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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 8 Recap

Walking On Broken Glass – Episode 8

This episode was action and drama packed!  It starts off with a peaceful, healing retreat and ends with screaming and glass throwing.  And let’s not forget about a charity for dogs thrown in the middle, and I don’t mean Kim D.  It was quintessential Jersey and I loved it! 

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Housewife Role Play

The ladies are still at Siggy’s retreat and just starting the “let’s act like each other” exercise.  There is a fine line between imitating and mocking and Margaret is riding that line.  She is fake crying and yelling about the cake all while being under the facade of acting like Siggy.  And Siggy is just giving Margaret the death stare.

game 4

But then it’s Siggy’s turn and she immediately knows what to do.  She grabs her hair like faux pigtails and starts talking as if she has no compassion for the poor baker of the cake.  After it is all over the moderator asks how they think the whole thing went.  Siggy feels perfectly fine and is glad that she’s had this weekend to get to know Margaret.  So Siggy has already dropped the whole thing and made up with Margaret, she just decided to do this role play thing for our amusement. 


Next up for this fun activity is Melissa Gorga, who wants to discuss her feelings with Siggy.  And how does she do this?  By imitating Siggy’s behavior at her party when she humiliated Melissa.  Melissa’s interpretation features a special humping the air segment.  Wtf are you doing Melissa?  Seizure maybe? 

retreat 4

Danielle has some issues that she would like to confront with a particular person.  All signs point to Dolores but I’m worried that this reconciliation won’t be as peaceful as the others.  But after a long commercial break Danielle says Teresa’s name.  There is no imitating or role playing going up here – just straight up emotion.

retreat 5

Danielle is still hurt and upset about Teresa’s infamous table flip and her “prostitution whore” comment.  Of course, there is a flashback to that scene and man does Teresa look different between then and now.  Danielle is mainly upset that her daughters were in the room when Teresa said those comments.  But I remember Jacqueline or Caroline giving Danielle an opportunity to get them out of there like they did with the other children and she chose to have them stay.  Danielle wants an apology from Teresa not just to her but to her daughters – and Teresa agrees. 

retreat 3

Zio Joe

Meanwhile back in Jersey Joe Gorga has taken Milania out for an adventurous day of go-karting.  My heart could not handle this scene!  Joe is so sweet and really stepping up to be there for Teresa and the girls.  He wants Melania to be able to talk to him about their passed Nona or anything else.  “You know you don’t have to call me just because you want something.  You can call me to talk.” 


Retreat Realness

Back at the retreat, the ladies are on to the next fun filled activity: spilling all of their painful secrets.  Margaret tells the story of her estranged step children who are only a few years younger than her, so not really children.  Teresa explains her struggles of being a single mom after coming out of jail and burying her mother while her husband is in jail.  When Dolores has her turn, she announces her upcoming event for charity that she wants everyone to attend.  But the other ladies are confused and weirded out.  They just had to bare their souls to the group and while on television and Dolores can’t think of one little thing to say?  It was odd. 

retreat 2

Only This Missing Was DJ James Kennedy

Dolores throws her dog charity event and all of the ladies attend.  It was very Lisa Vanderpump but it was definitely missing DJ James Kennedy “DJing” while simultaneously telling guests to “pick up your dog’s poo”.  Melissa finally realizes how boring she is and decides to stir the pot by telling Siggy that Danielle doesn’t think the Siggy/Margaret make up is genuine.  But unfortunately for Melissa, Siggy doesn’t take the bait and shrugs the whole thing off. 


Goblin Kim D

Dolores and Siggy head over to Posche to try on clothes to wear for the Posche fashion show – a RHONJ staple.  Filming at Posche means that we have to see the demonic pulled back face of Kim D.  Who keeps letting this troll appear on the show?  And of course, right away she starts tearing into Teresa and making accusations about her marriage.  “Well I heard that Teresa is rekindling old flames.”


OMG this bitch is so dumb!  What old flames?  Teresa has been with Joe since she was like 16!  How many “old flames” could she have had before then?  Thankfully, Siggy and Dolores both go off on her telling her that she’s wrong and that they don’t want to hear it.  Leave Teresa alone you goblin!  She’s been through enough. 

kim 2

Jersey Dinner

Melissa organizes a dinner with all of the ladies so that she and Margaret can invite everyone to Milan.  But the dinner turns dark very quickly.  Siggy and Dolores reveal to the group that they will be not just attending the Posche fashion show but walking in it.  And then they disclose the cheating allegations that Kim D spat about Teresa.  Everyone at the table totally loses it and can’t believe that after this Dolores and Siggy are still choosing to walk in the show and give her support.  Their defense is that the fashion show is for charity but that’s bull – write a damn check and be done with it.  Melissa is screaming for them to pick a side – this is Jersey, not Switzerland.

dinner 6

And then Dolores makes a huuuuuge mistake with one tiny word, “IF it’s true, I mean it’s not true.”  IF!  That implies that she might possibly think there’s some truth to the rumors and Teresa picks up on that immediately.  And she is irate!  She picks up her glass and throws it at the wall while screaming, “You should’ve stuck up for me!”

dinner 5

She stands up and gets in Dolores’ face but Dolores has already thrown her chair back and stood up too.  “I did stick up for you!  When is it enough?!”  Well, you could maybe not walk in the show – actions vs words.  Siggy and Dolores both storm out, because they don’t do anything without each other.  And Danielle randomly announces, “The line in the sand has been drawn!  Have fun ladies.”  Uh ok, thanks for that contribution Danielle. 

dinner 4


Teresa decides that she’s not gonna let this shit fly and she wants to confront Kim D.  And where do RHONJ ladies go when they want to confront someone?  The Posche fashion show of course!  Damn Kim D is getting so much free publicity from this show it’s ridiculous.  Teresa and Kim D fight it out and I’m really hoping for some hair pulling or table flipping.  I think I saw Teresa flip a chair, so that’s a start.  And maybe Danielle will finally get her vengeance for all the times she’s been humiliated at this event. 

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