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Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 3 Recap

The Apology – Episode 3

This week was a pretty solid episode – there wasn’t a huge drama that played out but everything that happened was still interesting and entertaining.  I’m starting to really like Margaret, her husband, and her eccentric mother.  Siggy is going off the deep end but hopefully she’ll get her pellets soon and that will balance her out.  Danielle has been surprisingly tame, which is fine with me.  Save all that crazy up for when we really need it!

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Dolores and Frank are talking in her newly renovated kitchen about the Boca trip.  Dolores is outraged that Margaret has no loyalty to Siggy and immediately leeched onto Melissa and Teresa.  I think that’s what every new person to the group would do.  Its way more beneficial to cuddle up to Tre than it is to be buddy buddy with Siggy – especially considering her emotional state this season.  Siggy is replaceable, Teresa is not – and obvious Margaret knows this.


Speaking of loyalty, Joe Gorga, Melissa, and Teresa are unloading all of their father’s furniture into Teresa’s place so he feels more at home.  This scene is so real on a basic human level.  When a parent passes, it changes everything for the entire family.  The kids have to step up and make all of the decisions while still trying to grieve themselves. 

furn 2

Joe, Melissa, and Teresa are also discussing the Boca trip and Joe expected that Dolores checked Siggy when she got out of line with Teresa.  He was shocked to hear that Dolores took Siggy’s side (who she’s known for 1 year).  So where’s the loyalty there Dolores?


Not So Envious

Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle meet at Envy – please stop trying to make Envy happen!  Siggy has already blocked Margaret on social media, but not Melissa who walked out of her house.  Margaret can’t understand what she did that was so wrong, besides calling her “Soggy”. 

envy 3

So she tries to be the bigger person and calls Siggy up to invite her to her launch party.  But Siggy gives Margaret and hard no and declines the invite right then and there.  Don’t even want to think about it Siggy?  She says that too much has happened and she doesn’t want to fake it.  She even tells her to have a good life!  That’s putting the nail in the coffin, we’re done for good.

envy 2

Thick As Thieves

Frank, Frankie, and Dolores go out to dinner and not much happens to be honest.  I just can’t stop staring at these two dude’s necks!  The sheer size of the things!  Each of their necks are larger than my thighs – and that’s saying something!  How does one get such a large neck?  Can you work out your neck muscles?  If so, these juiceheads are definitely doing it.

Wine Solves Everything

Teresa and Siggy meet up to talk over some wine.  They both apologize to each other fairly quickly which makes sense because this whole fight was stupid af!  Siggy apologizes for the things she called Teresa and says that she didn’t mean it.  Teresa actually (maybe for the first time ever) apologizes for throwing the cake and says she doesn’t know what she was thinking. 

sig 2

But Siggy will not be forgiving Margaret.  She says rather aggressively that she wants to pull Margaret’s pigtails out of her head.  Even Teresa is shocked by this, and she’s seen a lot of hair pulling in her day.  Siggy then goes on and on and on complaining about Margaret while Teresa can barely stay awake.  What is going on with Siggy this season?  It’s one thing to be passionate, but she’s becoming completely unhinged!



Joe Gorga takes Melissa out to lunch at this crappy little joint in a strip mall next to a nail salon.  As if that wasn’t bad enough…. surprise!  I bought the place!  Melissa is staring at him like seriously wtf.  I don’t know what she expects – this is what Joe Gorga does.  Didn’t he get into the trash/recycle business without telling her?  His excuse is that it will give his dad something to do during the day for a few hours.  That’s all well and good but you still could’ve discussed it with your wife first.  Just goes to show, he doesn’t respect her as an equal partner in their marriage and still considers everything “his money”.

rest 2

Sleep Over

Siggy and Dolores are boycotting Margaret’s party and decide to have a slumber party like 13 year olds instead.  They even have matching pajamas, pigtails (to mock Margaret), and face masks.  But hey, at least this slumber party has wine. 

sleep 2

That wine kicks in pretty fast because before you know it the ladies are having a dance party.  It’s pretty terrible – especially Siggy’s “new dance move”.  But then Siggy shouts out, “Dolores, watch out – a cake!” and they both duck down behind the couch while cackling like school girls.  I must admit, I let out a few chuckles as well.


Waffle Fries = Hors D’oeuvres

I wasn’t sure about Margaret at first but this episode I am loving her and her hunky guido husband.  I was dying when her oven was broke and she didn’t know it because she never uses it – and honestly, sames.  “We used it that one time to reheat French fries.”


Meanwhile at Margaret’s party, the rest of the ladies are there, including Danielle, and no one can understand why Dolores didn’t show up.  Dolores thinks that Margaret should be loyal to Siggy for bringing her into the group but who brought Dolores into the group – Teresa!  So where’s that loyalty? 

party 2

The ladies can’t believe how over the top Siggy is being and Margaret decides again to be the bigger person and reach out to Siggy.  She texts (or textes as Teresa would say) Siggy and asks to meet and talk.  Siggy and Dolores think that the text is insincere and she’s just doing it because she has to.  Uh yea – you’re on a reality show.  Don’t get stuck in the trap like the Orange County ladies and avoid each other all season… Get together, hash it out, and make it work!


Diner Drama

Dolores and Siggy meet at this low budget diner – it looks like a scene from the show Riverdale.  They get into it and start arguing about the trip.  But then somehow, the discussion turns to Joan Rivers and they are both fighting over who is more like her.  Margaret thinks her comedy is that of Joan Rivers but Siggy disagrees, “Oh really?  That’s interesting because people have always compared me to Joan Rivers.  Everyone always says ‘OMG Siggy, you are so funny just like Joan Rivers.'”  Margaret won’t let it go, “Well, actually I knew her, so I think I would know if I was like her or not.  I’ve met her at least 3 times.”  Siggy retorts, “Oh well, I’ve met her too so I think I would know too.”  OMG it was freaking hilarious!  These ladies are so damn ridiculous I can’t even handle it!

diner 3

Soggy characteristically starting crying at the table, which totally freaks Margaret out.  She’s ok with Siggy crying with a group of women but now that it’s just one on one she feels like it’s all her fault.  But it’s not your fault Margaret – Siggy needs to get her meds checked.  They come to the conclusion that they really don’t know each other at all – like duh!  Margaret does apologize and explains that it’s her sense of humor but she didn’t realize that Siggy was so sensitive.  Sensitive – more like hormonal!

diner 2


Next week, Siggy is still talking about cake gate and it looks like she’s trying to embarrass Melissa in a large group of girls.  Melissa said she wouldn’t be a waitress at Joe’s restaurant and for some reason this really pisses Teresa off.  Why would she want to waitress?  Been there, done that and moved up in the world.  Plus, this whole restaurant thing wasn’t even her idea!  And something big happens with Dolores and Danielle which causes Dolores to get right up in Danielle’s face and call her a liar and scum.  Omg yaaass!  We’ve never seen this side of Dolores and I am ready for it!

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