rest of the house’s grandiosity.   


Erika is rocking an amazing yet chilling look in her interview.  She has on a crown type headband and a dramatic black shirt with puffy shoulders – it’s giving me evil queen vibes.  And Erika really is the exact opposite of Lisa Vanderpump (the self-appointed Queen).  Further to that point, Erika pulls out in an amazing Ferrari.  It was dramatic, dark, sexy, and totally bad ass.  I don’t even care about cars and I was like, whoa. 

erika 3

Tommy Freaking Hilfiger

Next is Lisa Rinna and her gorgeous model daughters.  They are totally kicking ass at this whole modeling thing and Lisa’s trying to make them the next Gigi and Bella.  Except these girls are a little more whiny and not as independent as Gigi and Bella.  Delilah is complaining about traveling too much and doesn’t want to accompany her sister on an upcoming trip.  Rich people problems.  And then a team comes over to give the girls and Lisa IV treatments.  Delilah even gets some cortisone injected to dissolve a pimple – must be nice. 


Nipped and Tucked

Lisa and Kyle meet up for lunch – Kyle with a brand new Birkin in tow.  Kyle’s boobs look huge in her card when she’s wearing a brown moccasin dress – maybe it’s just too tight.  And speaking of tight – LVP’s face looks amazing and extra pulled!  Possible face lift?  Kyle wants to do a girl’s trip to Vegas to celebrate Dorit, Rinna, and Erika’s birthdays.  Lisa is not sure because Dorit has had past issues with both Rinna and Erika.  And soon Lisa may be having problems with Erika for her joke, “scratch the puss, scratch the puss.  I was going to give her some medicine for that.”  Erika is great but she has zero sense of humor. 


The New Girl in Town

Dorit takes her adorable son, who is now speaking, to a music class and meets the newest housewife, Teddy.  This scene was entirely too long and had way too many children in it.  Dorit is trying to expand her friend group, “I want to meet some moms who have children.”  As opposed to moms who don’t have children?  Wtf Dorit?   


Teddy is gorgeous and has an amazing body.  She’s John Cougar’s daughter which is only important to me if he makes an appearance on the show.  Teddy seems…. ok – she’s pretty open and honest.  She admits that her husband was meant as a one-night stand and she didn’t even have his name right the next morning. 


Dorit takes her new friend Teddy out for drinks with LVP so they can bond over their love of horses.  Dorit and LVP discuss the Vegas trip and Dorit admits that she hasn’t spoken to Erika since the reunion.  Teddy sits listening – either she’s seen this all play out on the show or she’s playing catch up.  It’s difficult when they bring in a random girl with no connect to the group.  It takes them awhile to click with people and form an opinion.  It’s also Teddy’s birthday – so come along stranger, you’re invited to Vegas too. 


Viva Las Vegas

The ladies all meet at the airport and are excited to jet off to Vegas.  And Camille shows up!  That is so exciting – I really wish they’d bring Camille back full time.  Erika shows up wearing a hideous t-shirt – I mean really, wtf was that?  Dorit reveals that Teddy doesn’t like to shop and it was as if the world had stopped spinning.  The ladies all had shocked looks on their faces and were speechless.  Brain does not compute. 


The ladies arrive at the hotel and split off into their separate rooms.  Kyle and LVP are sharing the presidential suite which is ironic considering the trip is for the other ladies’ birthdays.  Dorit and Erika both brought their glam squads with them and it’s getting to be a bit much.  Does your hairstyle need to be different literally every time we see you?  And how did Dorit go from having bangs at the airport to now having a sleek bob?   


Kyle tells Lisa and Camille that she was hiking and ran into Harry freaking Hamlin.  I guess he was sort of unpleasant towards her and told her that Kim needs to stay away from this group (aka stay off the show) permanently.  Maybe he meant it in a helpful, way – he is also a recoverying addict after all.  But Kyle is dreading bringing it up to Rinna for fear of having glass thrown at her or being choked.   

hotel 4

Everyone gather’s in Lisa/Kyle’s room and Teddy shows up wearing a cute, but extremely short, romper.  As LVP notes and I previously noted, Teddy’s body is insane.  The ladies are all sitting around talking when there’s a knock at the door.  It’s Rinna who has flown in from New York and that’s the cliffhanger we’re left with. 

hotel 3


Next week really kicks off the girl’s trip in Vegas.  The ladies hit the club and I’m ready to see some moves from both Camille and Erika!  Dorit and Erika have some fun together but Teddy and Dorit don’t seem to be clicking.  And Dorit also has tension with Rinna and attempts to settle it.  I’m hoping that Kyle will bring up Harry Hamlin’s comments to Rinna – we know how she reacts when someone talks about her husband. 

Dorit’s Many Looks     Reunion    Reunion Fashion

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