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Real Housewives of OC Episode 6 Recap

The Sip-N-See Standoff – Episode 6

Another episode of OC that was painful to get through and very hard not to fall asleep during, even with my pinot in hand. I’m sorry but these ladies are just not interesting enough to carry their own scenes – we need group interactions. Meghan talking with her nanny – zzz. Lydia planning a party for a magazine no one cares about – zzzzz. Peggy talking with her husband, Vicki with her boyfriend, Kelly with her mom, Shannon with her food – ZZZZZ!!! And what happens when we finally get everyone together for a party? They avoid each other like the plague… and that’s it… literally nothing else happened.

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Vicki is running around her house chasing her handful grandsons – man are they cute but they sure are little brutes. Her boyfriend, Steve, comes over and one of the boys excitedly yells “Steeeeve!” He seems really close with them, which is adorable and makes Vicki love him even more (or so she says). But Steve’s best feature? He has a glass of wine at the ready without even having to ask! Talk about boyfriend goals.


Come Shave at Our Party!

Lydia and Doug are at a restaurant doing prep work for their upcoming magazine party. Doug wants to have a shaving station at the party and Lydia gives in, “Well he’s going to let me cut his balls off so the least I can do is let him get a fresh shave.” It’s so weird – who wants to get shaved at a party, in front of people, on camera? Wouldn’t the men shave before coming to a party? Lydia is holding off on the invites until after Meghan’s Sip-N-See so she can observe everyone’s behavior…. like everyone’s dying to get on this invite list. She doesn’t want anyone ruining what she calls her “livelihood” – Lydia, please. She is delusional – the likes of which I haven’t seen since Landon’s “Roam” launch party on Southern Charm.

mag 2.png

Didn’t We Already Get Her a Present?

Vicki and Kelly are shopping for baby clothes and Vicki demands the Kelly stay her loyal wing woman. Kelly tells her that she met with Tamra and they are a-okay now. Vicki doesn’t trust it – and probably rightfully so. She thinks that Tamra is just doing this to get Kelly on her side and split up Vicki’s friendship. Duh! But what do you think you’re doing with Lydia and Peggy, Vicki? You seriously think I believe that you’d be handing out with either of those dum-dum duds if you were still besties with Tamra? No way, you two would be tearing them to shreds. Man, I miss those days.

shop 2.png

Tamra has a less entertaining and more depressing sidekick now…. Debbie downer Shannon. They are also shopping for baby clothes but multitasking by practicing one of the simplest words in the English language, “Hello.” Shannon cannot seem to say “hello”, “hi”, or any other form of greeting in a normal and non-creepy way. Shannon tries to find excuses for her past behavior, “I’m not a reactionary person! I usually don’t react so strongly. It’s Kelly Dodd! I only react in crazy ways to Kelly Dodd! I’m fine with everyone else.” Even Tamra knows this is a bunch of bullshit and looks at the camera like “roll the package.” And they do! We get several amazing scenes of Shannon overreacting and acting cuckoo in a variety of different situations. Genius. “You will all see the truth!”


Peace, Love, and Smoothies

Tamra, Shannon, and Kelly meet up, at what looks like the neighborhood Cold Stone…. they are sitting at a patio in the middle of some strip mall parking lot. This is not Potomac ladies, get it together!

meet 3.png

Kelly says she didn’t go to the Quiet Woman to intentionally start trouble and thought that it would only be Lydia and Peggy. Hmmm… that’s not what she’s been saying in interviews and on WWHL. Shannon is polite but later says that she thinks Kelly knew they were there, had one to many drinks, and thought it would be fun to start shit. Kelly apologizes, Shannon says ok, and they move on to discussing Vicki. Shannon, of course, brings up her weight gain… ugh! The ladies are not ready to forgive – and I don’t blame Tamra. She has been on this ride for too long and burned by Vicki over and over and over again. But the people want them back together! I do at least.

Sip-N-See Me and My Baby… But Mostly Me!

The day of the Sip-n-See has arrived and no one really understands what it is. Haven’t they been watching Southern Charm? Vicki goes to pick up Kelly, who tells Vicki that Shannon blames the weight gain on her. Vicki responds by screeching, “What?! What?!! What?!!!”


The ladies are sitting around, sipping and seeing, and Kelly tells them how she talked to Shannon and Tamra about the Quiet Woman sitch. “Who cares if I was there or not. She’s the one who freaked the F out! I mean it’s not me – I was just there.” Lydia is not taking ownership of being a shit3 starter and says she didn’t invite Kelly to be malicious. Uh… she def knew what she was doing, I just don’t think she ever imagined it would be so heated and out of control. So pretty much all of the drama going forward will be based off this one event being rehashed over and over.   It’s still better than the “panty gate” storyline on Beverly Hills.

sip 8.png

Shannon and Tamra arrive and awkwardly walk past the other ladies. They are trying to avoid Vicki and they are being so obvious and uncomfortable about it. Vicki runs to the kitchen to fetch some wine and get away from the fake “Hiiiiii!”s Tamra is squeaking at everyone.

sip 7.png

What exactly happened in that kitchen in order for Vicki to get her wine? When we next see her, talking to Peggy, her hair is a frizzy, disheveled mess! She explains that she is still waiting on an apology from Tamra and Shannon because they have hurt her too. Yea don’t think that’s gonna happen.

sip 4.png

Meghan has a giant cutout of herself holding a baby, but the spot for the baby is a hole so that people can stick their faces in it. Why?… Because of course she does. Meghan is so extra. This is the sort of tacky display I expect to find in one of my many surrounding, trashy beach towns. Who wants to take a picture with the real Meghan, let alone a fake one?

sip 3.png

The ladies all gather on the couch to watch Meghan open her many presents. What torture! Like isn’t it bad enough that you force everyone to go to a boring ass baby shower, but then you decide to have another one?!! So self-centered…. it’s like having a vow renewal on your 1-year anniversary and expecting gifts.

sip 11.png

Lydia deems the ladies as worthy of her Nobleman mag party and invites them all on account of their good behavior. The ladies look so thrilled – how could they have missed the social event of the season? They would’ve been devastated to not get the invite!

Vicki leaves without interacting with Shannon or Tamra. This shit needs to change or this season is going to remain boring af! Is it too soon for a group trip?

sip 12.png

Shannon comes storming into the kitchen, waving her poncho around and declaring, “All I want to do is eat!” But she instead settles for drinking vodka… smart choice. “It’s about dinner time, right?! I’ll have vodka!” Nothing wrong with drinking your dinner every now and again girl.

sip 5.png

Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan start shit talking Vicki with Tamra taking full charge – that champagne finally kicked in. She compares Vicki to the crap underneath her shoe and says that she looks old and haggard. Young, skinny Meghan cracks up at this but Shannon gets wide-eyed and closed mouth. She knows she is in no position to be making fun of someone’s appearance and she wants no involvement with that comment.

sip 10sip 9


Well, what a letdown the Sip-n-See party was…. everyone was well behaved as promised. Hopefully Kelly or Shannon has too much to drink at Lydia’s party and gets the drama going. It looks like Peggy is still having a hard time making friends as evident by her stupidly telling Tamra to let the past go. Tamra makes her signature angry devil face like a wild animal about to battle… it seems a little extra for the situation but hey, I’ll take any little shred of drama at this point.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are things slowly building up for a big explosion or are you as bored as I am with the season? Will Doug’s shave station be a success or a total failure like, oh I don’t know, magazines? Who will be sent to rehab first, Shannon or Kelly?

Let me know in the comments below!

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