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Real Housewives of Dallas Finale Recap

The Beginning of the End – Episode 12 – Finale

This episode was pretty tame for a finale but still a great episode overall.  We meet LeeAnne’s mother, LeeAnne gets the engagement party of her dreams – 8 years later (sames girl, sames!), and a perfectly lovely brunch is ruined for really no good reason.  Classic real housewives and an interesting ending to a near perfect season!

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Mommy Issues

LeeAnne’s mom from carni-land is coming for a visit before the engagement party and even Rich is scared.  LeeAnne has always made her mother out to be this scary and evil person.  But when she walks in the door, she looks like a nice, sweet little old lady.

mom 3

But LeeAnne explains her unstable childhood and how she only saw her mother during the summer months and even then she was always working at the carnival.  LeeAnne tells her mother that she doesn’t want to just have a surface relationship with her but she wants to go deeper into their issues.  She suggests therapy and her mother agrees.  Progress.

mom 4

D’Andra is also having mommy issues with Mama Dee and has to unfortunately explain to her why the new product won’t be ready in time.  The product is missing the main ingredient, which is the name of the product, L-22.

dee 3

Obviously, Mama Dee is not pleased but D’Andra takes full responsibility for the error, says it won’t happen again, and Mama Dee respects her more for it.  Mama Dee admits that she is exhausted and ready to hand the keys to the company over to D’Andra and they share a tearful hug.

dee 4

LeeAnne and her mother get to therapy but neither wants to make the first move or be emotionally open.  LeeAnne brings up their “bathroom moments” when LeeAnne as a child would beg and cry to her mother not to leave her at her grandparents’ house.  But her mother was only 19 and had to go work.  LeeAnne felt abandoned and like no one wanted her.  Her mother gets emotional and explains that everything she had to drop her off, she would go and cry in the car afterwards.  LeeAnne didn’t know that her mother was also hurting being apart from LeeAnne and both of them soften towards each other. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

therapy 2

Poor Little Manipulated Victim

Cary, Stephanie, and Brandi meet for lunch and tequila shots.  Brandi apologizes again to Cary about the nanny thing.  Cary explains that yes, she said what she said in Mexico but LeeAnne had said something first.  LeeAnne was right there with the other ladies were complaining about Brandi and the dildo saying it would “Ruin our reputations.”  She apparently said that first, which made Cary think it was ok to say something against Brandi and Stephanie also, but once she did, LeeAnne smirked at her knowing that she had caught her.  So, not really a good excuse on Cary’s part for talking trash:  Everyone else was so I joined in too.


But it works wonders getting Brandi to turn on LeeAnne.  Brandi also remembers all the times on the phone when LeeAnne would tell her that Cary and Stephanie are not real friends and to stay away from them.  Brandi feels brainwashed – oh yes, poor innocent Brandi, it’s just so easy for someone manipulate you.  Give me a break, you are just flip-flopping all over the place trying to stay out of trouble while also stirring up shit.

lucnh 2

Hey You, Daughter

It’s Cary and Mark’s 7 year anniversary so he enlists the help of their daughter to give Cary a gift.  This is the first time all season we’ve seen Mark even acknowledge his daughter, let alone interact with her.  But it wasn’t like he was playing her with or anything, it was still all about Cary.  And surprise, surprise she gets yet another Birkin. Barf!


8 Years in the Making and Well Deserved

D’Andra throws LeeAnne and carnival themed engagement party and it is crazy beautiful!  The decorations and theme really were spectacular and there was even a cotton candy wall!  Rich looked super hunky dressed up in a suit that may or may not have been from Sears.  Either way, he’s a silver fox who’s thrifty, has a good sense of humor, or both!


The party doesn’t have any major drama but LeeAnne does pull Brandi aside for a chat.  She thanks Brandi for being such a good friend and tells her if something is ever bothering her to call and talk it out.  But then…. she says, “Don’t screw me over or I’ll slit your throat.” as she’s making the gesture!  And then she laughs this crazy, evil laugh.  I know it was a joke but I still peed my pants a little!

I think the descriptive nature in which LeeAnne makes her jokes is what freaks me out.  Not just “I’ll kill you”  but specifically how she would do it! (Gut like a fish! Lol).  Reminds me of Stassi wanting to give someone a dildo soaked in acid – like ahh!  And of course, Brandi is going to take this one comment and run with it, making LeeAnne look like the crazy one.

party 2

The next morning D’Andra throws a ladies only engagement brunch for LeeAnne.  It starts out civil until LeeAnne and Cary start going back and forth about stuff we’ve already heard about a million times.

brunch 4

But then Brandi jumps in and she has totally turned on LeeAnne.  She accuses LeeAnne of trying to keep her apart from Stephanie and Cary and telling her that they’re not her real friends.  LeeAnne denies it and says she wanted them to be back to being friends as long as it was good for Brandi.  But Brandi’s not done with the dramatics, “As God as my witness, you did f***ing say it!”

brunch 3

And then she brings up Mexico and LeeAnne saying that Brandi and Stephanie were ruining the other ladies reputations.  LeeAnne doesn’t remember saying that (it was Mexico after all and the tequila was flowing) but of course, shady editors roll the clip of LeeAnne saying those exact words.


Brandi is pretty much in hysterics now, saying that LeeAnne has threatened to kill everyone including her and then storms off.  Stephanie can’t stand to be in a room without Brandi for 10 seconds and immediately sprints after her.  I mean come-on y’all, this was a little over the top.  And who screams at someone like that at their engagement brunch?

brunch 5

So Hard To Say Goodbye

Sadly, that was the end of an epic season of Dallas!  I loved each and every episode!  Never a dull moment, well except when Kameron was on screen – that I could do without.  Special MVP to LeeAnne Locken – most memorable moments include dressing up as two-faced Stephanie, old allegations about attacking someone with sandpaper emerging, dressing up as a hot dog, throwing a glass, and of course the number 1: “I don’t have knives, they’re just hands.  They work quiet well!”  Amazing!!!  Can’t wait for the reunion!!!!

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