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Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 15 Recap

Mystic Mistake – Episode 15

Peggy and Shannon get into it tonight and the other girls try to intervene but not successfully. What a stupid fight! These ladies fight over the most mundane things that have no real meaning. Shannon is so emotional and cries over even the slightest confrontation. But hey, at least something happened for once. 

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Tamra is on the phone with Shannon discussing the David/Peggy/cancer sitch. Shannon asked David if he was interrogating Diko and David said he was just asking questions because he was confused. Ok, fair enough. Tamra tells Shannon not to give the situation life but then Shannon snaps on Tamra. “I’m trying not to give it life Tamra, but you keep asking questions. I just told you, I asked David and he said he was not questioning Diko. So there, done. I’m irritated now.”

tam 2

They hang up but both are giving each other attitude. Tamra throws down the phone and frustratingly yells “Fuuuck you.” Ooooohh the cracks are really starting to show now. Tamra can only be nice to the same person for so long. Maybe this is her breaking point. 


A Family Van!!!

Vicki is getting her heart checked out at the doctor. But the best part were all the flashbacks to Vicki screaming her head off at someone for any number of reasons. I mean the montage spanned from 2007 to current – that’s 10 years of Vicki screams! My personal favorite, by far, is Vicki screaming about sending a family van for 6 people. 

Your Aura is Yellow

Meghan is finally doing something besides sitting at home with her nanny and baby. She has the girls over for an aura reading by her mystic – who has to be one of the worse psychics I’ve seen in all of housewives’ history. Meghan thinks that people are afraid of psychics because they don’t want to hear the truth. No Meghan, we’re all still recovering from the run in with Allison DuBois in Beverly Hills. This mystic doesn’t really do anything but tell everyone that they have yellow auras which is a good thing – wow really insightful stuff. 


The ladies sit down for dinner and Lydia shows up. She invites them all on a trip to Iceland and then calls Vicki and Kelly to invite them. So, how’s this gonna work? Vicki can avoid Tamra and Shannon at large parties but on a girl’s trip?


Everyone is excited but Peggy has something to get off her chest. She said she’s been texting Shannon and getting no replies. Shannon is still upset about Diko pulling her aside and accusing David of interrogating him. Shannon thinks that Peggy is just trying to stir the pot but the Peggy drops this bomb, “Do you trust your husband?  Has he ever lied to you before?” 


As expected, this totally sets Shannon over the edge. She starts crying and flailing her arms in the air like only Shannon can. Of course, she trusts her husband she says, which is a huge lie. Lydia jumps in trying to shut Shannon up because she won’t let Peggy speak. But Shannon is already gone, “I don’t like being accused of something I didn’t do!”


What did Peggy accuse you of doing Shannon? Feeling guilty much? Peggy says that Shannon’s feelings aren’t as bad as her possibly needing chemo and Shannon storms off to the bathroom. When she finally calms down and comes out she sits down with Peggy one-on-one. But now it is Peggy who get emotional about her cancer and has to leave. 


After Peggy and Lydia leave, Shannon still tirades around the house screaming like a banshee. She is crying and upset that no one stuck up for her and now she looks like the asshole. Tamra amazingly responds, “Well stop acting like an asshole!” I can’t believe that didn’t set Shannon into another tizzy. 


And then seemingly the next day, everyone is packing for Iceland and then ready to go. Meghan is lugging her baby all the way to Iceland. Really, can’t Meghan just stay home? Do we really need her? Vicki is trying to avoid Shannon and Tamra but she won’t be able to avoid them for long. 

plane 2


Next week, we saw Tamra and Vicki bonding over silliness together in some random store…. and then cut to: Shannon glaring at them. OMG it was sooo great! Great editing. Get over it Shannon! You’re bringing us all down. We want to see the two of them have fun and what better place than a girl’s trip. Lydia turns on Shannon and Tamra big time – she throws her menu at them! I hope this was more of Shannon’s fault or maybe it was Tamra getting in the middle. Either way it looks like this season is finally picking up… and we prob only have like 3 episodes left so about damn time! 

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