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Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 3 Recap

Face to Two Face – Episode 3

This episode was very similar to the last in that there was a lot of filler that lead up to the big drama at the end – and LeeAnne in a crazy costume. But I gotta say the filler scenes are still very interesting to me. I’m genuinely enjoying getting to know the ladies and they’re a lot more entertaining than anything we’re getting on Orange County.

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No Quiero Kameran

Kameran keeps getting more and more annoying to me – I’m not buying this smart blonde just “acting” like the dumb blonde. Whether she’s acting or not, I can’t stand it. Her daughter however, and her adorable Spanish speaking skills I am here for! She is so sweet and silly and fun – can we stop following Kameran and just focus on her daughter.


I think Kameran’s husband is as into her as Jim Edmonds is into Meghan which is not good. He looks annoyed every time she talks and cannot stop rolling his eyes. Literally every time she speaks he sighs and rolls his eyes – and sames dude, sames.

kam 2.png

Where’s the Wine?

Cary has been spending the day baking with her daughter and making dinner. Her husband comes home and immediately starts complaining. “I thought you were going to have a glass of wine ready for me” he whines while clutching Cary’s arm. I’m not sure why but the look on her face shook me a little – it was a combined look of disgust, annoyance, and possible fear… not sure. Maybe I just have a complex because she reminds me of Taylor Armstrong looks wise.


He goes on, “Don’t you need a drink after hanging out with this annoying kid all day? Damn you call this small plate dinner? Well lucky for you I planned ahead and ate a big lunch today.   Where’s that maid? Did you tell her about my socks?! It’s of upmost importance that I have one L sock and one R sock!” Omg you are a nightmare dude.

cary 2.png

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Stephanie and Brandi meet up to finally talk one on one without interruptions from LeeAnne. BTW why does Brandi whisper everything when she talks? It’s weird. Brandi explains to Stephanie that she was angry about how she acted on Father’s Day and the “car crash” comment in her blog referring to Brandi’s marriage. Stephanie apologizes right away but says she wished Brandi would’ve came to her right when it happened. Seriously, Brandi – why wait so long being mad about something that happened months ago?

emo 4.png

Brandi asks, “So what’s up with the ‘Cary situation’? She said you were her ride or die.” And then Brandi starts sobbing while Stephanie repeats that she’s sorry over and over. I feel bad but I actually laughed out loud when Brandi said this. She was so upset over something that seems so ridiculous. What is so bad about “ride or die”? Is that a trigger for Brandi?

emo 3.png

Finally, they hug while crying uncontrollably and sputtering out “I love yous” repeatedly. It was pretty emotional and the pinot grigio was not making things easier on me. As if I wasn’t holding back the tears enough, Brandi then reveals to Stephanie that over the summer she had a miscarriage. Stephanie really loses it now and so did I. How terrible to have to go through that without your best friend around to confide in. They hug and cry some more and I cried and hugged my bottle of wine some more. It was a very draining scene but it definitely needed to happen and now we have the bubbly friends back!


More Eye Rolls

Cary and her husband Mark (aka the Terry Dubrow wannabe) do some video thing for their website. I’m not sure exactly, I was playing on my phone during this scene. Until I saw how annoyed Cary was with every word coming out of Mark’s mouth! She was backtalking him, muttering things under her breathe, and rolling her eyes to the skies! It was great and his pompous ass deserved every second of it. Maybe that’s what I don’t like about Cary that I couldn’t put my finger on before – it’s not her, it’s her terrible husband. They can really bring a housewife down – Alex McCord and Simon, Alexis and Jim Bellino, Dorit and PK, Amber and Jim Marchese (ugh worst one!).



Stephanie has a Halloween party at her home and LeeAnne comes strutting in dressed as the two-faced woman aka Stephanie. Talk about rude! And LeeAnne knew it was wrong before she did it but she also knows that the viewers deserve quality reality TV and Orange County isn’t cutting it.

party 2

She is working the party and bragging to anyone that will listen about her costume. Word gets around and Stephanie’s husband, Travis, catches wind of LeeAnne’s costume. He threatens to throw her out of the party but of course Stephanie is so nice and tells him to just ignore her. It was really nice to see Travis coming to Stephanie’s defense – especially after he went off and bought a house without telling her last episode.


Seriously though who comes to someone’s house and shades them like that?! Stephanie is smart and knows that LeeAnne wants a reaction out of her but she won’t give it. Instead she again says that LeeAnne scares her – yea she scares all of us! She’s great television but I really would be afraid to be her friend irl. She threatened to gut her friend like a fish y’all!

party 5.png

LeeAnne doesn’t want Brandi and Stephanie back together because she is intimidated by their friendship. She’s afraid that now that Brandi has Steph back, she’ll drop LeeAnne like yesterday’s carnival food. Stephanie stays classy throughout the whole ordeal because she knows that Brandi is still close to LeeAnne and she doesn’t want anything to jeopardize her and Brandi’s relationship ever again. Plus, she’s just so so nice.

party 7.png


I think we need to get the two new girls Kameran and D’Andra more involved in the group. So far, we’ve seen D’Andra with her wonderful mother Dee (who sadly did not make an appearance this episode) and her husband. We’ve also seen a lot of Kameran’s family life too which is not nearly as interesting. And even at tonight’s party they stayed separated from the group confrontation. Like get in there girls, ease drop, and throw in your unsolicited opinion! We’ll see Kameran get a little feisty next week when Brandi gives gifts to Stephanie and Cary right in front of Kameran, but has nothing for her. Genius Brandi!

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was LeeAnne’s costume over the line or hilarious?  Will Kameran ever learn how to say “Hello” in Spanish?

Let me know in the comments below!

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