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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 4 Recap

The Public Shaming of Melissa – Episode 4

The teams that we saw in Boca seem to be the same teams that we are seeing back in Jersey and perhaps throughout the rest of the season.  Dolores is finally finding her voice and making herself heard and Siggy needs to take her voice down a notch – we heard you Siggy, the first 10 times.  Trouble in paradise seems to be brewing between Melissa and Teresa.  Only time will tell if this is just family bickering or if it will lead down a dark path.  Hopefully, it’s just an innocent family spat and they can get through it, because these girls are much more fun to watch together than ripping each other’s heads off.  Those were some dark times in Jersey. 

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One Fire Out, One Fire Started

New bffs Siggy and Dolores cuddle on the couch at Dolores’s house and talk about Siggy’s meet up with Margaret.  Siggy explains how they did eventually make up but that Margaret still took a dig at Dolores.  She tells her that Margaret, Melissa, and Teresa all think that Dolores is a “yes” person and is up Siggy’s ass.  Dolores is pretty pissed off about this, especially coming from Teresa who she’s known for 20 years.  If Dolores really is an ass kisser than Teresa’s prob just bitter that Dolores isn’t kissing her ass anymore. 

dol 2

Margaret and her hunky husband go over to Melissa and Joe’s for drinks and pool.  I learned that the way to nail a hot contractor is to wear a white wife beater with no bra and pigtails.  What is with all of these Housewives’ and these giant Hermes belts lately?  And then they shove themselves into these tights shirts and jeans in order to show it off.  First it was Ramona on the ski trip, then Tamra out shopping, and now Melissa (who can at least pull it off).  Also, like Siggy, Melissa also has a giant blown up book cover on display in her pool room.  So subtle ladies. 

pool 2

Melissa goes over to Teresa’s house of hormonal horrors (just imagine how chaotic this house will be when the girls are all teenagers) for a visit.  Melissa starts complaining about Joe opening a restaurant without telling her.  Turns out, Teresa already knew about it before Melissa.  So now Melissa is really pissed – she was the last to know and it’s her husband!  Is it just me or does this storyline seem fake af?  Totally over produced. 


The Start of Drama

Danielle, Teresa, and Melissa go out to lunch and not much happens but a lot of the beginning of happenings happens.  Danielle knows something that Dolores said negatively about Teresa but she claims that she doesn’t want to start any drama.  Ha!  Puh-lease Danielle, no one is buying that.  Melissa is still ticked that Margaret and Teresa got apologies from Siggy, but she still hasn’t gotten one and it was her birthday.

lunch 2

But then Melissa crosses over to a dark and dangerous path – Teresa’s parenting.  She says that Teresa needs to be more strict with the girls and not be so afraid of them being angry with her.  Valid points, but does she know who she’s talking to?  You do not tell Teresa “table-flip” Guidice how to raise her children.  Abort Melissa, abort! 

lunch 3

Family Business

Teresa and Joe are at the new restaurant waiting on a late Melissa.  When she finally arrives Teresa tears into her about being late.  Melissa quips back that Teresa is always late but even Joe seems to be on Teresa’s side.  The tension is high between the sisters-in-law and Teresa is still aggravated that Melissa tried to tell her how to parent her children.

rest 3

Teresa volunteers to cook in the kitchen and Melissa says that she’ll be the hostess.  Apparently, being the hostess is not carrying the weight enough because Teresa is displeased.  “Ok, bitch.  Will you waitress if you have to?  No, she’ll just be in here Friday and Saturday nights drinking with her friends.”  Yikes!  I mean in all fairness, Melissa didn’t really sign up for this.  She didn’t even know about it – and I wouldn’t want to waitress if I didn’t have to either. 


Purse Party

Danielle is waiting in the car to pick up Teresa for Siggy’s party.  Is this the same kind of situation as LeeAnne and Brandi on Dallas – pretending to be bffs but Brandi won’t let LeeAnne in the house.  I wonder if Danielle is allowed inside Teresa’s house.  On the way to the party Danielle finally spills the dirt and tells Teresa what Dolores said about her.  Allegedly, it was along the lines of “Teresa only cares about money.  Be careful with her.”  I dunno – if Dolores were going to say something like this, she would say it to Siggy, not to Danielle. 

car 2

Melissa arrives at the party and talks with Siggy and Dolores about the Boca drama.  They are having the exact same argument that they had at Siggy’s house in Boca.  Siggy is still denying calling them animals and doesn’t apologize and Melissa still thinks Siggy being angry over a cake is ridiculous.  And it is – at this point they both just need to let it go and move on.

cake 2

But that’s not Siggy’s style.  Instead she gets the attention of her entire party, which is a huge group of women and asks for their opinion regarding the cake situation.  “How many people think that’s rude?  See Melissa, see – everybody!”  OMG is she just trying to embarrass Melissa or what?! 

cake 4

Of course, Melissa is humiliated – she just got called out in front of a huge group of ladies that she doesn’t know.  Teresa and Danielle show up and when Teresa hears what had happened, she goes in on Siggy.  I loved that even though Melissa and Teresa have been bickering Teresa still sticks up for her sister-in-law when someone comes for her. 


Teresa also confronts Dolores for not sticking up for her in Boca or telling Siggy to chill.  Dolores is really defensive and says she’s been sticking up for Teresa for years and that she never lets anyone say anything bad about her.

cake 3

Danielle immediately sees her in, “You never let anyone say anything bad about her?  What about when you say something about her?  Like all she cares about is money?”  Before Danielle even finishes getting the words out Dolores is already standing up and screaming.  She jumped up so fast it was almost like she knew what Danielle was going to say before she even said it.

yell 6

She gets right in Danielle’s face calling her a f-ing liar and a scum bag multiple times.  “She’s a starving, hungry, bitch!  And a scum bag liar!”  Dolores’ reaction was so over the top and defensive – I can’t help but think thou protest too much.  But then again, maybe that’s just Jersey. 

yell 5

Danielle storms out and is crying for Teresa to believe her.  Teresa doesn’t really make her opinion known, but she is probably really confused.  I think she wants to believe Dolores, her friend of 20 plus years, but the way Dolores sided with Siggy with cake gate is making her question the loyalty.

cry 2

Dolores is afraid that Danielle is only back to get revenge on Teresa for everything that’s happened in the past.  And if that’s even remotely true, Teresa needs to be extremely careful and not tell Danielle any damning secrets.  Also, don’t hang out with her when there’s any weapons around, such as butter knives or sandpaper. 

cry 3


The Gorga family restaurant opens – that was fast.  But all is not pleasant within the Gorga family, as Teresa makes known by calling Melissa a fake Gorga.  After this many years of marriage, I think Melissa has proven herself as part of the family – let it go Tre.  Siggy and Margaret’s kumbaya moment didn’t seem to last long because they’re already arguing in a restaurant.  Siggy cannot control her emotions or her tear ducts this season and calls Margaret the “ugliest person in the world for making fun of me!”  There’s lots of people out there right now making fun of you Siggy – rein it in. 

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