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Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 17 Recap

A Case of the Vickis – Episode 17

FINALLY a good episode of Orange County!  It only took until episode 17 and a possible heart attack to finally make these ladies get it together!  There were fights, there were laughs, there were casseroles.  And about damn time for all three!

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OC Emergency

The episode picks back up with Vicki lying in bed, covered in sweat and possibly dying.  Vicki doesn’t want to go to the hospital and just wants to sleep it off.  She is probably having an anxiety attack about the possibility of a heart attack.  I mean come one, she was jetlagged, then stayed up all night drinking, and then did way too much physical activity – like climbing a glacier.  I wouldn’t even be able to handle that and she’s a 55 year old woman so of course it’s catching up to her.

vicki 4

Each of the ladies keep trying to get close to Vicki only to have the doctors shoo them away.  Finally, they are all kicked out to wait in the hallway.  Peggy is especially disturbed and keeps trying to get back into the room.  All of the other ladies are annoyed with Peggy, but mainly Kelly – who also wants to be allowed back in the room.

vicki 3

The EMTs finally wheel Vicki out to cart her to the hospital and she had a sheet over her head.  I don’t know if maybe she had the chills but the ladies thought it was just another excuse to be over the top and extra.  Maybe she didn’t want the cameras to see her looking all nasty but the damage has already been done there.

vicki 2

Glamis Re-Do

Lydia comes down to gather the girls and go to the hospital but they’re all like, “Um, we’re eating now.  So we’ll come later.  Shifts, yeah we’ll do shifts.  But first I need to stuff my face.”


Peggy is super emotional and talks to Diko who tells her to just go to the hospital if she wants to go.  Peggy tells the ladies that she’s leaving but Kelly wants to go too – just as soon as she finishes her meal.  Peggy doesn’t feel like sitting around and waiting for Kelly and her impatience gets the best of her.

rest 3

So now both Lydia and Peggy (who barely know Vicki) are at the hospital while Kelly (her supposed friend) eats course after course and sucks down drink after drink.

rest 4

Give This Woman a Casserole and a Drink!

Vicki is released with a case of high blood pressure and no lasting damage.  When she gets back to the hotel, the ladies bombard her and gift her faux casserole.  It seemed to be a little in jest like, “here’s your damn casserole bitch, so now you can shut up about it.”  But Vicki seemed to appreciate the gesture.


Somehow, the ladies end up back in Shannon’s room drinking until early morning.  The camera footage is so grainy and wonky – wtf kind of low budget bullshit is this Bravo?  It looks like cell phone video and is just terrible, terrible quality.  This is the moment of the season we’ve been waiting for and you can’t even properly light the room!

room 8

Tamra and Vicki strike up a conversation and Vicki says she wants to be open and honest with Tamra if Tamra is prepared to hear it.  Tamra wants an apology from Vicki for spreading the rumor that Eddie is gay.  Kelly keeps interrupting with her two cents about the situation and Tamra repeatedly yells at her to shut up.

room 2

Tamra is also upset with how Vicki handled the Brooks situation, “You chose him over me!  I only wanted the best for you but you chose him!”  Vicki breaks down and apologizes and Tamra breaks down completely.  She is sobbing and Vicki is hugging/holding her.

room 3

Meanwhile, over in the other corner of the room Shannon is literally sick to her stomach.  “F***ing liar, f***ink liar, f***ing liar. I’m the only real friend here!”  She can barely contain herself and finally has an outburst and blows up on Vicki.  Tamra is legit huddled over on the ground crying but Vicki can’t handle the stress or fighting with Shannon and leaves.

room 7

The Morning After

The next morning Tamra comes waltzing in wearing the same pajama pants that she had accidentally peed in the night before.  She is still wearing peed soaked pants the next morning!  Nasty!

am 2

Vicki and Tamra pass in the hallway and have a fresh, sober hug – well partially sober anyway.  They agree not to be mean to each other anymore which is good timing because Vicki’s hair is a hot mess and Tamra really could’ve gone in on it!

am 3

No one can get Peggy to emerge from her room and she won’t even answer the door.  She’s pouting about the night before and is upset that Kelly yelled at her while the ladies sat idly by.  To be fair, Peggy has been picking at Kelly constantly this entire trip.  You poke the boozy bear enough times and you’re gonna have a drunk outburst against you.



Next week, the ladies go drinking with Vikings in what looks like the entire episode.  Shannon is screaming at Peggy who is fighting with Meghan about…?  If anything I would think that Peggy would be standing up to Kelly. I really don’t care who’s fighting, I’m just glad that something is finally happening on the OC!

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