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Real Housewives of OC Episode 7 Recap

Un-Noble Women – Episode 7

Orange Country is really letting me down this season. This is the OG franchise and these ladies are running it into the ground! The entire episode was each individual housewife on their own accompanied only by their husbands and/or their children. And then finally the big climax of the episode arrives and everyone avoids each other anyways. Such a snooze fest!

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Vicki Embarrasses Her Kids… Again

Vicki has breakfast with her children, Michael and Briana, and the two crazy hyper grandkids. Vicki is ready for more grandkids are encourages Michael to “date to mate”. Both of Vicki’s kids were equally grossed out by this statement – like we’re not animals.


The Leased Gifts

I haven’t witness something more vomit inducing that Lydia’s birthday scene in quite some time. Her husband gifts her, not one but two extravagantly over the top luxury cars. I mean come on – there’s no way Nobleman magazine is making that kind of dough. Excessive much Doug? Leased much Doug? Borrowed money from daddy-in-law much Doug?

lydia 2.png

Lydia and Doug fly off to Catalina in a chopper and over drinks Lydia again brings up cutting off Doug’s balls. Are you serious Lydia? This dude just gave you 2 cars and this is how you repay him. And on top of it all, she wants to have a bon-voyage party for his balls – seriously wtf is wrong with you? I can’t with her. I don’t think I could hate her anymore.


Laying the Blame

Tamra and Eddie have a date night and while Eddie is trying his best to be romantic, Tamra decides it’s the perfect time to bring up her estranged daughter. And then, she practically blames Eddie for the estrangement! “Well you know, it was just 4 months after we got married that she stopped speaking to me so….” I thought Tamra’s daughter was asking her to stop talking about her on the show, so why would she risk it? Oh yeah, because it’s the only boring storyline that she has.


Social Butterfly Downer

Onto the next one-on-one with a Housewife – this time Kelly and Michael are out on date night. She orders like 4 plates of food even though Michael has been trying to tell her he’s not that hungry and she’s been completely ignoring him. And then she gets really upset for some reason when he calls her a social butterfly. Is that a mean thing to say? I don’t think so… especially when he follows it up by saying “It’s what I love about you most.” She gets really annoyed with him and then compares her marriage to Shannon’s. I think she’s making problems out of nothing – there’s no way anyone’s marriage can be as difficult and miserable as Shannon’s.


Don’t Eat That Chip David!

Speaking of which – what better time for an uplifting scene with the charming Beador family? Shannon is cooking a “healthy meal” of buttermilk chicken – are you serious lady? Buttermilk chicken is healthy? And she throws a fit because while she is trying to cook a low cal meal for the fam David comes walking in and starts eating chips. I think he was doing it just to spite her – any small chance he gets to make her scream inside. And she really was!

chip 2.png

She was glaring at him with such intensity, “Don’t you do it David. Don’t you eat that chip! Oh, damnit David! Ok but not another one…. don’t you dare. Oh, damnit David!” And he is just starring right back at her defiantly while probably screaming obscenities in his head. David can have some chips, he’s not the fat one.


What is Happening?!

OMG what has been with this episode so far? Have we seen even 1 Housewife interact with another Housewife? No, we saw Vicki and her kids, Peggy and her kids, Tamra on a date, Lydia on a date, Kelly on a date, and Shannon doesn’t even bother to leave the house. Ahh I want to rip my hair out!

Nobleman Shnobleman

Well, we finally get the whole group together at the Nobleman launch party and what do they do? Avoid each other like the plague! Ugh these girls need to take a page out of the Dallas book and confront their problems!

party 2.png

Lydia doesn’t want any drama at her party but then she tries to talk Vicki into talking to Tamra. Vicki agrees to meet with Tamra at another time and then ducks out of there early.


Lydia talks to Tamra about potentially meeting with Vicki and she’s not open to it at all. Ugh so why are you on a show with her? You know she’s never going to leave so either film with her or get out.   And this also tells us that this season isn’t going to get much better…. we peaked at the Quiet Woman.

party 5.png

Always the victim, Shannon is upset that Vicki didn’t ask to meet with her – like Shannon would even want that anyway. Lydia is afraid to even mention Vicki’s name around Shannon who could blow off the handle at any moment.

party 4.png

Tamra starts venting to Peggy about Vicki and Peggy tells her to let it go because it’s not worth it. Tamra freaks the F out, “Uh do you want to be friends?! Did you know that she attacked my husband? Oh well did you know she gave Meghan’s marriage 3 years? Do know what a terrible person and bad friend she is? Well, you’ll know soon enough because she’ll do it to you too.”

party 10.png

Tamra is right in Peggy’s face yelling at her but then Tamra claims that Peggy is attacking her. Ok crazy – Peggy is barely whispering while you are screaming like a banshee.

party 9.png

Diko finally saves the day by bringing over drinks and I thought for a moment that Tamra might throw it in Peggy’s face – like she did to poor Jeana Keough.

party 8.png

Tamra and Shannon leave but Tamra is still raged up and super defensive. She is losing her shit in the limo and her crazed reaction really doesn’t warrant the situation.



Well it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a Vicki/Tamra sit down by next week but we will see round 2 for Tamra and Peggy. Tamra is a lot faster with her insults than Peggy, but Peggy stays calm no matter what which infuriates Tamra. Meghan, Kelly, and Shannon go out together which could be fun – but it looks like they’re just trying to get into each other’s heads by telling the other person who controls who. Hopefully we get some drama next week – something anything! And start filming together or Bravo needs to get a new cast who can!

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Are you ride or die with the OC ladies or are you sleeping through the episodes?  How many chips will David eat before Shannon finally loses her shit?

Let me know in the comments below!

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