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Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 18 Recap

The Real Vikings of Orange County – Episode 18

This episode was one of the top episodes of the season but there is literally zero competition for that slot.  Pretty much the entire episode took place at a Viking theme dinner which is just ridiculous enough to work.  There’s been a shift between the ladies in the last two episodes and it’s a positive one.  Too bad they had to wait until the second to last episode to give the people what they want! 

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Peggy Has A Breakdown

I’m sorry but Peggy is a total crazy person.  After locking herself in her room for an entire day, she finally speaks to Lydia about why she was so upset.  The night before when everyone was drunk Peggy told Kelly that she would have her husband call Kelly’s husband, which is like what?  So, Kelly quipped back, “Ok I’ll have my dad call your dad then.”  Kelly was commenting on how ridiculous Peggy was being by saying her husband would deal with it and that was all.  Peggy took the comment as a personal attack against her and her deceased father.  I really don’t think that’s how Kelly meant it or if she even remembered that Peggy’s father had passed in that moment. 

hotel 3

But it gets weirder.  Peggy left the group but then heard baby Aspen crying for over 10 minutes.  Who stands there and listens for 10 minutes?  And the baby is always with the nanny, right?  So, then Peggy sneaks back to where the girls are and secretly records them drunkenly laughing as though that’s some sort of proof for something.


Peggy thinks the girls were laughing at her and her dad – like what, come on lady.  You’ve supposedly been gone for ten minutes listening to a baby cry and you think these drunk fools haven’t moved on to another topic by now.  Get over yourself. 

hotel 2

The Real Vikings

The rest of the ladies head out to some Viking theme dinner and leave poor Lydia to deal with the crazy person.  Vicki and Tamra sit next to each other and are having fun and getting along, while Shannon glares at them from across the table.

viking 2

Tamra keeps pleading with Vicki to apologize to Shannon, but soon pleading turns into demanding.  “Do it, apologize!  Do it now!  Hurry, apologize.  Just say you didn’t mean it!”  So, Vicki tells Shannon that she misinterpreted the phone call from her and that she’s sorry for repeating information to Kelly.

ap-ology 2

Shannon accepts Vicki’s apology but knows that it’s a load of crap.  There was a quick moment where Tamra told Shannon not to eat the potatoes and Shannon of course defied her and took a big scoop of potatoes.  Let the woman have her potatoes – she’s on vacation and she has to deal with Vicki. 

apology 3

Tamra and Vicki have a good buzz on and decide to talk some more about their issues.  These two never apologize for specific instances, it’s always just a general, “I’m sorry for hurting you.”  Tamra is still hurt that Brooks got in the way of their friendship and he really did.  The fighting all started when Brooks entered the scene and hasn’t stopped since. 


Peggy and Lydia finally arrive and Lydia can’t even make a normal entrance without flailing those spaghetti arms in the air.  Shannon’s vodka finally kicks in and she decides to be fun, kooky Shannon by standing with the singers and imitation their motions – it fell a little flat for me.  Sometimes Shannon tries a little too hard to make it look like she’s having fun. 


Kelly comes right over to Peggy and apologizes and tells her she doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable.  Peggy downright refuses to accept Kelly’s apology.  But instead she pulls out her phone and shows the ladies the video of Aspen crying.

peg 2

Everyone immediately flips out but especially Shannon.  Like who the F does this bitch think she is coming in here and saying these things to Meghan?  Way to ruin the party Peggy.  Everyone is shocked that Peggy would insinuate that Meghan’s a bad mom but according to Peggy, that’s not what she meant by it.  What else could you mean when you say something like that? 


Vicki can’t handle the confrontation and refuses to pick sides so she exits the restaurant.  But Peggy keeps digging herself deeper and deep.  She turns to Shannon and tells her that her husband didn’t tell her the truth about his conversation with Diko.  Tamra to the rescue, “Well Diko’s a little bitch!”  And then Kelly jumps in, “You throw a bomb, I’m gonna throw a nuke.”  Peggy can’t handle it anymore and walks out. 

peg 6

Peggy is upset that Vicki didn’t come to her defense and stand up for her against the other ladies.  But I don’t blame Vicki – she’s friends with Kelly also and you can’t defend crazy.  And Peggy is so distraught that she packs up and leaves in the middle of the night without telling anyone.  Good riddance. 

Back to Reality

Back in the OC, Peggy is complaining to Diko about the other ladies.  I can’t focus on what she’s saying because she is wearing a ridiculous jean jacket with fringe.  It’s straight out of an 80s country video!  Burn it, bury it, kill it. 


Surprise, surprise Shannon has hormonal issues which are affecting her emotions and causing mood swings.  Who didn’t see that coming?  The doc writes her up a prescription of balancers.  Maybe he can do that same thing for Siggy because those pellets aren’t working sweetheart. 


Vicki and Peggy meet to clear the air about Vicki not coming to Peggy’s defense.  Peggy’s upset and Vicki apologizes but explains to Peggy why she did it and why she would do it again.  And let’s be real – Vicki’s not dumb.  She’s not gonna hitch her wagon to the sinking ship that is Peggy.  She knows that Peggy is probably a one hit wonder, whereas Kelly has a higher chance of returning next season.  She’s also not about to get in the middle of Tamra and Shannon fighting with someone when she just made amends with them.  Sorry Peggy, but you are the sacrificial lamb. 



Next week is the season finale!  Thank God – time to finally put this dreadful season out of its misery.  The main event of the finale is Meghan’s candle launch party – now if that isn’t the perfect snooze party to end this snooze of a season, I don’t know what is.  Peggy and Shannon have another tiff where again, Peggy stands there calmly while Shannon calls her a crazy person and storms off, thus looking like the crazy person.  Hopefully those hormones kick in soon. 

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