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Real Housewives of OC Episode 8

Run for Your Wife – Episode 8

Another snooze fest in the OC – this is getting scary. I thought this far in that something of importance would’ve happened but I can’t think of one thing! There were a lot of one on one conversations to resolve fights but I barely remember or care what the fights were about. Any hmmm… what else?

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Please Not Another Cancer Storyline

Shannon meets with Peggy and they immediately start talking about what else but Vicki. Shannon warns Peggy to be careful with Vicki because she’s a liar and manipulative. Peggy explains why she felt so close to Vicki right away, because she offered her assistance after hearing about her double mastectomy.

shan peg 2.png

Peggy confides in Shannon that she did not have the BRCA gene but they found something in an MRI that had been missed in a mammogram. But then she goes on to say that after more testing they realized it was nothing but she decided to go through with the mastectomy anyway. Huh? Shannon is pretty perplexed by this and so am I. But maybe it’s such a fearful thing to Peggy because her mother died from breast cancer so she doesn’t want to take any chances, even without the BRCA gene. Whatevs – they’re her tits, she can do whatever she wants with them.

shan peg.png

Do I Look Skinny?

Meghan and baby Aspen go to a photo shoot because Meghan wants to get back into modeling – oh please. Basically, she just wants to show off her post-baby bod and keeps asking anyone who will listen how it looks. “What do you think? Do I look different than before? Has my body changed? Do I look more like a woman? Tell the truth was I skinnier then or now? Good genes, am I right?”  Could you be anymore obnoxious?!


How Is Vicki’s Aura Not Black?!

Vicki and Kelly are at some aura reading place that has a machine that discovers your energy. I was excepting Vicki’s aura to be black but it came out blue which the hack lady said meant she was happy. Uh ok.

vicki 3.png

Vicki is nervous about Kelly hanging out with Shannon and even more nervous about her becoming friendly with Tamra. Vicki knows that Tamra is the brains behind the operation. And she should be nervous! Kelly has been her only friend for 2 seasons and Vicki knows how easy she is to manipulate – because she’s done it. She thinks that Tamra’s trying to get close to Kelly so they can both either turn against Vicki or Shannon. I’d be here for Tamra turning against Shannon! She’s already been saying very shady things in her interviews about Shannon’s weight and her marriage. And she seems to be fed up with having to listen to Shannon constantly complain…. unless it’s about Vicki, then Tamra’s all in.

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It’s a Healthy Seafood Platter

Speaking of complaining, Shannon and Tamra go out to dinner along with both of their hubbies. They order the seafood platter which Shannon presumes will be a healthy option until this giant steaming dish of seafood comes out. The thing is huge and is meant to be eaten as an appetizer. Shannon’s face is hilarious but has she never seen a seafood platter at an upscale restaurant before? For $200 they better be that big!


David, Eddie, and Tamra are all doing the Spartan race together and it’s been a big bonding thing for them. David is super into preparing for and participating in the races – like borderline obsessed. And of course, Shannon hates everything about it. She starts bitching that David exercises too much – duh he’d rather be doing anything than be around you Shannon. She says he works out in the morning before work, comes home and has a quick dinner, then continues to exercise all night before bed. Well damn, that does seem pretty excessive. And how do we know that the “gym” or “working out” isn’t his code for something else that he’s really doing?

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Tamra suggests that Shannon exercises with David so that they can still spend time together. Shannon doesn’t really have a response to this but just glares at Tamra. Tamra doesn’t get it because she and Eddie both enjoying working out and it’s a fun activity for them to do together. Not all of us are freaks who enjoy exercise! If Eddie was off golfing or fishing every single morning and night I’m sure Tamra would be bitching too.

dinner 3.png

Shannon reveals that she will not be coming to the race because it’s not her thing. It’s one thing to not want to participate with him, but you can still come support him. Tamra says in her interviews that Shannon emasculates David in front of other people – which is true and not a good thing. Shannon and David both seem very resentful of each other which can be poison in any relationship.

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Clear The Air, What This Mean?

Tamra and Peggy meet to clear the air that Peggy didn’t know needed to be cleared. Tamra tells Peggy that she has Kate Chastain syndrome – RBF, resting bitch face. I wish Peggy would have said this back to Tamra’s face but she waits until her interviews, “Don’t act like a bitch and I won’t give you the face.”

tam peg.png

Tamra’s annoyed with Peggy for trying to play peacemaker and for bringing up Vicki. At the party when this fight happened, Tamra was the one who brought Vicki up to Peggy and started the whole thing so wtf is she talking about. Whatevs they make up but hopefully not for long. I think it’s hilarious how Peggy doesn’t react to Tamra’s screaming which only infuriates her more.

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Aroo!  Aroo!

The Spartan race is in full swing and for some reason Lydia is there – she doesn’t even know why she’s there. But she seems to be doing pretty well. Doug is helping her through every leg of the race and they’re really supporting each other as a team.

race 3.png

Well guess who’s not there that should be… Shannon. She didn’t even show up to support her husband. It’s one thing to not want to participate but you could at least show up for big events. I bet that even though you don’t care about soccer you still show up for your kid’s soccer games. Everyone finishes the race and the couples are making out in celebration while David stands there like a 5th wheel at his own event. What a nice surprise it would’ve been if Shannon would have been waiting at the finish line.

race race.png

Luck of the Irish

But Shannon has more important things on her mind – drinking, and I can’t say I blame her. She goes out for St Patty’s Day with Meghan (who looks like a 5-year-old that just got their face painted at the school carnival) and Kelly. They all take turns chugging liquor out of the bottle like the classy ladies they are and it looks like things are gonna get lit! Then I remember that I’m watching Orange County, and not New York – these girls do not know how to party.


Kelly tells Shannon that Vicki thinks Tamra gets in her ear. Then Shannon tells Kelly that she thinks Vicki gets in her ear. Yes, you are all in each other’s ears – all of the time! Shannon claims that she was just trying to have fun in Ireland and Vicki was the one who made Kelly paranoid about drinking too much. But then they roll the footage of Shannon trying to force double shots down Kelly’s throat.

pat 4.png

Shannon again blames her weight on the stress caused by Vicki and the rumor. Kelly says she relates because of what Shannon’s friend did to her at a party last year. The booze must’ve kicked in because Kelly apologizes again and her and Shannon both tear up and hug.

pat 3


Next week actually looks promising for once! Vicki is sticking by her story about David and Shannon and claiming to have proof via text messages. And better yet she puts Detective Meghan on the case. We’re going to finally get to see why all the ladies are dressed like 80s rock stars while Lydia looks like Charlie Chaplin. So random! And Kelly must’ve skipped her meds that day because the drunk kumbaya Kelly has been replaced with her normal garbage self and I am here for it! I can’t hate on anyone who give Meghan shit… she usually deserves it.

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