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Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Recap

Candle Wicks and Lunatics = Episode 19 Finale

This finale, like the entire season was a snooze fest.  Orange County needs a major face lift to match its cast.  I mean, I’m even starting to miss Alexis Bellino!  I never thought I’d think or say that but this season has put me in that dark space.

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Vicki is fluttering around her office and acting neurotic about headsets not working.  Her business partner comes over for a meeting with her and Michael.  He lets Michael know that there was a “vote” to have Michael become a board member.  Was it a vote that only Vicki and her partner participated in?  Or did Vicki get to cast 20 votes?  The partner is majorly kissing ass and tells Michael he sees potential for a VP position.  At least Michael is one step closer to his dreams of owning a yacht.


That’s My Opinion!!!

Tamra is getting ready for her estranged daughter’s graduation but is nervous about Simon giving her the tickets.  And even though Tamra is excited about this baby step, she still breaks down wishing that she could be there to help pick out her dress and get ready.  This is the infamous graduation that was ruined when Tamra posted a picture of her daughter onto her social media – which has always been a point of contention between them.  The daughter came out and said that she’s repeatedly asked her mother not to mention her on camera or post about her on social media.  And obviously Tamra has selfishly not respected those wishes, because she needs a storyline.  But is that really so so terrible to completely cut your own mother out of your life?


Wild & Crazy Candle Party

All of the OC ladies are getting ready for Meghan’s candle launch party – I mean, does anything sound like a more crazy party than that?  I doubt my grandmother would even bother attending a candle party.  And the whole thing is so outrageous and over the top that it’s ridiculous.  The event is being held as the St Regis and looks like a re-do of Tamra’s wedding.  The signature drinks are hideous!  Blue drinks are not acceptable unless you’re in Mexico or New Orleans, maybe Vegas.  But at a classy party like this?  It looks tacky af.


Kelly is waiting on Vicki to get ready and is pissed that she’s still doing her make-up.  She gets impatient and calls Shannon to have her pick them up.  And then Kelly goes to have her make-up done, after all that bitching she just did about Vicki who already had most of her make-up done.  Michael doesn’t want to ride with Shannon and be stuck in a car and forced to talk to David or anyone.  He really is a downer while Kelly loves to be the life of the party and it’s really starting to annoy her.  She warns him to be nice and not embarrass her.  To which he responds, “You don’t get as successful in business as I am by making people uncomfortable.”  Ok, so are you going to be nice then or what?

kelly 2

The ladies begin to arrive one by one to the party and everyone looks very glamourous.  Too bad those blue drinks ruin the ambiance.  Meghan makes a little speech thanking everyone and the producers glaze right over that one, and rightfully so.  Peggy and Kelly speak about Iceland and Kelly apologizes, especially about the dad comment.  She explains that she was drunk, forgot about her dad in that moment, and didn’t mean it maliciously.  Things that we have known, yet Peggy couldn’t seem to comprehend.

kel peg

And on the other side of the party, it is also all about the apologies.  First, David apologizes to Diko for his original comments on the boat, which really weren’t worth apologizing over as David was just asking a simple question.  Diko apologizes in return to David for making it a big deal and speaking to Shannon about it instead of directly to him.  And then Tamra walks up and starts having a serious discussion with Diko while David stands there awkwardly before he eventually asks permission to leave.  So awky!

david 2

Tamra apologizes to Diko for calling him a bitch but relays the story that Shannon had told her.  Diko explains that the story is fabricated and untrue but if it were, then he would have been acting like a bitch.  I don’t know, the whole thing was very weird and hard to follow.


But unfortunately is gets worse when Tamra goes up to Peggy and apologizes to her.  Ughhh enough with the apologies – this is a finale!  Drag each other!  Tamra explains to Peggy what Shannon had told her about what happened at the anniversary party.  Peggy claims that she never cried or said she was hurt by David.


So, Tamra calls Shannon over who disagrees and says that yes what she had explained happened actually happened.  Shannon is getting worked up as only Shannon can and waving her arms all over the air.  So when she finally catches Peggy in the lie and calls her out, Peggy’s only response it, “Are you ok?”  Peggy, you are no Heather Dubrow and are not nearly intelligent enough to switch situations around and gaslight people so please stop trying.

shan 2

But somehow, Peggy’s gas lighting still affects Shannon and causes her to react, even though she knows that’s what Peggy’s trying to do.  She calls Peggy a “f***ing lunatic” and storms off to the bar.  Tamra and Meghan follow her but Shannon keeps insisting that nothing is wrong and she’s fine.  But she’s saying it in her high pitched, irrational Shannon voice.


Kelly and Michael are still not getting along and Kelly really cannot stand to even be around him.  There obviously has to be a lot more going on when the cameras aren’t there because I haven’t seen him do anything that bad.  But Kelly seems really unhappy.  She looks right at him and says she doesn’t trust him and his response is to walk away.  Kelly cries to Vicki who tries to convince her to make it work while comparing everything to her situation with Don.

div 2

Tamra convinces Peggy to apologize to Shannon because it is the finale after all, and if not now, when?  So, in front of the whole group, Peggy apologizes to Shannon and Shannon “accepts”.  Shannon’s facial expressions are so telling.  She’s smiling politely at Peggy but she has to really force herself while the rest of her face twitches.  And then everyone stands there awkwardly in silence until Meghan declares something smart for once, “Let’s go to the bar!”

shan 4

The ladies have a toast and that’s the finale!  Most of the updates are old news: Shannon and David have split, Tamra’s back to being ignored by her daughter, Michael and Kelly have split, Briana’s moving to NC.  But what I was truly disgusted and shocked to learn was that Lydia wants to have another baby.  This bitch is crazy y’all!  After she forced Doug to have a vasectomy, talked about in on national television all season long, had a party to further embarrass him and now all of that is for nothing.  Ugh what I dumb hoe, I just can’t even.



Please dear God, let the reunion be more entertaining that this lame finale.  I have high hopes that it will be a good time.  Shannon reveals her separation from David and Vicki supposedly makes up with Tamra and Shannon… again.  So I am hopeful, but only slightly.  And please, only be 2 parts – we cannot handle 3!

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