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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2 Recap

Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Part 2

Let me save you the trouble: if you haven’t watched Part 2 of the Orange County reunion yet, just skip right ahead to the last 10 minutes.  Everything else up to that point was boring af.  Peggy, Meghan, Lydia – who cares?!  The real drama finally comes when Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki hash it out and scream at each other, only to finally end with an emotional and tearful blonde old lady hug. 

Shannon Off The Deep End

The sad, sad Shannon package continues – hasn’t she been put through enough?  This package focuses on Shannon’s crazy and erratic behavior, along with her tendency to blow off the handle over any little thing.  Shannon is suspicious of Lydia and thinks that she set her up by surprising her with Kelly at the Quiet Woman.  “Way to make yourself relevant Lydia!”  Ooooh – fighting words but so true. 


Peggy finally speaks for the first time of the reunion and says that she wants an apology from Shannon for calling her “that one.”  But all Peggy gets from Shannon is an eye roll and is then interrupted by Meghan.  Meghan demands an apology from Peggy for clipping her lips together (one of the better moments from the season in my opinion).  Peggy doesn’t give an apology either, just awkwardly stares at Meghan like she doesn’t understand what she is saying.  Bitch please. 

clip 2

Mommy Meghan

And just when I think I can’t get any more bored… the Meghan package.  Meghan was a new mom this year balancing baby Aspen along with all of her friend’s drama – Zzzzzzz!  I’m pulling a Vicki and nodding off.  Meghan reveals that she is one month pregnant with baby number two and it’s a boy, which is what she wanted.


Meghan and Kelly get into it about the cheating accusations that they both sent each other via text.  But Meghan started the whole thing!  And she thinks that it’s different because she went right to the source – so Kelly should have gone straight to Jimmy.  Uh what?  That makes no sense and definitely wouldn’t have gone well.  She’s your friend! 


Pathetic Peggy

But then it gets even worse and even more sleep inducing: Peggy.  I can’t believe Bravo wasted the 100th housewife spot of her lame ass – so disappointing.  Peggy explains that Diko is protective, not controlling and that she wanted support from the ladies, not sympathy.  Shannon denies that she had any involvement with David talking to Diko about Peggy’s cancer.  She said it was not malicious and not a set up.  Heard that before Shannon…. Ireland anyone?  Forcing tequila shots down Kelly’s throat. 



And finally, Andy moves on to something a little more exciting: the Iceland trip.  Vicki explains that when she had the towel over her head while being wheeled out to the hospital, it was because she looked like crap.  She says that Peggy kept pouring water on her which made her hair frizz out like crazy.  But girl, we all already saw that hot mess while you were in the room.


Kelly reveals that she had given Vicki an Adderall in the morning to keep her going and then a Xanax that night.  Vicki also claims that she took some Nyquil to fall asleep, so of course she was feeling jittery and crappy.  Andy looks her dead in the eyes, “Vicki, you were high.” 


And there here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Bravo has been showing it in the promo clips and it’s been teased several times during this reunion episode.  But are we ready for it?  A FLY BUZZES IN SHANNON’S FACE!  Whoa – real riveting stuff.  I’m so glad Bravo showed us that clip over and over in preparation for the scene in its entirety.  I mean, really?  Who the F edited this thing? 


Peggy still thinks that the girls were laughing at her when she took that creepy recording.  She doesn’t mention hearing them say her name or anything she had been talking about yet is still convinced that she is the topic of conversation and laughter 10 minutes after the fact.  They were drunk – everything was funny to them!  And I’m sure they had moved on since Peggy walked out.  She should be more concerned about herself and why she was recording someone else’s baby crying.  Weirdo. 


Tamra admits that she has fun with Vicki when they’re on good terms, but she is still confused about forgiving her.  Vicki was hoping to reconcile this season and sees Shannon as a wedge between her and Tamra.  Tamra wants to forgive Vicki but then Vicki keeps doing evil things to betray her.  I.e. inviting shady Ricki to her birthday party to gossip and spread rumors about Eddie’s sexuality.  Tamra thinks that the entire thing was completely staged by Vicki.


Tamra still feels that Vicki chose Brooks over her.  Even after they broke up and Brooks was exposed for the scam artist that he is, Vicki never acknowledged it.  Tamra wanted some validation for being right about Brooks all along and explains that she was just trying to protect Vicki. 

But since wrapping the show (and since making up in Iceland), Vicki has allegedly still been spreading rumors about Eddie.  She’s done interviews and retweeted mean things while her friends drop stories to the press.  Vicki is upset that Tamra has been calling her homophobic which Vicki claims is untrue.  They go back and forth yelling for a while, both calling each other liars.  Tamra finally puts her fingers in her ears and starts the “Lalalalala I’m not listening” routine that 6-year olds frequent.


Vicki doesn’t know how to react, “Tamra, that doesn’t look good on you.”  But Tamra knows exactly how to react with a quick, snarky retort, “Well nothing looks good on you.”  This is the comment that sets Vicki over the edge and she storms off the set.  She goes all the way back to her dressing room, cussing the entire way, and proclaiming that she wants off the show.

walk off

After everything that has happened in 12 seasons the OG of the OC wants off the show because of a silly comment like this.  Surely, Vicki is just acting out of character and being overly dramatic.  I mean, when is she ever dramatic right? 

walk off 2

And shockingly enough with a little coaxing and attention, Vicki returns to the set.  Tamra (who knows she went too far with the comment and has to save face) has started to cry and pleads with Vicki for a heartfelt apology.  And Vicki can finally muster the strength to utter the words, “I’m sorry.” and vows to never talk about the subject of Eddie being gay again.

tam 2

In return, Vicki wants Tamra to stop saying that Vicki was in on a cancer scam because she was the one who was conned by Brooks.  Tamra agrees and the two go in for a tearful hug.  And in a genius move, Vicki decides to pull Shannon into the hug!  She apologizes to Shannon and says that she wants to be there for her during her pending divorce.  They are all crying and hugging and heavy breathing into each other – it was a little too close for something I’d be into.  Hope everyone brushed their teeth after lunch! 

hug 3

They break apart and go back to their couches but then Tamra chirps, “Can you come sit on this couch?  We haven’t been on the same couch in 2 years.”  Vicki moves to the other couch, right smack dab in the middle of Shannon and Vicki.  Well played Tamra, well played.  Vicki is holding both Shannon and Tamra’s hands while explaining that they need to build each other up, not tear each other down.  Andy is a little doubtful and starts giving them advice about communicating and trusting.  He’s basically saying, “We’ve seen this before and we’ve seen you mess it up before – don’t F it up this time or you’re outta here.” 

couch 2

In Conclusion

Well, I’m not sure I buy how authentic the reconciliation was but I’ll take it any way I can get it.  Only time will tell how long this friendship will last.  Vicki and Tamra both need to have a scapegoat to take their anger out on but it’s best when it’s not directed at each other.  Aim it at the next batch of new girls we’ll hopefully be getting next season.  Gladly, I think that Peggy was a one hit wonder.  And I’m also hopeful that this will be the last we see of both Lydia and Meghan.  How Meghan has survived three seasons, I’ll never know.  I’m exhausted after this snore of a season and nothing even happened!  Oh well, onwards and hopefully upwards to Beverly Hills! 

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