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Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 6 Recap

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Tea – Episode 6 

These ladies are delivering the drama week after week with no end in sight!  There was soooo much to unpack here!  An engagement, a husband who hates his child, and ladies dressed ridiculously and screaming at each other about gifts and manners – it was brilliant all around! 

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I’m Gonna Motivate Y’all

Finally, Bravo got wise and decided to open the show with LeeAnne Locken instead of keeping her hidden until the end.  LeeAnne is giving a motivational speech about overcoming obstacles and D’Andra and Kameran come out to hear her speak.


But immediately after the speech LeeAnne and some stray start trash talking Cary.  D’Andra confronts LeeAnne right away and again tells her to “cut the crap”.  She sees that LeeAnne is trying to get into the motivational speaking business but no one will take her seriously if she’s running around town gossiping. 

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This Baby Doesn’t Like Lobster – Ugh How Annoying

Cary and Mark are having Kameran and her husband over for dinner but there’s one little problem – their daughter Zuri.  Normal people would not see this as a problem but Mark seems to hate this kid’s guts.  He is more than just annoyed by his daughter, he seems actually disgusted by her.  It’s so freaking weird!


And he is upset that a 4-year-old isn’t eating her lobster and is sitting on the floor playing.  They should’ve made the poor girl some mac n cheese and chicken nuggets and given her a few toys in the next room and she would’ve been fine.  Mark has always creeped me out but he is now giving me major serial killer vibes!  This relationship is reminding me more and more of Taylor Armstrong and her husband and I don’t like it.  Take that baby and run Cary! 

dinner 2.png

Put A Ring On It!

LeeAnne and Rich go on a date to the carnival – her natural habitat as LeeAnne says.  Back to her carnie roots!  LeeAnne is dominating at every game because she knows all the secret tricks to win.


They’re playing a game where they throw darts at balloons and LeeAnn’s trick here is to aim for the shiny balloons because they’re newer and easy to pop.  Well Rich pops a balloon and behind it is a little black box.  Rich proposed to LeeAnne but says that he can’t get down on one knee or he’ll never get back up.  It was all very sweet and after 8 years LeeAnne deserves that huuuuge rock!  I should know – it took me almost 8 years as well, so I feel ya girl! 

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Honest Tea

D’Andra throws a fancy tea party called “Honest Tea” and the girls have to dress up in frilly outfits and silly hats.  Cary tells Brandi and Stephanie what Kameran had said about them being intimidated by her because they don’t live in the city limits of Dallas.  Super snobby thing #1.


Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary think the whole tea thing is ridiculous and so are the clothes.  Kameran however is super excited to dress like a grandma for such a high society event.  And then she criticizes Brandi for showing up not only in a white limo but also in a skirt that was above the knee.  Super snobby thing #2. 

tea 3.png

Brandi pulls Kameran to the side (just barely) and gives her a gift to make up for her faux pas the other day.  Kameran accepts but then said that it’s now awkward for D’Andra and LeeAnne who didn’t get gifts.

tea 5.png

Brandi gets defensive and says that she’s already apologized several times about the fucking gift.  Kameran is super offended and appalled that Brandi used the F word.  “Who says effing?  Really, really.  Who does that?”  Super snobby thing #3.  This bitch seriously needs to be knocked down a few pegs.  Who do you think you are, Countess LuAnn?  Not even close!  You are some stupid blonde no body who lucked out and married into a wealthy family – that doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Ugh!  Brandi hits the nail on the head “I think she needs to get laid”. 

tea 4.png

D’Andra makes the ladies write down questions for each other and the first one is why Brandi won’t let LeeAnne inside her home.  But LeeAnne and Brandi squash that pretty quickly.  So Kameran decides to stir the pot and asks why Brandi didn’t invite LeeAnne to Memphis.  Brandi talks her way around it and somehow, they’re back to the topic of giving the other girls a gift in front of Kameran.  Is Kam going to be talking about this one incident all season long?  Brandi’s had it up to here with Kameran so she calls her a bitch and then storms off.

tea 11.png

Get it Brandi!  The look on Kameran’s face was priceless.  She looked like someone had just slapped her. 

tea 12.png

The ladies finally get Brandi to sit back down and the questioning ensues.  Brandi tells LeeAnne that at an event one of LeeAnne’s friends told her that their friendship is fake and LeeAnne doesn’t like Brandi at all.  This mysterious friend also alleged to know for a fact that Cary’s husband is gay.  Two housewife episodes in a row with gay husband rumors. 

tea 7.png

LeeAnne directs her fury (that seemingly came out of nowhere) at Cary and calls her a bitch and a condescending cunt.  O-M-G!  This is not how Erika Jayne says cunt – this was low and mean!

tea 10.png

It’s Cary’s turn to storm off and D’Andra is super ticked that LeeAnne would dare utter that word inside her house.  LeeAnne blames her bad behavior on being abandoned as a child but D’Andra doesn’t want to hear it. 

tea 14.png

LeeAnne starts crying and Brandi goes over to comfort her.  Somehow Cary’s arm ends up stuck underneath the two of them hugging and crying.

tea 15.png

Meanwhile Stephanie is double fisting and cheers-ing to herself.  It was all great! 

tea 13.png


At the end of the episode the ladies decide to take a group trip to Mexico!  Omg yaaaas!  If this trip is nearly 1/8th as amazing as the New York Mexico trip then I am all in!  LeeAnne goes under the knife for her breast lift and somehow her mic pack picks up her saying the craziest things.  I dunno if she was drugged up but she sounded pretty coherent. She was threatening someone and my money’s on Cary.  This bitch is cray cray for sure but it’s moment’s like this that chill me to the bone.  Hide the sandpaper! 

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