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Below Deck Episode 11 Recap

Only Doing It For the Money – Episode 11

This was a jam packed episode of Below Deck – so much happened, even if it wasn’t that exciting.  EJ leaves, Captain Lee’s wife visits, and there’s a new deckhand.  And this is all while dealing with two separate charter groups.  And some members of the crew are starting to crack, ahem Chef.

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Nico’s elbow pain has subsided and he’s finally up and at ‘em.  And good thing too because the conditions are finally favorable enough for Captain to take the guests out for a morning cruise.  Nico realizes that’s he been a dick to EJ and respects the fact that EJ has been helpful to the crew.  Maybe Nico should be telling this to EJ along with an apology.


Jen can’t drag her ass out of bed and is late for her shift.  Her whiny excuse is that she doesn’t feel well.  Kate is not having it and basically tells her to suck it up, they all feel like crap.  Kate explains her frustrations with Jen, “I keep giving Jen solutions to her problems but she finds new problems.  But how do you solve a problem like Jen?”  Very Sound of Music Kate, I like it.


The guests leave but make sure to get in some more complaining before they do.  The primary guest doesn’t even give the big speech to the crew, the bitchy restaurant lady does – not a good sign.  She explains that the primaries were over it and just exited the boat.  She calls out Chef Canada and says that if it were her restaurant, a lot of things would have been sent back.  And she’s disappointed that Chef didn’t take his cooking to another level.  I don’t think he has another level.


The crew has their tip meeting and it’s actually not that bad, not great but not terrible.  Captain Lee announces to the crew the EJ will be leaving and everyone is shocked and sad.  Except for Nico who is almost jumping out of his seat with joy.  Come on Nico, EJ can be a little cheesy and tries too hard but he has really saved your ass this season.

Captain Lee also announces that his wife, Mary Ann will be coming for a visit and they’re all going out to dinner tonight.  Mary Ann arrives and OMG these two are so precious and cute together! 

capt 2

At dinner Mary Ann explains that Lee didn’t remember meeting the first time but he fell in love the second time.  They’ve been married 42 years and have 5 children!  Goals af!  Captain Lee is being such a softie and really lights up when he’s around his wife.  But that special moment is ruined by Nico and Bri running off to bang at a hotel.  So romantic.


A new crew member arrives and it’s Kyle!  Who else could it have been in those flamingo shorts?  Captain Lee is glad to have Kyle because he already knows the boat and is a good worker.  And with the arrival of Kyle also comes like arrive of subtitles – I thought we were done with that after Below Deck Med.  Kyle catches us up and explains that he and Ashley broke up (sad aww) but he’s since had another daughter (happy aww).


Kate and Jen are doing their typical banter in the kitchen but this time it goes too far.  Jen tells Kate that Kate has been “whoring around” a lot longer than herself.  To which Kate replies, “Um, how old is your daughter again?”  I don’t really get what Kate was meaning by this.  Is she calling Jen a whore for having a daughter young?  Or is she saying that she hasn’t been a whore since her daughter was born?  I don’t know but it def wasn’t meant to be nice. 

kate 2

Jen brings it up to Kate and confronts her friend to friend.  But Kate is not having it!  She laughs in Jens face, says “I’m not your friend” and walks away.  So cold and so good!


The Captain has been disappointed with Chef Canada’s performance lately and the fact that two guests have now called Chef out specifically.  So Captain Lee micromanages by standing in the galley and staring Chef down.  Bruno is also in the kitchen “assisting” Chef Canada.  But Bruno is doing everything!  He’s coming up with great ideas, adding things, correcting Chef’s presentation – and he’s right about all of it.  Captain is watching the whole thing and is confused why a deckhand needs to help a Chef with ideas.

Kyle is super into Jen even though he can already tell that she’s crazy – he’s into that.  He creepily tries to hit on her while lounging in the crew mess and making weird faces at her.  Jen just looks up and makes weird faces back and it was hilarious!  Kyle asks her out and she say no but he’s not giving up that easily.  I don’t know if another on camera date is a good idea Kyle, remember Sierra?

Captain Lee wants to pull Bruno from the galley because Chef Canada is depending on him too much.  It does seem like Chef is a little insecure with his choices.  And even his most impressive meals have been no match for anything that Ben has done.  So Captain calls Chef up, gives him a little pep talk, but also advises that Bruno is being removed.  Let’s hope this lights a fire under Chef Canada and he’s able to pull it off.


Well the pressure is really on Chef Canada next week because he’s cooking for Captain Lee who is joining the guests for dinner.  And a drunken Jen calls Baker a whore??? Baker???  Kyle quickly learns that Jen is maybe too crazy for even him.  And it all ends with Jen screaming at Baker and/or Kyle while Bruno holds her back.  Yes!!!! Finally a drunken, break down fight!

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