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Real Housewives of OC Episode 11 Recap

Breast Intentions – Episode 11

Finally, this episode brought some drama and there was a Tamra/Vicki confrontation.  The season has been very slowly crawling up to this point and could’ve used something like this on episode 3.  Better late than never but will Vicki and Tamra ever make up?  And will it last?  I pray for it every night. 

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Goodbye Double Gs

Kelly has a cute scene with her husband where he’s paper maching her boobs because she’s getting a breast reduction and wants to commemorate the old ones before they’re gone.  For some reason they go out on their balcony to do this – maybe to make less of a mess inside.  But all of the world below can look up and see Kelly with her tits out.  They seem to have a cute and playful thing going on so I’m not sure why Kelly is always bitching about her husband but I guess we don’t know the whole story. 

paper mache.png

Stage 5 Clinger

Lydia and Tamra meet up and discuss what else but Vicki.  Tamra is upset that Vicki called her and wanted to meet to presumably make up but yet invited Ricky and Gretchen to her birthday party.  And let’s be real, it was a shady thing to do but isn’t that the point of the show?  Ricky turned on Tamra just because she didn’t invite him to her baptism – ok sure, where’s the rest of that story Tamra?

lunch 3.png

Lydia straight up admits that she doesn’t like Shannon and calls her high maintenance.  Tamra pretty much agrees and says that Shannon calls her up to 25 times a day.  Yikes!  Stage 5 clinger.  Who has the time or patience for that? 



Shannon attempts to have a business call with her partners for her restaurant but has some technical difficulties.  She doesn’t know how to refresh her email and is blaming it on the Wi-Fi.  She finally gets it working and is able to see a few samples of possible lemon themed logos.  Archie is running around after swimming in the pool and sprays Shannon with water as he’s shaking off.  I’ve laughed plenty of times watching this scene in the intro (great job picking that one editors) but to see the entire scene in its full glory was really another level of hilarity. 

archie 2.png

And the Lord Said, “Cut Off Your Balls!”

Lydia and Doug go to the doctor for a vasectomy consultation or as Lydia still keeps saying to “cut his balls off”.  Classy.  In the waiting room Doug starts reciting Bible verses to Lydia and telling her that he’s been praying on it.  God these two make me want to puke!  Then Lydia goes on saying that in her faith the man is supposed to be the leader – ugh shut up Lydia.  Maybe it’s for the best these two don’t have any more children – especially a daughter. 


Volleyball Brawl

All of the ladies get together to for a volleyball game at Kelly’s house – all except Meghan who no one misses anyway.  Shannon is scream talking – literally she is yelling everything she says.  Peggy doesn’t understand, “Why she yell?  What is this yelling?  Why so loud this Shannon?”

volley 3.png

Vicki and Tamra are on the same team but still not communicating in anyway.  Even when their team wins and everyone is high-fiving, Tamra and Vicki turn their backs to each other. 

volley 2.png

Everyone goes back to Kelly’s house for food and drinks – Shannon heads straight for the shrimp.  The cameramen and editors are doing her no favors this season – always a scene of her eating.

party 2.png

Everyone is pressuring Vicki and Tamra to sit down and talk.  Vicki doesn’t want to do it here with the group and wants to wait until their coffee date.  Peggy is questioning Tamra, who starts crying prompting Lydia and Shannon to rush over.  Tamra is crying about being hurt and thinks she wants to talk to Vicki.  Shannon is so against them talking and pleads with Tamra not to do it. 

party 4.png

Finally, Kelly convinces Vicki to go down into her room with Tamra and talk.  But Vicki is just screaming in Tamra’s face that she didn’t invite Ricky to her party and she has a good heart.  Tamra is sitting there super calm – it was freaky.

party 6.png

Shannon cannot handle the yelling from Vicki – that or she really just doesn’t want them talking, which is prob the case.  Shannon is so clearly threatened by Vicki and Tamra making up and ditching her.  Shannon barges in after Peggy had tried to block her from getting downstairs. 

party 5.png

Vicki is still yelling at Tamra for ruining her reputation by calling her a liar and a con-woman.  Tamra says back that Vicki was a liar who lied about cancer.  Vicki gets really upset now and while waving her finger around screams, “If you bring it up again I’m gonna go ballistic.”  Vicki fires to Shannon that she’s a liar because she lied about her husband beating her and Vicki has the proof.  This causes Shannon and Tamra to storm off. 

party 8.png

Vicki leaves to go back to work while Shannon is comforting Tamra by holding her entire head.  These two are starting to get really codependent and it’s not a good look.  Shannon is basically rocking Tamra’s head back and forth and cooing to her.

party 7.png

The rest of the ladies join and start talking about what happened.  Peggy sees Shannon whispering under her breath to Kelly and gets annoyed.  “You’re something else” Peggy mutters which really ticks Shannon off – she’s already on high alert.  Peggy backtracks and says she’s still trying to figure Shannon out and that’s what the comment meant.  Come one Peggy, don’t back down now – tell her how you really feel! 

party 13.png

Kelly tries to lighten the mood by bringing out her paper mache boobs and showing everyone her real ones.  Tamra asks Lydia if she has a boob job and Lydia says yes.

party 10.png

But she gets up from the table and confronts Shannon for squeezing Tamra’s leg under the table when they were talking about her boob job.  Lydia thinks that they were making fun of her which I don’t get because who in Orange County hasn’t had a boob job – it’s not that big of a deal to these ladies.  Shannon loses it on Lydia saying that she squeezed Tamra’s leg because of what Peggy had said.  Lydia doesn’t believe her but wants this cuckoo to stop screaming in her face so she says, “Ok, ok I’m done.  I’m done.  I’m done… with you.”  Yea Lydia finally!

party 11.png

Well then of course, Shannon really loses control and starts following Lydia to the door.  Lydia is so exasperated at this point that she starts trying to swim up the stairs….?  I’m not sure what she was doing but Shannon still looked like the crazy one.

party 12.png

But then Shannon starts crying and Lydia’s little Christian heart can’t take it so they make up. 


Whew what an episode and finally!  From here on out these girls need to bring it every time!  I’m seeing more and more cracks in Tamra and Shannon’s friendship.  I don’t think Tamra can take much more of Shannon’s neediness and didn’t come to her defense tonight in her battle with Lydia.  I’m hoping we will finally see some resolution with Tamra and Vicki but I didn’t see any clips of them getting coffee in next week’s trailer.  There was a scene of all the girls (sans Vicki of course) out to dinner that excluded Lydia and she was not happy about it.  Stay feisty ladies – puhlease! 

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