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Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 14 Recap

Armenian Rhapsody – Episode 14

What an anticlimactic episode.  I am so pissed off at these editors.  We’ve been waiting all season for this – 14 episodes to be exact!  And what do we get?  A whole lotta nothing!  I want my money back Orange County! 

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The Meeting We’ve Been Waiting For!

There was no intro at the beginning of the episode, which is fine with me since I am sick of those lame taglines anyway.  Instead we cut directly to a coffee shop where Tamra and Vicki will finally, FINALLY be meeting.  Maybe the editors know that we couldn’t take one more second of this show without a meet up.   

coffee 3.png

Tamra and Vicki’s meeting lasted all of 3 minutes – what kind of bullshit was that?  The friendship montage package was longer than their actual meeting!  Their conversation was not productive at all and in fact probably caused more harm than good.

coffee 4.png

Tamra doesn’t understand why a gay man would want to be with her and Vicki insinuated that he’s using her for the gym.  That was the end of that because Tamra got up and stormed off but not before performing a well-rehearsed line, “You don’t deserve me.” 

coffee 2.png

History Repeats

Kelly’s dad is in town and he and Kelly’s mom still have a rocky relationship.  Kelly talks about how bad things were when she was younger and how she wishes they would’ve gotten a divorce earlier.  She compares it to her tumultuous relationship with Michael, which is foreshadowing now that we know they are ultimately divorcing. 



Lydia and her mother go shopping and spend an obscene amount of money.  Really?  Is this the best you can do Bravo?  Whoever brought Lydia back seriously needs to be fired. 

Another Avoidance Party

Peggy and Diko host a party at an Armenian restaurant to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary.  Prior to everyone arriving, Peggy pulls her son aside and tells him to get “Auntie” Vicki and “Auntie” Tamra to both give him a kiss.  Auntie?  Has this poor kid ever meet these ladies for longer than 5 minutes?  And Peggy can’t have known them for longer than a few months.  Ridiculous.  But this kid is no dummy, he bargains with his mother and talks her bribe up from $100 to $1000.  But that won’t be enough to pay for his future therapy bills that will come from kissing Tamra or Vicki. 


The ladies arrive and when Vicki walks in Tamra makes a beeline for the opposite side of the room.  Bravo is not paying you to avoid each other!  Either keep fighting or make up but this separation is not working for anyone!   


Shannon, Kelly, and Tamra are outside attempting to use the hookah.  They think they’re being silly, and funny, and cute but this scene was so fake to me.  Kelly keeps thinking of different street words for marijuana and Tamra just keeps repeating what she says while Shannon sits there looking clueless.  Sad attempt at hilarity. 

hookah 2.png

Everyone is seated for dinner and the mean girls table, which includes Shannon, Tamra, and Meghan (who I forgot was still on this show until now) are trying to raise their numbers.  First, they try to recruit Lydia who walks away.  But then they pressure Kelly’s husband, Michael, by demanding that he sit with them, “Sit down, sit here.  Yeah sit with us Michael.  Sit down, now!”

party 2.png

So of course, when Kelly comes over she has to sit with her husband, leaving Vicki all alone at the next table.  And these girls knew exactly what they were doing because while they were accosting Michael, Tamra and Shannon both kept glancing over at Vicki to see if she reacted. 

party 3

A belly dancer puts on a performance and everyone is having a great time dancing with her, except stick in the mud Lydia.  Diko is putting dollar bills into the dancer’s skirt band like a stripper and Lydia is super concerned.  She should join up with Kameron from Dallas and start a Conservative Housewives of Boresville show.  


Diko pulls Shannon aside to talk about David questioning him about Peggy’s cancer.  Diko states that he felt “interrogated” and uncomfortable.  Shannon is completely shell shocked and just stares at him.  Like wtf is Shannon gonna do about it?  She doesn’t stand up to David when it concerns her, let alone when it’s about something else. 

diko 2.png

Shannon starts to get upset and the rest of the ladies join the conversation.  Diko kind of backtracks and apologizes for misunderstanding David.  Ok, well if you know that it was a misunderstanding, why even bother bringing it up? 



Next week, Tamra is asking Shannon again about the David/Diko situation and when Shannon shuts it down Tamra hangs up the phone, throws it, and shouts “F you!”  Omg yaaasss!  We’ve been seeing signs of cracks in their relationship all season – Tamra usually doesn’t make it this long being nice to someone.  I was originally hoping that Tamra and Vicki would get back together as bffs but I think it’s going to be Tamra and Kelly who really bond.   

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