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Below Deck Episode 10 Recap

King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya – Episode 10

It’s the guest’s and the crew’s worst nightmare – not being able to leave the dock.  The crew has to work extra hard this episode to make up for the weather and some crew members are starting to crack.  I can’t believe Jen hasn’t totally lost it and jumped ship a la Rocky.  But more shocking, I can’t believe that Kate hasn’t torn her apart by now but I’m hopeful that there will be a moment where that happens soon. 

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Drunken Bros

The episode kicks right back off with drunk Nico and drunk Nico’s brother slurring and poking at EJ.  All over some dirty ass feet.  Like just wash your feet dude, they’re nasty.  Nico’s bro finally does clean his feet but then exits the boat.  Like visit over – I’m just gonna go wander in the middle of the night, in a foreign country, drunk and alone.  I’m sure Chris Brown’s hammock is still down in the bilge. 


The next morning EJ goes up to speak with Captain Lee and I’m thinking that he’s going to rat out Nico for being such a douche the night before.  But EJ quits!  Whaaaaat?  I guess when he signed on, they knew that it wasn’t a permanent thing and EJ would eventually be going back to his original boat.  Well why didn’t anyone tell us this?  I need to know what could happen with EJ and Baker’s love story! 


Rough Waters

The water is super choppy because of the wind and Nico is out getting tossed around on the tender.  All of the sudden Nico starts yelling for help and saying he needs to go to the hospital.  No one knows what happened but everyone’s first instinct is heart attack – he’s like 25!  Bruno jumps in the water and swims out to save the damsel in distress.

nico 3

I guess Nico’s arm was holding the ropes and he somehow hit his elbow on something which made his whole arm go numb.  It could be possible nerve damage but it’s definitely not broken.  I mean he basically hit his funny bone.  Nico returns from the clinic with his arm in a sling and a pinched nerve. 


The new charter guests arrive but unfortunately the windy conditions won’t allow the boat to leave the dock.  Of course, the guests are super upset.  One of the guests cheers up when he sees Bruno and shamelessly flirts with him.  I mean who wouldn’t hit on Bruno?  He’s adorable and sweet but still hot! 


EJ has a plan to get these guests off the boat and having a good time.  He offers them jet skis, hoverboards, and beach access.  Bruno doesn’t trust the interior girls to plan and organize the beach trip and I don’t blame him.  Besides Kate, they are completely useless and the inside of the boat is continuously a mess.  So, Bruno takes control and gathers all the provisions for the beach – including the guest’s favorite champs and snacks.  And the guests love it! 


That night the guests want an 80s themed dinner party – so tacky.  Chef Canada makes another seafood dish because salmon is the primary guest’s favorite dish.  The woman who owns a restaurant is not impressed and complains about being served fish twice in one day.  And then the other guests start chiming in, upset that they’re eating seafood while they’re still on land.  What a ridiculous bunch! 


The next morning Captain Lee is heading out to check the water conditions and takes a few of the guests along.  The guests want to see the rough waters for themselves and Captain Lee is all too happy to take them for that hell ride.  The water is extremely choppy and the guests are getting pelted with spray.  By the end of the ride, the guests are completely soaked and Captain Lee is fighting to hold back his laughter. 


Crew Breakdown

Kate takes the guests off the boat for an excursion to a reef with diving.  She gives Jen and Bri specific assignments and things to get done before taking a break.  Bri is running around doing all of the cleaning while Jen sits on her ass eating clams for 40 minutes.  Bri finally loses it and tells Jen to do some work for once.  Jen continues to sit and slowly eat her clams. 

jen 2

Chef Canada is freaking out about what to cook for tonight’s luau.  He’s asking Jen for help, Jen!  Why are theme dinners so difficult for this man?  And then he doesn’t know what to prepare for one of the guest’s birthdays.  Bruno suggests the brilliant idea of a cake.  Like really Chef, you couldn’t have come up with that one on your own?   Aren’t chefs supposed to be creative? 


When Kate gets back to the boat and sees all of the work that wasn’t done, she is pissed.  What have these girls been doing for 5 hours?  Kate pulls Jen aside and Jen explains the fight with Bri.  Except that Jen reenacts the argument like a total crazy person!  She is making these ridiculous faces and noises when imitating Bri and she is over exaggerating everything.  She claims that Bri yelled at her to stop eating and get to work.  Jen is delusional!  Kate isn’t buying the story and knows that Jen is lying to her. 


Dinner that night is luau themed and Bruno is not impressed with the decorations.  To be honest, the decorations did look pretty cheap, like a child’s birthday party.  But there’s only such much you can do for a luau.  Kate hears Bruno complaining and straight up asks him what he thinks of the decorations.  “It’s basically terrible” is his response!  Oh snap!

bruno 2

So, Kate tells Bruno to go tell Captain Lee what he would have done differently and Bruno listens!  He’s actually going to go complain to Captain Lee about Kate’s decorations!  But when he reaches the bridge he sees the Captain dressed like a Hawaiian tribe master or something.  Kate had totally set him up!

capt 4

Captain Lee is wearing an amazingly ridiculous costume that you have to see to believe.  And he is being such a great sport!  This is how you do it Jen.  Captain announces the hula dancers and the guests absolutely loved everything about the luau. 

capt 3

Kate is sick of Jen’s shit, aren’t we all.  Finally, bitchy Kate is emerging and she’s still not even being that bad.  She makes Jen stay up and help Bri, since she’s already had so many breaks today.  She writes it all down so Jen cannot come up with any excuses.  Jen is already complaining and whining about working a 15-hour day.  Girl please, there are cameras following you – we see you all day doing anything but work. 

list 2


Next week Kate is really, really over Jen’s bullshit and the nice, sweet, patient talking Kate is gone.  She usually speaks to Jen like she’s a critically ill patient but no more!  Instead she laughs in her face and says with perfect cattiness, “Ha, I’m not your friend.”  Yasss Kate!  We also get to meet Captain Lee’s wife which I’m super excited about.  And about damn time!  And there’s a new deckhand – wearing bizarre shorts.  Kyle?  Emile?  Kelly?  Hopefully it’s Ben because I can’t with Chef Canada. 

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