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Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 16 Recap

An Unexpected Thaw – Episode 16

The Iceland girl’s trip is finally here!  Thank God!  I’ve been waiting for this all season!  Finally, something that forces Tamra and Vicki to be together in close quarters.  And already, they seem to be having a fun time together.  But that will be put to a stop if Shannon has anything to do with it.

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Finally Some Smiles

The ladies land in Iceland and start their trek towards the hotel on a giant bus.  Vicki still hasn’t talked to Shannon or Tamra which is totes awky considering they’re all within feet of each other.  Meghan’s baby is in the back of the bus crying – seriously, who brings a baby on a girl’s trip?  Kelly can’t take the crying and has to move to the front of the bus because of her “motion sickness.”


The ladies stop at a clothing store to stock up on warm coats and boots.  Shannon wants the largest size that they have and is glad that at least she doesn’t have to compete for clothes with the ladies since none of them wear an extra-large.


Vicki cannot figure out how to get this jacket thing to fit over her body and keeps getting stuck.  Tamra is laughing with/at her and telling her she’s wearing a child’s size.  The two giggle and joke like old times and it melts my cold dead heart.  Cut to – Shannon glaring at them in the background.

store 2

But at the hotel, Shannon decides to get in on the fun – temporarily at least.  All of the rooms are themed and Tamra has an Asian-style room.  She and Vicki are again laughing in the bathroom about Tamra’s ridiculous bathtub.


Shannon comes in with these silly wooden slippers and Vicki tries them on.  Everyone’s is smiling and laughing and reminiscing.  But then Shannon announces, several times, that she needs to go to bed.  I don’t know if she was expecting Tamra to follow her but Shannon kept repeating herself over and over while Vicki and Tamra cheers with champs.


Tamra must eventually get an aggressive phone call or angry text from Shannon because she doesn’t show up for drinks with the ladies.  The women are sitting outside in this beautiful setting having cocktails but it’s after 9:00 pm and still completely light out.

shark 2

They try traditional Icelandic foods – the first is fermented shark.  Omg disgusting!  The guide tells them right off the bat, “Whatever you do, don’t smell it.  Pleeeease don’t smell it.  Now put it in your mouth and just let it hang out there until you can’t take the disgusting taste any longer.”  OMG what? F-ing nasty!  Of course, all of the ladies are being super dramatic and gagging all over the place – even Vicki who didn’t even try it.


The ladies head back to Lydia’s room and Vicki says something about a group text. Lydia wasn’t included in the group text and is very bothered by it. Seriously, no one likes group texts. They are the most annoying thing ever – especially when your friends start talking about a totally different subject that you don’t give a crap about. Omg the worst! But Lydia feels extra left out because this is now the second time the girls have excluded her.

lydia 2

So Many Activities

The next day, Vicki reveals that she and Kelly went out the night before to whoop it up.  They ended up at a bar that was having a Class of 1987 reunion and crashed the party.  Sounds like a fun adventure night.  Tamra and Shannon come down in Viking hats thinking that they’re being zany and hilarious.  Sorry Shannon, but Vicki and Kelly are way more fun than you and your silly hat.  They actually walk the walk when it comes to partying.


The ladies go ATVing on a black sand beach but Shannon is still complaining that she can’t fit into a medium sized suit.  Ugh.  Vicki is trying to connect with Tamra the only way that she can: bringing up past times, specifically all of the weird pee moments they’ve had together.  Vicki brings up a few pee debacles’ including peeing in the snow in Whistler and most memorable, when Vicki pissed in Tamra’s bed in Puerto Vallarta.  Has there been a more embarrassing moment in Housewives’ history?  If that were me, I’d never bring it up again.


Out at lunch, Shannon tells Tamra that Lydia was upset about being left out of the group text and that Tamra had started the thread.  Tamra explains that it wasn’t intentional but Lydia is still pissed.

rest 2

She feels that Tamra is not acknowledging her feelings even though Tamra apologizes several times.  Like the 8 year old that she is, Lydia throws a temper tantrum, throws her menus at Shannon and Vicki, and storms off.  It was so overly dramatic for the situation.

rest 3

Tamra tries to get Vicki to state her opinion but Vicki literally hides in her shirt and doesn’t want to be involved.  Lydia returns from pouting in the bathroom and acts like nothing is wrong, “It’s fine.  Whatever.  It’s no big deal, I’m fine.”


They go walking by a beautiful waterfall and Vicki amazingly is the voice of reason to bratty Lydia.  She explains to the woodland creature that even though her feelings were hurt, her reaction of throwing the menus was way over the top and inappropriate.  Vicki actually convinces Lydia to apologize to Tamra.

water 3

So, Lydia pulls Tamra aside and starts discussing the situation with her.  But two seconds later, Tamra’s guard dog Shannon steps in her give her two cents.  Shannon, Tamra can speak to other people without you always having to be right there at her side!


The ladies then travel on to yet another activity – a glacier hike.  This is a lot to be jamming into one day!  The glacier guides Olaf (like the snowman) and Soffia (who “looks totally Iceland”) tell the ladies that they lose people in crevasses all the time.


So they make them wear a harness – but the harness isn’t attached to anything so that confused me.  The ladies also get axe picks to use as “walking stick” – that doesn’t seem safe with this group.

glacier 4

Shannon is struggling to get up the glacier and is short on breath.  Maybe if she stopped talking and yelling so much she would have more air for breathing.  But the whole way up she is complaining about how out of breath she is – thus losing more breath.

glacier 3

Going down the glacier ended up being worse than going up for some of the ladies.  Everyone was slipping and sliding around but especially Shannon who had to go a lot slower than everyone else.  At one point she fell on her ass and as everyone stopped to help her, bff Tamra was at the front of the line continuing to walk down the glacier.

glacier 5

Too Many Activities

Back at the hotel, Vicki is feeling very ill.  She’s been complaining about not feeling well all day and it’s finally come to a head.  What could be causing this?  Hmmm… well she stayed out all night drinking and only got a few hours of sleep after already being jetlagged, then she has a jam-packed day of activities that include climbing a glacier, the altitude is prob not giving her enough oxygen to her brain, and to top it all off, she’s 60-something!  That is too much for anyone to handle in one day.

sick 2

Kelly thinks that Vicki is having an anxiety attack but Peggy thinks it’s something more serious with her heart.  The police show up and say that an ambulance is on the way and can I just say, those police hauled ass through that hotel like they were the Navy Seals on a raid!  It was impressive!



There was no preview for next week because Bravo was being dramatic about Vicki’s health scare.  There was a sneak peek on Watch What Happens but I was half asleep in bed when it played.  I woke up to screeches that sounded like Shannon and Vicki yelling at each other so that might be something.  Maybe it was all a dream and I was hoping this season would miraculously get better.

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