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Real Housewives of OC Episode 10

Loose Lips Sink Friendships – Episode 10

Finally, this season is starting to pick up but it is still slow goes. The call to get Tamra and Vicki to meet should have happened in episode 1 or 2! Gretchen is doing more work in this episode than Peggy has done all season. She is an experienced professional reality tv star after all and we’re all still trying to figure out what exactly Peggy is….

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I Need to Be Breastfeeding!

Meghan and Lydia go hiking and talk about the events from the drag show. Lydia admits that she was uncomfortable and doesn’t understand why everyone always fights when they’re together. Um, Lydia you do realize you’re on the Real Housewives, right?! Wtf does she expect?

meg 2

Meghan is still bitching about how Kelly attacked her marriage but when Lydia says that Meghan pretty much did the same thing, Meghan freaks the F out. She starts crying and pleading with Lydia saying that what she said about Kelly is not as bad as what Kelly said about her. But truth be told, Meghan did attack Kelly first, and of course Kelly retaliated – it’s Kelly! No one feels bad for you Meghan!

Sorry Who is This?

Tamra is in her kitchen attempting to cook when she gets a call from an unknown number – and it’s Vicki! Yes, finally – we need to get these two talking! Vicki asks to meet with Tamra for coffee and acknowledges that it’s super awkward. The ladies are both making the most hysterical, uncomfortable faces and admit to each other that they’re making each other nervous. Tamra agrees to the meeting and Vicki tries to joke that Tamra can’t cook but I don’t think that Tamra’s quite ready for that yet. Please let the meeting be during this episode and don’t make me wait until next week!

vic tam.png

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Shannon and David have an emotional heart to heart about the demise of their relationship. David says that when Shannon is stressed and he can’t fix it, he pulls away. So, she was probably going on and on and on about the Vicki allegations (like she is throughout this season) and David, like myself, couldn’t take it anymore! She does tend to hone in on one thing and then obsess over it.

shan 3.png

David holds her hand and she starts crying saying that it’s been 6 months since he’s held her hand. What is this 1950? Grab his hand if you want to hold hands Shannon – or tell him that’s something you want instead of waiting around 6 months for it to happen. Shannon wants to know what she did that makes David not want to be around her but he doesn’t have an answer. These two need to get back to therapy because they have serious communication issues.


Wanna Sword Fight?

Meghan, Shannon, and Tamra are out with Eddie for his birthday at some crazy restaurant where they bring out the popcorn shrimp in a popcorn machine and the swordfish has a giant samurai sword with it. Meghan and Shannon think that Tamra talking to Vicki is a bad idea. Shannon says that Vicki was already jabbing at Tamra for being a bad cook but Tamra gets the joke Vicki was making.


It’s Gonna Be A Roast

Vicki is getting ready for her birthday party and gets a gift from Ryan and Steven – a gun! Um, no no no no no! Vicki does not need a gun! Are they crazy?!


All the other ladies show up to Vicki’s – Peggy, Kelly, and Lydia but also some old faces (and I do mean old faces) Gretchen and Lizzie. Gretchen needs to lay off the work!  Lydia tells Peggy that Shannon had invited her to Eddie’s thing and Lydia said yes but then backed out at the last minute because it was her son’s birthday party. So, did she back out for her son’s birthday party or for Vicki’s birthday party? Either way I’m sure Shannon will not be happy about it. Vicki tells Lydia that she is going to meet with Tamra which excites Lydia who then of course starts waving those spaghetti arms around.

party 5.png

Kelly tells the group that she and Lizzie used to work out together and that Eddie was an instructor that everyone thought was gay. Tamra’s gay friend is there (or probably ex-friend) and discloses that he has witnessed Eddie make out with a guy before! He was the best man in their wedding so why is he saying these things and if they were true why did he never tell Tamra?!

party 3.png

Well his story is that he just thought that it was something they were into and that she knew about it but didn’t care. Vicki screams “What?! What?!” in her high-pitched screech like 5 times and Gretchen doesn’t really react because she can’t move her face.



There was a mid-season trailer and it showed a lot of the Iceland trip and Vikings reacting fight scenes that overlapped with the ladies fighting. Tamra and Vicki seem to make up but it doesn’t look like that will last long unfortunately. Why can’t these two just get along? That is what everyone wants to see! Gang up together and bully someone else instead of each other! Someone who deserves it… like Peggy!

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