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Below Deck Episode 8 Recap

Under Cover Boss – Episode 8

Loved this episode of Below Deck!  We got to see how well-mannered, considerate charter guests behave and on the flip side enter the inappropriate and obnoxious, “we have money so we’re better than you” guests who drive people in the service industry mad.  There were also two budding romances onboard.  One was slimy, sleazy, and alcohol driven while the other was sweet, dorky, and relatable. 

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Can’t Fix Stupid

Jen is supposed to be prepping everything the night before for breakfast service the next morning.  Kate specifically told her to make sure that there was orange juice ready to go.  But Jen can’t seem to find any oranges.  Maybe because you’re looking where the cleaning supplies are kept Jen.


The next morning Bri has no problem whatsoever finding the oranges in two separate locations.  Jen is just a dumbass.  Kate is annoyed with Jen’s stupidity and knows that she’s already trained her as best she can so there’s not much else to be done.   

orange 2

Cold Rejection

Chef Canada is still having a rough go of it – this has not been a good season for him.  First, the only complaint that the guests have is that damn chocolate ice cream with the bananas foster.  That was disgusting.  And then second, Chef Canada calls his ex-girlfriend that he seemingly has been texting nonstop with and gets slapped in the face.  Chef tells his ex the date of his return and asks if she wants to get together.  Without hesitation she replies with a stone cold, emotionless, “No.”  Ouch!  Not even a “maybe” or “we’ll see” just a dead inside, I hate you, “No.” 

chef 2

Troubled Waters

Kate decides to do a room swap to “boost morale” and give EJ the larger bunk that he deserves as ranking officer.  The two Canadians, Matt and EJ, and now together which puts Jen and Bruno together (poor Bruno).  And that just leaves Bri and Nico to share a room – well that worked out nicely.  I’m sure nothing will happen with these two now. 


The owner gifts the crew a day off at a resort that has pools and hot tubs and of course, plenty of drinks flowing.  Chef Canada is off the wagon and back to chugging the cocktails down like a champ.  I mean, who wouldn’t be getting drunk after such a harsh rejection?

pool 2

Nico and Bri are lounging together and holding hands!  So, you guys aren’t even gonna try to be discreet anymore?  Just holding hands out in the open like a couple or something?  Pull it together Nico – repeat after me: girlfriend… girlfriend. 


EJ and Baker randomly wander off on their own and find a shop to look around in.  OMG these two are so awkwardly adorable together!  This is a very interesting pairing that I would’ve never seen coming.  But now that I see something forming, it totally makes sense. 

pool 3

Back on the boat, pretty much everyone passes out right away – except for Nico and Bri.  They go out to the bunny pad and snuggle which leads to making out, which leads to snuggling and kissing in their bunk, which leads to….. 

The next morning, the deck crew are cleaning the boat per usual.  Baker goes straight up to EJ and asks him out to dinner.  EJ is shocked at first but immediately says yes and then runs to tell the guys like a little school girl.  Good for you Baker – get it girl!  And EJ totally loves it and is turned on by her confidence. 


Melt Down

Kate decides to give Bri and Jen a speed test on turn down service and the winner gets an extra hour per break on the next charter.  Of course, Bri kicks Jen’s ass right away.  Bri is completely done with the entire bed while Jen is still working on the first half.  After she loses, Jen gets serious attitude with Kate.  As she’s flattening the blankets she looks up at Kate and says in a mocking, sing-songy voice, “Is this good for you?”  Come on Kate, pounce on her like the vicious bitch I know you can be!  But unfortunately, Kate stays perfectly calm – seriously who are you?  Such a letdown. 

jen 3

Jen is in tears and sweet, angelic Bruno cozies up to comfort this wack-a-doo.  Jen is going on and on venting about how she works the hardest of all the stews.  Poor Bruno sits there patiently listening and then tries to talk cuckoo bird off of the ledge.

jen 2

But that seems to be an impossible feat, “I’m going to f-ing unleash on you, you f-ing bitch.”  Whoa there demon eyes.  Fortunately, Bruno gets saved by Bri who tries to air her grievances with Jen.  But Jen has the emotional maturity of an 8-year-old and storms off without letting Bri speak. 


Whitest Date Ever

Baker and EJ go out on their date that is again, awkwardly adorable.  They are both just so dorky and white – especially with their phrases. Baker is so excited about her steak that she says, “It’s going up in the club”.  I can’t believe EJ didn’t respond with a “cool beans”.  I don’t care how dorky these two are – I am here for it and way more supportive of this relationship than the homewrecking one on board the ship. 

date 3

Naughty Nico

Nico – Nico, Nico, Nico.  I have always really liked Nico – he’s cute, funny, cool without trying, and charming.  But he is making it very difficult to like him at all this season!  He is constantly complaining about and defying his boss (which I crucify Jen for doing).  And now he’s a cheater to boot!  His girlfriend has been trying to reach him for days and he could’ve broken up with her at any time.  But no, he cheats first and then breaks up with her via text message.  Text message! You are the worst kind of dude Nico – fuck boy. 


New Money

The new charter guests arrive and the primary is this old, heavyset ginger dude who has a hot young blonde fiancé.  Not the first time we’ve seen this kind of thing on Bravo and it won’t be the last.  The fiancé is super obnoxious, loud, and bossy and apparently, she hates everything.

guest 2

Five minutes after leaving port she is already complaining that her luggage isn’t in her room and she says like 50 times that she wants to change into her bathing suit.  These guests are going to give the crew some serious headaches – they look super high maintenanced, snobby, and just all-around pains in the asses.  Kate says it best as always, “It may be too soon to tell, but I think I hate these people.” 



This definitely looks to be turning into the worst charter ever.  Not only are the guests super high maintenanced, but the crew seems to be crumbling under the pressure.  The guests are constantly complaining at every turn which will put anyone on edge.  Then they get all weird and grabby with Jen and the ladies even lock her in their room and start taking things off… wha wha what?!!!  Nico’s brother shows up for a visit and ends up being a complete tool like Nico.  He’s rude and drunk and being a total dick to EJ – must run in the family. 

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