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Below Deck Episode 7 Recap

Blindsided – Episode 7

Tension is building between the crew on the Valor.  We’ve already seen a few fights and even though they get resolved, there are still underlining tensions.  The deck crew finally pulls it together but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Chef Canada.  Bring back Ben! 

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Buddy Boy!

The episode picks back up right where it left off:  with a drunken Nico screaming in EJ’s face.  We get to hear my favorite comeback again, “It’s my deck now buddy boy.”  Ooohh!  Fighting words!

buddy 2

Nico finally sputters out the words we’ve been seeing on the trailer for months, “If tomorrow I’m not bosun, I quit!”  I always had assumed he was saying this to one of the deck crew or venting to someone random.  But to say that to the current bosun aka your boss is just ludicrous.  Nico has really lost his shit.  It’s obvious that his ego is bruised, combined with too much alcohol and he’s having a total tantrum break down. 


In The AM

The next morning the shady editors cut to Captain Lee struggling to open the plastic of a cereal container.  Why ya gotta do the stud of the sea like that editors?  That plastic can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. 

am 2

Jen and Bri are still ignoring each other and Jen is still annoyed with Bri and wants her to apologize.  Nico must still be drunk or something because he is showing no remorse for the terrible way he acted.  He is sticking to his story that EJ was the one who was drunk and out of control. 


Day of Leisure

The dock is too crowded to dock so Captain Lee lets everyone go into St Barth’s for the day.  Jen and Kate go shopping and Kate gently nudges Jen to be the bigger person and apologize to Bri first.  Kate is so patient and sweet this season – I don’t like it.  EJ, Baker, and Bruno go out to lunch and talk about the situation last night but EJ is being the bigger person and is ready to let it go.  And the Bri and Nico go off on a romantic lunch overlooking the beach, just the two of them.


They run to the beach and jump in the water but their floating in the sea doesn’t seem completely innocent.  They laid on the beach and Nico started setting rocks onto Bri’s butt – weird.  But the he tells her, “You have a great ass”.  Supes inappropriate.  That poor, poor girlfriend sitting at home watching this.  And this is not gonna be where it ends.  This is happening people.  Probably next episode, 2 tops. 

lunch 2

Back on the boat, Jen takes Kate’s advice and apologizes to Bri.  She even gives her a bracelet as a gift.  Bri sort of apologizes back, “Yeah, ya know me too.  Sorry about the blah, blaaah, jibbery blaaah.”  Ok form a sentence Bri, better yet just form some words.  Nico also apologizes to EJ but from a safe distance.  EJ is working and Nico yells down to him from the deck above.  All is well… for now. 


Captain Lee has no choice but to dock the boat at nighttime…. in the complete dark…. with a green crew.  What could go wrong?  Surprisingly, nothing went wrong!  Captain stuck that landing and totally redeemed himself from that whole cereal incident. 


Boat People

The new guests arrive and it’s the couple that inspired the movie The Blind Side and a bunch of their friends.  This group is very southern and sweet but also a little sassy.  The main thinks that Kate is too skinny and needs to eat more.  They keep calling everyone “boat people” which comes off a little rude.  Kate predicts that the group will pray before lunch and does an amazing impersonation.  And sure enough, they do hold hands and pray, which is cut with Kate doing her impression.  Gold. 

guest 2

That night in the middle of dinner service, Matt ups and leaves to go checks his texts from his ex.  Captain Lee has confirmed to myself via twitter that this actually did happen during dinner service and it wasn’t the editing.  Chef Canada did comment back explaining that he had to use the bathroom. 

banana 2

Chef Canada makes “bananas foster” but it looks like mushed up bananas that could pass as baby food.  Also, he doesn’t have any vanilla ice cream so he improvises and uses chocolate.  The head charter guests despises chocolate ice cream (what a freak!) and sends it back for vanilla.  Chef makes some sort of concoction out of whipped cream but the guests notice it’s not really vanilla ice cream and are displeased.


Later, Kate is talking shit to Jen about Chef’s crappy “bananas foster” and he overhears the whole thing!  He walks in to say good night and Kate and Jen both start pretending that they’re gossiping about other people to cover it up.  It was awkward and hilarious! 


The guests have a tailgate party on the beach equipped with footballs, burgers, and beer.  Jen is supposed to be dressed as a cheerleader but comes running out in a poufy skirt and a flowery top.  Everyone is confused and like wtf are you wearing?  She has to explain by exclaiming several times, “I’m a cheerleader!”  Kate will not approve. 


Back on the boat, Kate has to give Chef Canada a pep talk…. again!  She just did this overly sweet, gentle, “maybe you could do better” talk with him last charter and now here we are again.  Get it together Chef!  Or pretty soon this alien residing in Kate Chastain’s body will be replaced with the true and snarky bitch she really can be.  And your sweet Canadian heart couldn’t handle that. 


Kate, in fact, did not approve of Jen’s “cheerleader” outfit.  “Well if Jen loves dressing up so much, I’ll show her how much fun dressing up my way can really be.”  Yaaas snarky Kate!  As punishment she makes Jen dress as the “Valor mascot”.  I think Kate just went around and found the most ridiculous pieces of clothing she could find and threw them all on Jen.  There were light up sneakers, a life jacket, and a sparkly visor and it looked ridiculous.  Jen was humiliated but the guests loved it and had fun so who cares. 



Next week the crew finally get some God awful, snooty, demanding guests.  They looked truly obnoxious and terrible.  This is good news for viewers though because we’re 6 charters in and the pressure is really on the crew which means people will start cracking.  And when everyone starts cracking, the drama gets really juicy.  Jen starts back talking Kate and trying to fight her off with sarcasm – oh you will not win that fight little girl.  Please Kate, finally put this woodland creature out of her misery and end her!  Nico and Bri “cuddle” in bed… so yeah that’s happening.  We all knew it would and now here it is and I really don’t care. 

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