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Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap

Real Housewives of Dallas – Reunion Part 1

This was a pretty solid part 1 reunion. I was glad that we didn’t waste too much time on Kameron, and the main focus was LeeAnne. Although, it wasn’t necessarily a positive focus – more like picking apart everything she did this season and why it was wrong. Like calm down ladies, if it wasn’t for LeeAnne y’all wouldn’t even have a show. 

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BFF Break Up

The reunion kicks off with discussions of the first drama of the season: the Brandi/Stephanie fight.  Brandi’s entire excuse for being pissed at Stephanie was the blog that Stephanie compared Brandi’s marriage to a car crash.  Stephanie defends herself, again saying that the blog was referring to the situation as a whole with the husbands coming home drunk on this important day, and not specifically about her marriage.  And it’s very clear when you read the blog what Stephanie meant, I don’t even know how Brandi could get confused by it.

steph 2

And then besides that, Brandi gives no valid reasons for cutting Stephanie out of her life and completely ignoring her for four months.  But all is well because they love each other now. 


Two Faced

But Stephanie is not out of the woods yet, because LeeAnne wants her turn.  LeeAnne stands by her decision to dress as a two-faced Stephanie for Halloween because Stephanie was nice to her face but said mean things about LeeAnne in her interviews.  But come on, even when Stephanie says mean things, it’s really not that mean.  Except what she said about the flesh-eating bacteria, that was pretty rude.


LeeAnne claims that a lot of her actions are because of her PTSD.  But even D’Andra calls bullshit on that one and says LeeAnne pulls that card when it’s convenient.  Brandi is also personally offended by this because her brother struggles with PTSD and she thinks LeeAnne is making the whole thing up.  LeeAnne just stares her down and mutters “Be careful”, but not in a threatening way of course.  


Smart Dogs Eat Brown Dog Food

Andy then asks Kameron about her pink dog food and she says that it’s been very successful.  Well, the Amazon reviews would say otherwise.  And the dog food is not even pink anymore!  It’s brown with a couple of pink hearts mixed in like Lucky Charms or something.  Supposedly, the pink dog food was making the doggie’s poo pink and people we not pleased.  I’m not pleased with this boring af storyline. 


Brandi and Stephanie question why Kameron thinks she’s better than them because of her zip code.  Kameron claims that she doesn’t think she’s better than them, just different.  Which is still totally condescending – that’s not how she’s been meaning it all season long.

brandi 2

Brandi wonders if her horses living in Dallas makes her part of Dallas society and then calls Kameron “big bird” again but this time to her face.  And then in the most Valley girl voice Kameron responds, “I may be big bird, but you are Oscar the Grouch living in a trash can.”  Well, there she goes again, putting down Brandi’s zip code. 

kam 2

Hard Night, Good Morning

There’s a quick little segment talking about D’Andra but it’s not nearly detailed enough.  And there’s not enough coverage of Mama Dee!  We do learn that Keaton is now working at a Verizon store.  Wow, wondering about Keaton’s life has really been keeping me up at night.  Glad he’s doing well.  Now bring out Mama Dee!  

da 2

I Can Also Bake A Pie With My Hands

Then we get into the good stuff – LeeAnne acting like a crazy person.  Only D’Andra thinks that anger management has helped LeeAnne. Andy looks at LeeAnne, “Well you have threatened three people’s lives in the past year.” And then we get an amazing flashback to LeeAnne threatening Marie and saying she would gut her! Chills!  Iconic.  But why didn’t that poor trolley get a flashback, he’s the one that actually was battered by LeeAnne.   


Cary was really freaked out about LeeAnne’s comments at the doctor’s office. Brandi explains how LeeAnne came running up to her totally naked and spitting in her face while screaming those horrific comments. LeeAnne thinks that there’s more to the story and that Brandi was baiting her in the background but it wasn’t aired. D’Andra and Kameron agree and think that Brandi was asking LeeAnne questions. Production checks the original tapes and Andy announces that Brandi did not mutter one single word. 

leea 4

So, then LeeAnne blames the pills she was on and says she doesn’t remember. But Brandi points out that Xanax doesn’t make someone act like that, it should chill you out. LeeAnne claims that she doesn’t remember exactly what medication she was on (which is scary, you should know that LeeAnne) and she’ll have to check her paperwork. Maybe the doctor gave her something that she wasn’t used to.  LeeAnne’s defense is that no matter what craziness she said, it was just words (and just hands) and it’s not like she ever acted on anything. Just keep the sandpaper out of reach. 

leea 1

But Stephanie brings up LeeAnne throwing and shattering a glass. LeeAnne claims that because she threw it away from them, she didn’t mean harm. And come on, she wasn’t trying to hurt them with the glass throw, it was to get their attention and express her anger like only LeeAnne can.  And also, to make Tiffany crack up laughing – totally worth it! 

cary 2

The three amigos are continuously coming for LeeAnne, while D’Andra and Kameron are sitting quietly and Andy is not doing much mediating. Put someone else on the hot seat! But no, things gettng even worse for LeeAnne because Andy announces that Mark will be coming out. LeeAnne thought that it was a closed set and doesn’t understand why Mark can be there but the other husbands can’t. She’s not gonna take it and walks off set.

walk off

D’Andra is a little upset too about the surprise of it all but Cary freaks. “Well you know what, you know what? I wish I would’ve known that my husband was going to be trashed all season long. How about that?”  Um, have you seen how he treats your daughter?  He deserves to be trashed and we deserve the entertainment.   



Unfortunately, we get no preview for part 2 of the reunion, just a “to be continued”. Like no shit Bravo, it’s part 1 of a 2-part reunion so it’s always “to be continued”. Show us the clips! I hope that LeeAnne will go back and confront Mark and stand her ground on her comments. I don’t want to see him win this fight.  Bake him a pie with those hands and then smash it in his face girl! 

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