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Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 8 Recap

A Mouthful in Mexico – Episode 8

The ladies are in Mexico! Time to party…. or not. I feel like these ladies could have been having so much more fun on this trip but Queen Kameron is a total bore and LeeAnne and D’Andra just follow what she does. You’re in Mexico – have some tequila! More tequila! How much more? The limit does not exist! 

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Dark Chocolate

Brandi brought along a special surprise – a giant black dildo that looks like it belongs to Chocolate from Atlanta.  She thinks it will be hilarious to sneak it into D’Andra’s bag since she is so conservative.  She wants to push everyone a little to test what their fun factor will be for the trip.   

dil 2.png

The ladies head out for tequila and tacos – sounds like a perfect day!  Kameron cannot believe how the other ladies are downing tequila so early in the morning, but it can’t be that early if they’re eating tacos.  She needs to get on the tequila train – this is Mexico and you’re on the Housewives!  Do some damn tequila shots! 


D’Andra discovers the dildo in her bag and everyone knows right away that it was Brandi.  Everyone kind of laughs it off except for Kameron who has to walk away from the table.  Brandi catches wind that Kam is uncomfortable and starts chasing her around, dildo in hand trying to freak her out.   Kam is being a super prude and is completely grossed out by the whole thing.


Kameron needs to get the stick out of her ass and chill the F out!  She is bringing the whole trip down.  She is already comparing the trip to girls gone wild – like ok, it is not that serious.  And then she tells Brandi that she wasn’t raised that way which is basically calling Brandi trash. 

dil 4.png

Kameron is so scarred from her brush with a black dildo that she has to retreat back to her room accompanied by LeeAnne and D’Andra.  Cary, Brandi, and Stephanie stay back and lounge on the beach with their tequila.  Cary is pretty tipsy and slips that she’s heard that LeeAnne’s fiancé has a small penis.  Omg really, who would know that?  He’s been with LeeAnn for 8 years! 

beach 2.png

Dildo Dinner

The ladies meet up for dinner at the resort and the topic of the dildo events comes up again.  Brandi thinks Kameron is uptight and judgey – I think all of America thinks that.  And to further prove the point, Kameron brings up Stephanie and Brandi going to the strip club when they have children at home.  Stephanie get heated and starts calling Kam judgmental.  It goes back and forth like that for a while “You’re judging me” “No you’re judging me!”  Ugh! 

din 2.png

Then Brandi brings in the big guns by saying that she knows Kameron thinks she’s better than her because of her zip code.  Kam denies ever saying such a thing – roll the tape!  Yea, ya snob, you totally said that and you totally meant it. 

din 3.png

To break the tension, LeeAnne finally announces her engagement to the girls.  Everyone is super excited of course, whether it’s genuine or not is another thing. 

din 4.png

PG Activities

The next day Cary does yoga, LeeAnne, D’Andra, and Kam hit the spa, and Brandi and Stephanie have a bubble bath – so yeah this is no New York Mexico trip.  The bubble bath scene still is pretty hilarious.  Stephanie made a huuuge bubble bath with bubbles overflowing everywhere.

bubble 3.png

Brandi can’t even get in and just sort of falls in and then emerges with a face full of bubbles.  The have some bubbly champagne that is literally covered with soap bubbles also, but it’s on theme. 

bubble 2.png

Into the Cave

That night the ladies go out for dinner at some restaurant that’s in a cave.  The tequila shots are flowing for everyone except Kameron who can’t have more than 2 drinks and is shocked that the women are drinking so much.  She is the Avia Drescher of this show – total downer and party pooper!  You can drink and have fun yet still be classy – look at Countess LuAnn! 


Brandi decides to get the ladies to play “2 Truths and A Lie” and she does her lame one but no one else wants to participate.  Cary decides to instead confront LeeAnne about her saying she wanted to strangle Cary.

din 5.png

LeeAnne slows moves her death glare over to Brandi and then point one single finger at her.  I was expecting her to then run her finger across her neck in the “slit your throat” motion but thank God she didn’t because I was already terrified! 

cave 2.png

LeeAnne owns up to it and says it was because of Cary trash talking her doctor.  Somehow Cary and Brandi start arguing about Cary also saying rude things about Brandi’s doctor.  Cary is denying ever saying that Brandi’s doctor had killed people but come one, she totally said that right?   And D’Andra is just in the background taking shot after shot of tequila… it was hilarious.  A housewife after my own heart. 

cave 4.png


Next week looks a little tamer… I mean they’re doing an obstacle course on the beach – this def isn’t a New York Mexico trip.  I’m hoping that Kameron finally loosens up and has a little fun but I don’t see that happening.  I feel like we’re not really getting to know her because she has this fake wall up.  LeeAnne and Cary finally hash it out but it seems like they’re both pretty emotional and crying.  Too much drinking that day?  Tequila is an upper!  (But then again, remember Ramona and Bethenny crying in the pool topless after an all-day tequila binge?  Sigh, what great times.) 

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