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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 6

Growing Up Jersey – Episode 6

This episode was really boring and lame.  They take away Danielle for one episode and the whole thing goes to shit.  Although, the season has been pretty good this year so I’ll give this crummy filler episode a pass – they can’t all be Dallas. 

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Balance It Out

Another housewife with hormonal issues.  Does Bravo edit this stuff so it intentionally airs the same week?  Every time Siggy and Dolores see each other it’s a huge production like they haven’t seen each other in years.  They meet at the “doctor’s” office to get Siggy’s hormone levels checked – about damn time.    Surprise, surprise, just like Shannon on OC, Siggy is also having hormonal issues and needs to be balanced out.  But instead of just taking some pills like a normal person, Siggy decides to get pellets inserted into her ass.  And OMG it was so gross and looked super painful!!! 

dr 2

Housewife Showdown

Margaret and Dolores meet up to talk out their issues, which are nonexistent except in Dolores’ mind.  Dolores reveals that she doesn’t like garlic!  Huh?  What?  How?  Italian card revoked!  Dolores explains that she was upset with Margaret over the “Soggy” comment.  Margaret stands by her comments, “It was a joke.  I was being funny – I’m hysterical.  I learned it all from Joan Rivers.  But Siggy was acting like a crazy person the entire trip and you know it Dolores.  Come on, say she’s a crazy person!”  But Dolores defends Siggy’s behavior and alleges that she’s perfectly normal.  Ok, now you look like the delusional one. 

marg 3

Dolores is also upset with Margaret for joining in with the other ladies questioning Dolores’ weird living situation and relationships.  Margaret denies gossiping or questioning the nature of Dolores’ relationship and explains that she was actually sticking up for her.  Margaret also has an unconventional relationship with her ex-husband and thinks the other ladies need to butt out of Dolores’ business.  Margaret and Dolores both share their marriage, divorce, and children stories and see that they actually have a lot in common.  Major bonding moment. 

marg 2

Growing Up Jersey

Teresa is in Puerto Rico with her girls and her father, who is always in the background making disapproving noises.  The star of the show, Milania, and Teresa talk over a plate of cheese fries.  I just keep relating to Milania more and more.  Teresa misses her mom and Milania responds, “I know how it feels to miss your mother.  You were gone and I missed you.”  Bring on the waterworks!  These poor, poor girls – they have been through so much.  I’m with Tre – let them be spoiled brats, more cheese fries all around! 

tre 3

And I guess that’s supposed to be the main theme of the episode (which is prob why it was so boring), the difference between Teresa and Joe Gorga’s parenting styles.  Joe is very strict on his daughter and doesn’t want her leaving the house but is proud when his young son says he has three girlfriends.  Poor Antonia, trust me – the strictness is only going to get worse the older you get.  My dad wouldn’t let me go to sleepovers at my own cousin’s house and she lived on our street!  Meanwhile, my youngest brother gets away with murder and then some.  But Antonia and Joe do have a very sweet heart to heart about being open and communicating with each other. 


And on the flip side, back in Puerto Rico Teresa is trying to wrangle her girls into taking some pictures.  These girls are not having it and acting completely disrespectful to Teresa.  But I get it, they’re kids on vacation and they don’t want to be standing around taking a million photos.  And you know with Tre it’s not gonna be a few quick shots – it could take a whole afternoon.  Even sweet little Audriana is over her mom’s crap.  She should feel lucky that her girls don’t care about the cameras – I mean better that than being like Kim’s daughter Brielle. 

tre 4

Double Date with BFFs

Siggy and her husband go on a double date with Dolores and Frank.  And if that wasn’t strange enough, Dolores orders for Frank.  And you wonder why people have questions about the two of you.  Maybe it’s a very simple answer that Dolores’ boyfriend doesn’t want to appear on camera while Frank can’t get enough of it.  And Dolores needs someone to shoot with besides Siggy or her dogs (although I do love seeing her adorable dogs). 

dinner 2

Siggy explains that the pellets are already working because she’s feeling more sexual – eww barf in my mouth!  Dolores explains her meeting with Margaret and tries to convince Siggy to lighten her stance.  Siggy can’t even remember why she was mad at Margaret at the tasting party.  She says it was because Margaret was questioning Dolores but when Dolores says that’s not true, Siggy has no more ammo.  After Dolores keeps pushing, Siggy changes her tune and decides to give Margaret another chance. 

dinner 3


Until next week, when we see Margaret again imitating Soggy in a harsh way while Siggy tries to hold back the tears.  It looks like the ladies are all at Siggy’s overnight retreat – retreat for what exactly?  That sound like my worst nightmare!  A sleepover with motivational speeches from Siggy all night long – couldn’t handle that without alcohol.  And please, no more scenes of Teresa’s dad crying – my heart cannot take it. 

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