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Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 11 Recap

Ladies Who Launch – Episode 11

This episode was still very entertaining but compared to past episodes it had the most filler and boring moments. That’s probably because the whole episode centered around Kameron and her pink dog food launch party. The main drama happened in the last 5 minutes of the episode and wasn’t even really that dramatic. But hey, the ladies have given us one hell of a season and they are running circles around the Orange County ladies. 

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Smart Blondes Make Dog Food

Kameron and her mother are checking out the space for her pink dog food launch party – this is really happening people.  An actually successful businesswoman, D’Andra, shows up to help this lost woodland creature.

space 2

The original dog food that Kameron received from the factory was not the correct color.  It just looked like regular dog food with a tint of red and Kameron specifically wants bubble gum pink.  #firstworldproblems. 

space 3

Friendship Dynamics

Cary and Stephanie meet for drinks, which is cut with LeeAnne and Brandi meeting.  The two pairs are both gossiping about the friendship dynamics in the group.  Brandi and LeeAnne think that Cary is manipulating Stephanie – cut to Cary saying, “I’m not a manipulative person.”

ladies 2

The four of them have such weird relationships.  LeeAnne and Brandi are friends and Stephanie and Cary are friends and Stephanie and Brandi are friends but LeeAnne and Brandi hate Cary and Cary and Stephanie hate LeeAnne.  So, Brandi and Stephanie are constantly in the middle while also trying to remain friends.  So complex! 

ladies 3

Is It Pink?

Kameron is going on and on about pink dog food to her children who look bored out of their minds.  Kam’s daughter even rolls her eyes at her!  Sames girl, sames.

pink 3

Kameron’s husband comes home with the new and improved pink dog food and Kameron is so excited about the bubble gum pink color.  Uh what?  That dog food did not look pink to me.  It looked brown with a slight salmon tint – almost like chicken that’s still a little raw.  Gross! 


Plano Is Like A Foreign Country

Kameron drives all the way out to Plano to meet Brandi – if only she could park her car first.  The ladies discuss the Mexico trip and Brandi tells Kameron she doesn’t understand why she has a stick up her ass.  Surprisingly, Kameron remains completely calm, “Well, I think that we just need to get to know each other better.”  And then Kameron invites her to the dog food launch party. 



Well, the big night has finally arrived – the Sparkle dog food launch party.  Do yourself a favor and go read the Amazon reviews for this product – you won’t be disappointed. 


LeeAnne marches up to Cary’s husband and invites him to her engagement party because her fiancé wants them to attend.  Cary’s husband goes through the list of all the things that LeeAnne has said about him, “My practice is a chop shop?  I get hit on by men at the Round Up?  My wife is a liar?”

party 2

LeeAnne owns it all, “Yep, yep, and yep – I said all that.  But only because Cary said this, this, and this first.”  It was pretty brave of LeeAnne to go right into the belly of the beast and she held her ground.  I would stay as far away from that creep as I could. 

party 5

Cary and Brandi also talk at Stephanie’s request.  Cary is super pissed at Stephanie and asks her why she said the whole nanny thing.  Brandi tries to explain but Cary keeps speaking over her and not letting her get a word in.  Ugh I hate that – you asked me a question, now let me answer it.

party 4

Cary is trying to defend herself against the homewrecking rumor, “Just because I watched the children, doesn’t mean I was slept with him.  I watched your kids in Memphis, did I f*** you?”  Brandi ends up apologizing which was the right thing to do and the heat is off of Cary, for now. 

party 6


The season finale is next week!  I’m so excited but also so sad for it to go, but also really looking forward to the reunion!  I wish it was Orange County that was done but hopefully they’ll put that season out of its misery soon enough.  Some major shit goes down with LeeAnne and Brandi!  She tells Brandi not to screw her over or she’ll slit her throat – yikes!  It didn’t seem super aggressive in the moment, more jokey – but if LeeAnne ever said that to me, I’d be joining the witness protection program! 

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