Real Housewive's of New York

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 1

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 1

There was a lot of complaining on Twitter that the NY Reunion Part 1 was a little boring, but I found it overall pretty entertaining. I mean it was nothing crazy or over-the-top but Part 1 of reunions always start off a little slow. Just remember, we still have Mexico to look forward to!  What did you think of the ladies looks?  Luann is bridal white….. Bethenny in Skinny Girl red…. more info here!

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The Ramona-Coaster

The entire first package is all about Ramona and how strange she’s been acting this season. She is crackling up laughing watching her eccentric ways – I would be mortified!

ramona 2.png

Ramona tries to justify her horrific behavior in the Berkshires when she ripped the lights off in Dorinda bedroom. Dorinda calls her out and says Ramona goes in circles and makes excuses instead of just admitting her wrongdoings. The pressure gets to Ramona and she does eventually apologize to Dorinda while still downplaying her actions.

ramona 4.png

Bethenny wants to prove to the world what a garbage human being Ramona truly is and disclosures some insider info from her assistants. They were in an elevator with Ramona, who has met them several times, and Ramona completely ignored them and did not acknowledge their presence. Bethenny says Ramona treats people who are “below her” like crap.


Ramona reveals that she tipped the staff in Mexico $200 for assisting with all of her crazy demands. $200 doesn’t seem worth if for the bullshit the staff had to endure but it’s not like they had a choice. Bethenny calls Ramona a horror show to which Ramona responds, “I am what I am.”

ramona 5

Big Mistake, Huge

Andy makes the big mistake, big huge, of asking Bethenny is she can ever see herself being friends with Jill again. Bethenny loses her shit!

beth 1.png

“What do I have to do for you to not ask me this question anymore? Who do I have to blow? It’s been 10 years and you ask me every time I see you. Every reunion, every WWHL, every birthday, every time I see you – enough, enough, enough! I can’t fucking take it anymore!!! But I mean, with all due…” Poor Andy just sits there and takes it – if that were any other housewife he would’ve for sure pushed back.


Ya Fool!

The next package was all about the gift that keeps on giving, Dorinda, and her amazing lines of the season. I had forgotten how bad that dinner in the Hamptons really was – here’s a reminder! Dorinda explains that “Clip, clip, clip!” basically means stfu and that she just thought of it on the fly.

dor 2dor

In response to Dorinda’s “put an easy pass on that vagina” comment Sonja tries to clarify that she’s only had about 9 lovers since her divorce. I don’t know what’s more unbelieve able – Sonja saying she’s only have 9 lovers or saying that she hasn’t had a drink in 10 months. She admits to having a “sip” here and there… after the cameras are gone. So, she’s like me now – a functional alcoholic instead of a full blown, black out mess.

dor 5.png

When Sonja gets confronted for wearing Dorinda’s pajama’s that were a gift from her late husband, Sonja pulls a Ramona and lays on excuse after excuse. She pretty much thought the pjs were fair game since they were in the guest closet but then Dorinda points out, “It’s my house, they’re all my closets!”

dor 6.png

But Sonja keeps talking and spouting off nonsense which leads Dorinda to start exclaiming, “Focus, focus focus!” while doing Vogue dance motions with her hands.

dor 4.png

Tell Me It’s Not About Tom

The rest of this episode, unsurprisingly, is all about Tom. Poor, poor, poor Luann – it was hard to watch. Luann says that she’s loving married life, “I love being married! I love the lifestyle! I love having a partner! Oh yeah and I love Tom.”

lu 4.png

Luann lets slip that she had originally sent Sonja a save-the-date for the wedding. The girls are freaking out over this revelation! Everyone was doubting Sonja the entire season and now the truth comes out. Luann admits that she changed her mind after Sonja was talking trash in the press and withheld the formal invitation. Not very good etiquette former Countess.


Ramona finally spills some secrets that she’s been holding in since last year’s reunion. She reveals that Tom was caught again kissing the same woman from The Regency a few weeks later in California. And he allegedly met another random woman at The Regency and then went to a hotel where he told her he was in an open relationship…. but nothing happened. Of course, Luann just shrugs it off. We need receipts people! You gotta do better than that Ramona!

lu 3.png

All the ladies agree that they have all heard things about Tom but what is the point of continuing to bring it up now that they’re married and Luann doesn’t take the accusations seriously anyway? Luann says that she would want to know if something happens as long as it’s valid – so she’s changed her tune from last season, which Bethenny calls her out on. She says that she would leave if he ever cheated on her – all the girls just roll their eyes, like yeah ok.

lu 2.png

Luann keeps laughing off all of Tom’s disrespectful comments all season about her, their marriage, his ring. Bethenny calls her on it again – man Andy why are you even here? “I’d be crying in the bathroom if he said even one of those things to me!” And then Luann lets slip that she stayed in a hotel last night…. dun dun duunnnn! The first cracks are revealed.

lu 1.png

No one can seem to understand why Luann doesn’t just tell Tom, “No, you will not be going to The Regency tonight with your ex-girlfriend. I’m uncomfortable with you having lunch with the girl you just cheated on me with.” Like wtf – stand up for yourself! Luann is obviously defeated by the fact that she’s not going to change a 50-year-old man. She says that she “suggests” such things to Tom – she needs to demand it!

lu 5.png


Next week there’s more about Tom which is not a big surprise to anyone. My heart breaks for Luann as she keeps defending her failing marriage to the vultures – what must she be thinking inside? Hopefully Part 2 kicks it up a notch and Bethenny stays on point with her one-liners. They discuss Tinsley’s drinking, the Ramona/Bethenny all season drag out fight, and it looks like B might finally reveal some details about what she’s going through with her psychopathic ex, Hoppy.

What did you think of Part 1? Will Bethenny completely take over as the host and kick Andy to the curb? Will Carole have anything important to say?

Let me know in the comments below!

New York Finale     Episode 18     Episode 17

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