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Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 5


Walking in Memphis – Episode 5

The ladies separated into two separate packs tonight so there’s wasn’t a ton of drama per se, but the episode was still very entertaining. Kameran is getting more and more difficult to tolerate while D’Andra is getting more open and real with her emotions. There wasn’t enough LeeAnne, but is there ever? I can’t get enough of those facial expressions!

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Sign Me Up for a Lecture!

D’Andra and her hot hunkie husband are talking about his day lecturing photo journalists. Sign me up for that class! D’Andra learned that her step-son is already sick of selling her crap on eBay and wants to get the hell out of there. I don’t blame the kid. It’s bad enough having to live with your step-mom but then she makes you sell her overly expensive and lavish clothing while talking about her sex life with your dad. Yuck! What teenage boy would want to hang around that?!


Get Me Away From Mark!

Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary get to Memphis and they’re all super excited to be away from their husbands and their “sexual duties” but especially Cary. And God I don’t blame her – I don’t know if she’s overcompensating by saying they have sex 10 times a week but just thinking about doing it with that troll of a husband one time makes me quiver in fear!

meph 2.png

Brandi hasn’t talked to her grandmother recently because she was upset that Brandi reconciled with her grandfather. So, they’ve been divorced since before Brandi was born but the anger still runs deep. Sad

Blonde Delusions

Kameran is still on this pink dog food kick and I am soooo over it! She has a cardboard cutout that looks like a 6th grade science project and even her kids aren’t impressed. Then she takes her “business plan” to her unsupportive husband who has to fight to keep a straight face throughout her entire “presentation”.


This lady is delusional to the next level and still thinks she has one up on her husband because she plays the dumb blonde. She’s asking him for $100K and he finally agrees to maybe a 10 thousand investment, which she takes as a victory – yea cause that’s basically the same thing.

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Memphis Y’All

Brandi and the ladies have a great time a Brandi’s grandfather’s house. But Brandi and Stephanie get some major baby fever and even decide to have baby number 3 as long as they get pregnant at the same time.


The next day isn’t quite as fun – especially for Stephanie. Brandi takes the ladies on a surprise cat fishing trip and Stephanie is grossed out the entire time. She doesn’t want to touch the worms or the fish and I gotta say – sames! Barbie doesn’t cat fish! But she does end up catching a fish and the girls seemed to have some fun in the process.


The ladies head out on the town and they question Brandi about why didn’t invite LeeAnne. She explains that they are still building on their relationship and they’re not quite there yet. She claims that LeeAnne likes Stephanie and Cary but they’re not buying it. Cary says she’ll be very upset if LeeAnne is back in Dallas talking shit about them.


How We Do It In Dallas

Back in Dallas LeeAnne finally makes her first appearance of the episode and she is fired up. Not only did Brandi not invite her on the trip but she didn’t even call to tell her about it. Ouch! She heads out with D’Andra and Kameran and they immediately start talking shit about Brandi and the other ladies.


LeeAnne did not know that Brandi didn’t want her in her home and is pretty pissed about it. D’Andra throws some shade Brandi’s way and says that she’s never sure if Brandi is even awake with her squinty eyes. So, the teams are getting pretty divided.

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Do Something With Your Life, You Loser!

D’Andra has a talk with her step-son and totally loses her shit on him! This poor kid is trying to say that he’s uncomfortable living there…. Probably because of her. And she starts yelling at him for throwing his life away and being selfish!

dand 3.png

You and your bandana need to take a step back D’Andra! He is not your son. He obviously wasn’t raised under the harsh judgements of Dee and doesn’t understand tough love because he is ready to get the hell out of there tonight. D’Andra breaks down after he storms off and cries into her hunky husband’s arms.


Anybody Home? Wanna Be On Camera?

Brandi goes to visit her estranged grandmother who is not answering the door for her. It’s giving me major Kenya Moore vibes when she tried to speak to her mother and was completely ignored. Sadly, Brandi suffers a similar fate and her grandmother doesn’t answer the door. OMG so sad! I don’t understand how someone’s grandmother could treat them this way but obviously the hurt runs very, very deep.


Thank goodness that Brandi is there with her girls because they cheer both her and me up with some wine and face masks. They all look pretty hilarious with their gold masks, lying in bed together and it’s the perfect ending!



Next week there’ll be more drama with Cary and Mark…. Anyone else think they’re heading down a Simon and Tamra path? There’s some major group meet up that Brandi wants to avoid which tells me that her and LeeAnne are on the outs. But I would rather see a Brandi/Kameran feud than anything so that someone will take that snobby bitch to task!

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