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Real Housewives of OC Episode 9

Drag Bingo Bombshell – Episode 9

Finally, an episode of Orange County that I didn’t completely despise or fall asleep during. I think I’m just learning to settle for less than because the drama was not nearly as entertaining as what I’ve become accustomed to (ahem RHONY) but at this point I’ll take any little bit of scraps I can get my hands on! Shannon trying to set up Kelly and getting caught, Tamra trying to set up Kelly and getting caught, and yet Kelly takes out all her anger on Meghan!

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Don’t Confide in Meghan!

Meghan and Kelly go shopping for baby cribs because apparently Meghan still doesn’t own one, despite already having a baby. The ladies are talking about all the fun they had the night before out partying for St Patrick’s Day. Kelly even stayed out later with Shannon and was having a great time until she glanced at Shannon’s phone and saw that she was recording her. OMG Shannon, you shady bitch!

shan kel 3.png

She shouldn’t even bother denying it because this is classic Shannon! This is her go-to move: get Kelly “naked wasted” and then catch her saying something embarrassing or incriminating. I’m just surprised she was able to execute such a sneaky attack without her lackie Tamra. Although I guess she really didn’t pull it off if Kelly caught her before she got any dirt. So, Kelly tells Meghan not to say anything because Kelly wants to talk about it one on one with Shannon. Simple enough, right?

shan kel.png

I guess some things are not that simple for Gumby O’Tool because not even two seconds after the convo she’s already calling Shannon off camera and behind Kelly’s back to spill the beans. Shannon then calls Kelly, again off camera, to plead her innocence. Damnit Bravo cameras, something finally interesting is happening on this show and y’all are dropping the ball! So, then Kelly calls Meghan to confront her about being a pot-stirring shit talker. This convo we finally see on camera but it’s not very exciting. Meghan apologizes right away and Kelly accepts…. for now.

shan kel 2.png

Again, Don’t Confide in Meghan!

Meghan and Vicki meet for lunch so that Detective Meghan can get to the bottom of the Vicki/Shannon/Tamra feud. Vicki is claiming to be the victim in the situation because the other ladies spread lies about her being a scam artist.

vicki 2.png

She claims that her only wrongdoing was spreading gossip that she had already heard from other people to Kelly. But let’s be real, she knew that Kelly is a loose cannon and would eventually let all the secrets out. Supposedly Vicki has the texts to prove that David was beating Shannon but she won’t show them because she doesn’t want to hurt Shannon. Vicki is already regretting confiding in Meghan as much as she did and begs her not to tell anyone about their conversation (that’s on camera), especially Shannon.

vicki 5.png

But yet again blabbermouth Gumby O’Toole cannot keep those thin lips shut and immediately calls Shannon to unload all of this info. I want Detective Meghan to get to the bottom of the “beating” allegations once and for all because Shannon’s story about the ordeal made absolutely zero sense. But Meghan seems to be Team Shannon and wouldn’t do any sort of investigative digging into her past. Side note: Tamra says that she always jokes about being “white trash”… how cute. Doesn’t she know that everyone has been calling her that for years and not in an ironic way? It’s not a joke, it’s the truth.

shan 2.png

My Boyfriend Bores Me

Vicki has a dinner date with her boyfriend Steve and somehow manages not to spill sauce on him this time. She is already bored of him, which was already fairly obvious but then she straight up admits it in her interviews to really nail the point home. So, because Steve is not a dramatic, crazy, lying, cancer scammer, he is boring. Vicki needs to get her priorities straight. But then she does a 180 and suggests that she and Steve buy a boat together. Run, Steve, run! And she also slips in a quick, “Will you marry me?” while they are sipping wine. Steve doesn’t hear it, or if he does then he pretends that he didn’t – which is wise.


Trailer Trash Drag

The scene I’ve been waiting for since the start of season trailer dropped has finally arrived! The ladies in rocker drag! Everyone is dressed as 80s rock stars except for Lydia who is dressed like Charlie Chaplin for some unexplained reason. Tamra really looks like she has transitioned into the redneck Joe Dirt character that she was always meant to be.

drag 2.png

Kelly looks like a greaser from The Outsiders or Crybaby but has a see-through shirt on and you can completely see the outline of her bra which kind of ruins the illusion. Shannon has by far the best, and most accurate costume – she really resembles Bret Michaels but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

drag 3.png

Lydia is very uncomfortable the entire time and I can’t believe she even went along in the first place. And to make things worse, Tamra has brought along her gay, psychic friend, which also eeks Lydia out. The hack psychic starts to “read” Kelly and tells her that she and Vicki will have some sort of conflict soon. Kelly, who is overly paranoid and rightly so with these ladies, picks up right away that Tamra set this all up to distance Kelly from Vicki.

drag 9.png

Shannon gets spanked by a drag queen while her butt crack is hanging out and I am NOT here for it! Even when these ladies are trying to be cute/funny/controversial I am still bored with it – they are trying too hard and yet not trying at all.

drag 7.png

Kelly and Meghan start to get into it again about Meghan blabbing to Shannon about the phone recording. I’m not sure why Shannon is getting off the hook so easily for trying to set up Kelly, but Kelly is focusing all of her attention on Meghan. Meghan brings up the cheating allegations that Kelly texted before filming started and Kelly defends herself in her typical way, “You started it!” And Meghan really did start it this time but that doesn’t mean Kelly has to retaliate back – who am I kidding, it’s Kelly so that’s exactly what it means.

drag 11.png

The girls still seem to be siding with Meghan though and Shannon even comes to Meghan’s defense, “She’s not a shit-stirrer!” Uh yeah, that’s exactly what she is. Kelly is about to blow her top and starts sputtering at Meghan, “Don’t you have more important things to worry about like taking care of your baby? You should be home taking care of your little baby instead of gossiping around town.” Meghan can’t handle the truth and storms off while the other women berate Kelly for attacking someone as a mother… again.

drag 12.png


We may finally, finally, finally get a Tamra/Vicki meet up or at least finally a possibility of one! Give the people what they want! I would love to see a team switch up – Shannon and Kelly vs Tamra and Vicki but then everyone coming together to team up against Meghan. That is the stuff of dreams!

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