Real Housewive's of New York

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3

I missed the first showing of the New York Reunion Part 3 because, like last week, Bravo moved it up early to make room for the garbage show that is Jax and Britany Take Kentucky. Such bull Bravo…. I see you and your trickery! The New York reunions were a little bland but mostly because nothing happened between the ladies since filming. They settled everything when filming wrapped and are all still on good terms so all 3 parts were pretty much just catching up and re-talking about the events of the season. But hey, they can’t all be Atlanta Reunions.

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Well good thing I hadn’t eaten recently because the reunion kicked off with a package devoted to the ladies talking all things sex.  Tinsley apologizes to her ex-husband for bringing his name into it and admitting that they had tried anal sex.  And of all times, this is when Sonja interjected with, “You don’t talk about the families on TV.”  Everyone is like wtf, the families?  What families?  Is this the mob?  Are we in the Godfather?  But Sonja is referring to prominent New York family names such as the Mortimer’s – like she’s really helped protect the Morgan name.


Sonja also denies having butt sex with the pirate from several seasons ago and claims she doesn’t do that sort of thing.  But said that yes, she thinks she was allergic to Harry’s sperm because it burned down there after sex.  Uh… there was prob another reason for that Sonja – he is a man whore after all.  Poor, poor Andy is even starting to blush.

Ramona admits that growing up Catholic she never thought oral sex counted as official sex until the Bill Clinton scandal.  Now that she’s single she doesn’t do anything to the guys she’s dating but let’s them do whatever to her and then sends them on her way.  Bleh!!! Gross!  But typical selfish Ramona – but God what a disgusting thought.


Do You Have Friends Bethenny?!

The conversation turns (thank God) to the season long feud between Bethenny and Ramona and whew there was a lot to unpack here.  Bethenny thinks that the original attack about the soft-core porn was all for the cameras because the article had come out 6 weeks prior to filming.  Ramona pulls out the text receipts to try and prove when she heard about the article but Bethenny’s not buying it.

text 3.png

Ramona maintains that she was not bringing up Bethenny’s daughter to be malicious but out of concern.  She also claims to come from a place of kindness which makes Bethenny double over in laughter and me almost spit out my wine.  Bethenny starts listing all the horrible things that Ramona has done to her over the years and says that she never attacked her once this entire season even though she had every right to fight back.  Bethenny does an amazing impersonation of Ramona – you know she had been practicing that at home in front of the mirror.  “Do you have friends Bethenny?!” she squawked while her eyebrows all but left her face.

Bethenny thinks that Ramona is resentful of her success to which Ramona replies, “I was self-made by the time I was 30.  She was self-made by the time that she was 37.  I’m happy for her.  Maybe she’s projecting onto me.”  What a basket case!  The other ladies agree that the one-sided beatdown in the Berkshires was uncalled for and way over the top.  Dorinda is particularly shocked about how calm Bethenny remained while Ramona just kept digging deeper and deeper.


Ramona admits to being both black out angry and black out drunk.  But what did she have to be angry at Bethenny for?  Bethenny had not done anything except be upset with Ramona.  Andy very cautiously asks Ramona if she was on anything else that night… perhaps some pills… Xanax?  Ramona denies every taking any pills… ever, which I think is a crock of shit.  She was way too hopped up all season long to not have been taking some extra uppers.


I’m Not a Bad Houseguest Ugh!

The next feud rehash is not nearly as entertaining and probably didn’t even need to be rehashed – the Tinsley/Sonja drama.  Tinsley says the teasing started as sisterly in nature but turned nastier.  Sonja agrees that she was hard on Tinsley but it was because Tinsley wasn’t sticking to the original plan she had when returning to New York.

tins son.png

Sonja will not admit to talking to the press about Tinsley even though all the other ladies believe it was her.  The thank you/fuck you party or “thuck you” party as Bethenny coin phrased was all genuine according to Tinsley and the F you part was a joke.  Sonja admits that she walked in skeptical but by the end of the night realized that it was a nice gesture on Tinsley’s part.  So, information we all already knew just being rephrased and nothing new and exciting came from that segment.

tins son 3.png

Mexico Bitches!

But then the segment we’ve all been waiting for happens – at least I have…. Mexico!!!  The package that Bravo has put together of the highlights of the trip is a masterpiece!  The ladies are cracking up laughing watching and having almost as much fun reliving the trip as they had on the actual trip.  Pure gold!

mexico 2.png

Luann gets a round of applause from the ladies and Andy, and a standing ovation from me at home.  And deservedly so!  What an amazing performance from the Countess…. how far she has come since ordering drivers to call her Mrs. De Lesseps.


Bethenny is so proud of the crew and how everyone held their tequila without getting sick.  “We’ve been training our whole lives for this moment!”  Ramona admits that she was being an asshole about the room situation but really, she can’t help herself when she gets worked up in a tizzy like that.  Sonja explains that she loves to kiss her girlfriends when she’s drinking and usually starts with Luann.  But the big fish she was trying to catch this time was Bethenny – who gave her a little love back.


Dorinda says that she shouldn’t have been psycho analyzing Bethenny’s personality or playing with a knife but she doesn’t really remember either of it.  She just remembers waking up covered in blood and full of regret – been there girl.


The reunion concludes with the ladies listing their rose and thorn of the season and Luann finally understanding how the game works, but still says “Tom!”  The group has a toast with some tequila of course and that’s the end of a beautiful, epic season of New York.  We’ll be talking about this season for years to come.

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