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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 Recap

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2

Part 2 of the reunion was a little too slow for my liking. Each individual housewife had their own segment and they divulged information mainly about their relationships. Who was still dating? Who had broken up? Why is Jason Hoppy such a psychopath? I don’t think we’ll ever get an answer to that one.

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It’s Still About Tom

Luann is still on the defense about her and Tom’s crappy relationship. She says that Tom wouldn’t have to keep seeing Missy if Ramona didn’t keep bringing her to parties. Ramona replies very sing-songy, “That’s not truuuue.” All the ladies agree that Tom is still out with plenty of ladies that he’s dated in the past or banged in the past including but not limited to Missy. “Well they’re his friends. He’s allowed to go out with his friends. His friends just happen to be hot blonde females, some of which he may or may not still make out with.” Omg no Lu, no! Sorry to my fiancé, but once we are married your only female friend is me.

lu 2

Then Luann tries to project onto Ramona by declaring that Ramona’s husband had a full-blown affair – like it was new information or something. Everyone is just looking at her like yea, that’s why they’re not together anymore. Even Andy is like duh! So, he asks her to explain some of the good things about Tom and why she loves him. And just like at last year’s reunion Luann doesn’t list anything of actual substance. “Well Tom loves me and that’s why I love Tom. He’s just a great guy, really girls. We love to play tennis and ski and go to parties together.” Omg Lu! You can’t think of one nice personality trait that you love about this man – why is it always about the lifestyle?

lu 3


Someone mentions the penthouse which is apparently Bethenny’s trigger word because she interrupts, “I can’t. I can’t! You gotta stop with this ‘penthouse’ stuff. Let’s call it what it is – it’s a 1-bedroom apartment that happens to be on top floor. It’s not this sprawling, ginormous Vegas style penthouse – it’s an apartment. You sound so pretentious. I can’t. I can’t.” Thank you B!


There is a huge difference in my mind between a penthouse and a 1-bedroom apartment. Luann tries to defend her pretentiousness by exclaiming, “The penthouse! The yacht!” while making fluid arm motions. I’m not sure what she was trying to achieve but it’s going to make a hilarious gif.

pent 2.png


New package – all about Tinsley. Tinsley is still with her boyfriend Scott and is moving in with him in the fall. Cute cute love it! But what about all the Tito’s Tinsley? Carole said that Tinsley could put down an entire bottle in one night and Luann says that Tinsley can hold her alcohol better than her. So, wow, it must’ve been really bad. Dorinda says that she took a sip of Tinsley’s coffee one morning and there was vodka in it. Whoa – that’s when you’ve crossed into the dark side.


As a borderline functional alcoholic, I understand the delights of knocking a few back. I can even see needing to have a couple glasses of wine to be able to fall asleep – not the healthiest thing but I get it. But this is how you know when you’ve crossed from functional alcoholic to full blown alchie, vodka in the coffee. Man, that’s dark. It’s one thing to need booze to deal with the end of a crappy day, but to need it just to get up and face the day…. ugh. Rant over and not like it even matters because Tinsley has toned down the drinking and hopefully now only gets sloshed after 5pm like a regular adult.

tins 2

Baby, Baby, Baby, and Baby

The next segment is all about Carole. She and Adam are taking a step back from each other but not seeing other people and still going on trips together. Not sure what that means but Carole is not one for labels.


Everyone agrees that Carole was very passionate about the election but that it was difficult to have a conversation with her if you disagreed with her point of view. She’s one of those people who makes you feel stupid because of your beliefs. But that was a lot of people’s problems during this election on both sides – not having an open, hate-free dialogue with each other. All the ladies have met or known both Hilary and Trump but only Ramona, Sonja, and Luann won’t admit who they voted for which makes it fairly obvious who they voted for.

carole 2.png

But even worse, Tinsley admits to not voting at all because she’s a Florida resident living in New York. Um we have absentee ballots in Florida Tinsley – my lazy ass votes from my couch. Tinsley digs herself in deeper saying, “It’s not my thing! I’m sorry, it’s not my thing.” I think she’s talking about politics as a whole, which I get because I’m shallow and it’s not my thing either. But if she’s talking about voting not being “her thing” then she needs to move to a monarch run country. This is America and voting is everyone’s “thing”.

carole 3


Next up is Sonja and her love triangle with Rocco and Frenchie. She is still seeing Frenchie and he goes back and forth from her apartment to his hotel in Paris.

son 2.png

Luann is go glad that it’s not about Tom that she decides to stir up some trouble. She said that she’s heard that Frenchie is an actor who was cast to play Sonja’s boyfriend this season. I’m getting Kenya Moore/Walter storyline flashbacks!


Sonja is also still seeing Rocco who must be the most patient man in the world. I think Sonja’s keeping him on the backburner for when she’s done messing around and ready to settle down. And who knows, he might be doing the same thing too. Maybe Rocco’s got a young side piece but he still wants to build towards something real with Sonja.

son 3.png

Big Bad B

The last and longest segment of course goes to the most successful and complicated housewife, Bethenny. She is back with the baldy Dennis and explains that they needed some time because of everything going on with her. She tells us how guarded she is (we know) and how it’s hard for her to let people in (we know). But then she flips in onto Dennis and says that he had a lot of things he needed to change but he was afraid of losing her so he did it all.


Then Bravo confronts Bethenny with a pieced together package of her repeatedly ducking out of events with a quick, “I gotta go.” I think Bravo is trying to subtly let her know that this shit wasn’t cool and she needs to stick around more and finish the fight. But let’s get real, she left these group events early because she can! She’s the star of the show and can get away with pretty much anything – even the other ladies are afraid of her.

beth 6

And then we take a deep dark dive in the psychosis of the serial killer that is Jason Hoppy. He has had recent and new stalking charges – serious wtf is his deal? Ramona tries as normal to put her two cents in but Bethenny shuts it down real quick, “I don’t know why but I really don’t want to talk to you about this.”

beth 2.png

Andy asks about Brynn finding all of this out when she’s older but Bethenny doesn’t seem to think it will still be big news by then. Well, you better get off the show and move to the country then because otherwise you will always be in the press. And of course, Brynn will want to go back and research once she realizes her parents had a show together and her mom was a huge reality star. Who wouldn’t?

beth 7.png

Bethenny breaks down while trying to explain the torment and torture she’s been experiencing. She says she couldn’t talk to anyone about it or she would’ve totally lost it. And it’s pretty upsetting because she can never be completely free and clear of him – she is always going to be connected to him for the rest of her life.

beth 3.png

This is why ladies, we have to be very, very careful who we have babies with. You don’t want to be stuck with some random one-night stand who turns out to be a crazy person for the rest of your life.

beth 5


The Tinsley/Sonja drama about being a bad houseguest and talking in the press will be rehashed. I don’t think we really need that or this overly produces storyline. The Bethenny/Ramona fight will also be discussed – which again I could take it or leave it. Although at least we have Bethenny’s crazy eyed imitation of Ramona to look forward to. And hopefully there’s some fun talk about the epic Mexico trip and especially Luann’s infamous fall into the bushes and how she outdid herself by then falling off a ledge. Epic – historic – greatness!

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was it interesting getting a deep look into each lady or was it all stuff that we already knew? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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