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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 1 Recap

Reunion Part 1

Reunion time!  And these ladies really need to bring it for putting us through this crappy and boring season!  But unfortunately, I was disappointed in Part 1.  Andy literally went through each individual lady, showed a package specifically about that lady, and then asked that lady questions about it.  Peggy somehow got skipped but I was completely ok with that.  There was hardly any interaction between the girls.  Lydia and Meghan had a quick little snark fest but no one cares about either of them anyway. 

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Hilarious Hijinks

Andy starts off by showing clips of all the “hilarious hijinks” the ladies got into this season.  Really Andy?  I hardly think teaching your daughter to drive and yelling at your dog constitutes as “hilarious hijinks.”  Way to oversell it.  He questions why Peggy doesn’t know simple American phrases when she’s been here her entire life and then quizzes the other ladies.  Meghan thinks that Peggy is just playing dumb and of course she is!  We all think that!  But why?  It’s not entertaining or funny – at all. 

lydia meg


First up, is a Vicki package about her past heartbreaks and her new beau Steve.  Tamra also worries that Steve may be a little too boring for Vicki.  But she thinks he’s a huge step up from Brooks, “She went from a crook to a cop.”  Tamra also reveals that she’s still been in contact with Briana who texted saying how touched she was by the Iceland episodes. 



Lydia is next on the hot seat and is questioned about being so uncomfortable around drag queens.  She explains that the whole situation made her uncomfortable and she didn’t like the conversation that the ladies were having at the table.  Shannon retweeted a mean tweet about Lydia not liking gay people which Lydia claims is untrue.

lydia meg 2

Meghan jumps in for some reason and accuses Lydia of being rude to her aura reader lady.  “Maybe you should have your brain tell you what to do and not the Bible.”  And we learn that yes, indeed Lydia does understand that a vasectomy and cutting off balls are not the same thing. 



Next up is Kelly and her recent separation from Michael.  Looking back on the season, it was obvious that Kelly was making changes and getting ready to be free.  She had her boobs reduced even though Michael didn’t really want her to and vag rejuvenation even though she and Michael aren’t having sex.   So now she’s all ready for single life.  Vicki defends Kelly’s decision and agrees that she tried all that she could do to make it work.  What can we expect from single Kelly?  “Lock your doors.  Hide your children, hide your wives.” 

vic 2


Time for the Tamra package.  The main discussion is all about her estranged daughter and trying to mend their relationship.  For once, Tamra actually is crying real tears and not just squinting her face like usual.  After Tamra’s daughter’s graduation things went south again when Tamra posted a photo on social media against her daughter’s wishes.  Tamra’s daughter then posted a hurtful, public message on social media completely ripping her mother apart.  Tamra admits that she shouldn’t have posted the picture but Tamra claims that she cannot keep quiet about her life when she’s on a reality television show.  All her daughter wants is privacy – why is that so difficult for Tamra to understand? 



And now for the final and most depressing segment of the reunion: the Shannon Segment.  She really has had a rough season.  But she’s already lost 25 of her Vicki caused pounds.  Vicki feels terrible and wishes that she could take back the comments she made to Kelly.  Shannon is on hormonal treatments – thank God.  Now get Siggy some of that!  And then Shannon announces that she and David have separated and she is living on her own with the girls.

shan 3

Vicki is completely shocked and upset by this news.  She’s gotta be feeling really guilty now – to cause weight gain is one thing but causing a divorce is worse.  “If I was responsible for any of it, I feel awful.”  But Shannon admits that she and David have had issues of their own before the affair ever happened. 

shan 2


Next week, there’s a fly that’s buzzing around – does that really need to be shown in the preview?  Not exactly exciting stuff.  There’s more yelling between the ladies and Peggy storms off.  I hardly think anyone will be begging her to return to the couch.  The really exciting part though is Vicki storming all the way back to her dressing room and proclaiming that she’s finished with the show.  Doesn’t she say that every year?  But then the clip ends with Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra grouping hugging and crying together like the Ya-Ya sisterhood.  And I am here for that! 

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