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Best and Worst Dressed Real Housewives of New York Reunion

Best and Worst Dressed Real Housewives of New York Reunion

Sorry, but they can’t all be winners ladies.  I’m breaking down the Real Housewives of New York Reunion looks and there’s no holding back!

Reunion Part 1      RHONY Finale     Episode 18

#1 – Dorinda

Dorinda looked chic af!  She had on a cute little butterfly decorated dress that hit above the knee and in all the right places!  She also looked freshly sun kissed… and not in the orangey fake tan way.  Thug in a cocktail dress has never been more appropriate!  Love love love!

looks 4.png

#2 – Carole

Carole is a 50 something year old woman in a hipster 20 something year old body!  She is so damn trendy with her style – way more so than me…. an actual 20 something.  She’s flaunting a deep red, velvet dress and looking banging doing it!

looks 3.png

#3 – Luann

Luann, unfortunately, chose to wear her re-imagined rehearsal dinner dress – which is sad considering her current circumstances but the dress itself was still flattering af!  It looked like she took one of her signature statement necklaces and somehow attached it to the dress.  And I gotta say, I’m not hating it!  Luann knows how to dress for her body – a skill I have not yet mastered.

lu 4.png

#4 – Bethenny

Normally, Bethenny is one of my style icons – I mean the woman has the body of a model so nothing she wears looks bad on her.  She is in her signature Skinny Girl red but the dress seems to be falling off of her in weird ways.  Specifically the neckline looks wonky af – where the F is her team?!

lu 1

#5 – Ramona

Ramona decided to abandon her signature “Ramona blue” and I don’t think this was a wise decision – stick with what you know!  I can’t knock her though because for a 60 year old woman, she is looking damn fine.  I just don’t think gold is her color….

ramona 5

#6 – Sonja

Sonja tried, the sweet dear really did.  She was attempting to pull off a Carole by being cool and hip and in – look at me, I wear red and velvet.  But, the look fell short in my eyes.  The red was not the trendy “dark red” that the kids are into, but bonus points for wearing velvet.  But her damn tits were hanging out and not in the normal, perky way I’ve become accustomed to.

looks 4

#7 – Tinsley

Oh Tinsley,…. sweet, innocent, Tinsley.  She is still dressing like a 18 year old and it’s 2005!  Please, please ditch the curls, the Mary Janes, the tutus, and all the other adolescent girl items of clothing you are hoarding onto!  Time to become an adult sweetheart…. take a note from your bestie Carole.  She stays fashionable relevant without looking like a blast from the past!

lu 2.png

What did you think of the Reunion looks?  Who has in first place and who was in last?  Will Bethenny bounce back from her mild wardrobe malfunction?

Let me know in the comments below!

Reunion Part 1      RHONY Finale     Episode 18

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