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Shahs of Sunset Episode 5 Recap

Dreidels and Betrayals – Episode 5

This episode was a little too serious for me but I did actually learn some things – after turning to google. And while that’s nice, Bravo is not where I come to learn. I need some more of last week’s drunken debauchery and fast. This is a vacation after all!

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The Next Morning

After the wild and crazy party the night before, everyone is up, fresh, and ready to begin the day… except for MJ. She is in bed looking haggard af… or “rode hard and put away wet” as Reza so eloquently puts it. As if that wasn’t shady enough, he facetimes her so everyone can see the disheveled state that she’s in. Surprisingly, she gets it together relatively quickly (hopefully she had time to wash those nasty feet) and meets everyone for the day’s adventure.


Spiritual Journey

Asa wants herself and her baby to go on a spiritual journey and meets with 3 leaders of different faiths. I believe she met with leaders of Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism. She interviewed each of them one by one and they discuss peace and love. But mainly, this is another opportunity for Asa to remind us that she is with child because she only brings in up 30 times throughout this brief segment. “I feel so at peace while I’m on this spiritual journey with my baby. And really, I’m so glad that I got to do this with my baby. I’m filming it so that one day my baby can see the peace and harmony. Rabi, have you meet my baby? I’m pregnant in case you didn’t know.” We get it girl – miracle baby, blah blah blah.


The end of Asa’s spiritual journey did seem like a really special moment. The group of leaders and Asa are standing on this scenic platform overlooking the ocean while playing music, singing, and dancing. Asa’s baby was truly at peace in this moment.

asa 2.png


Meanwhile, having a not so peaceful time, was the rest of the group who are walking around the market asking strangers questions about their religion with a video camera. The villagers don’t seem very perceptive to being interviewed on camera – even though there’s a Bravo camera already in their faces.

town 4.png

Mike is starting to get very shifty and uncomfortable – and I can’t say I blame him. Some of the people they are trying to question look agitated and annoyed. That doesn’t mean anything bad is going to happen but Mike is allowed to feel uncomfortable. He goes a little overboard when he talks to Reza about snippers and gunshots and this makes Reza totally paranoid too. Gigi and the others are annoyed that Reza and Mike are on such high alert – like chill dudes. Gigi seems to be taking it personally and thinks that Mike is just afraid of Muslim people.

town 5.png

Asa arrives in full blown peace mode while Reza and Mike are like “let’s get the F out of here!” Asa tells Reza that he is actually the problem because he is acting so paranoid and shifty and it’s making the villagers uncomfortable. But he starts crying about being afraid as a gay man in an unwelcome place.

town 3.png

Back on the bus Mike and Gigi start to go at it – while Destiny tries to interject “I’m still here guys! Let me have a scene!” Gigi thinks that Mike is being paranoid for no reason except that they are surrounded by Muslims when he expected to only be around Jews. Mike compares the experience to going into the ghetto with a gold Rolex and expecting it not to be stolen. So, he succeeds in offending at least two different groups of people with one shady comment.

town 8.png

Gigi can literally not roll her eyes any more without them flying off her head – but she’s trying so hard to keep her cool. “I’m not angry Gigi this year, I’m yoga Gigi – ohm bitches.”

town 7.png

Shabbat Shalom

The group heads to Shabbat dinner to meet and celebrate with Mike’s family. Mike hasn’t seen this part of his family in 10 years and they are all so genuinely happy to see each other.


Reza gives a speech that really upsets Gigi – again more eye rolls. The speech is a little snarky, “Today we were in the bad part of Israel, I mean there were Muslims everywhere and I was scared. It was crazy. But now, that I’m surrounded by all of you lovely Jews I feel safe. This is what I wanted the trip to be about. I wanted to connect more to my Jewish side, not my Muslim side.” Gigi is having a lot harder time keeping her cool as evident by the wine guzzling. Something tells me she’s not going to be able to stay Zen for much longer…. we know how drunk Gigi gets.


The Western Wall

Unfortunately, we don’t get a Lochnessa moment just yet. The next morning Gigi is complaining about Reza and his speech last night, when he comes strolling in. Gigi straight up tells him that she thinks his words are disrespectful and ignorant. Reza tries to deflect by saying that she doesn’t understand his experience as gay Persian man but eventually gives in and apologizes and promises to do better.

am 4.png

Mike has notebooks for everyone to write down their wishes and dreams for when they pray at the wall today. MJ writes a damn novel but doesn’t actually get to the point of what she’s wishing for in life. She goes around and around in circles about wanting to leave a legacy and not wanting to be afraid of life. It must’ve made sense to her because she was crying while reading it out loud but it wasn’t good enough for Reza who pressed for specifics. He starts crying too, “I want you to get married and have a baby! MJ’s life is such a mess right now. She’s living in a pig pen, her dad’s dying, and she has no career, no husband, and no baby.” Like geez, Reza – harsh much?

am 3.png

The group travels to Jerusalem to visit the Western Wall, which is one of the holiest places… to Jewish people at least. The men and women are divided up, need to cleanse their hands, and the woman must cover up before approaching the wall. Shervin tries to get involved but feels like an outsider right away. He notices that while people are saying that all are welcome, there are only Jewish people around. Poor Shervin cannot even get the yamak to stay on his giant head – it’s actually a pretty hilarious moment for such a serious scene.

wall 3.png

Mike and Reza are super into the wall and pray alone and also in a small group with a man who hooks Reza up to some sort of contraption. Can anyone let me know what this is? I’ve googled and have not been able to find anything. He wraps Reza’s arm in what looks like black electrical tape and puts some small device on top of his head. Then they dance around while chanting and praying.

wall 5.png

Meanwhile, Gigi, who was just mad at Reza for not embracing Muslim culture, is sulking in the corner doing the exact same thing towards to Jewish culture. She doesn’t get the importance of the whole wall thing, which is not really her fault – Shervin didn’t seem to get it either so Mike and Reza should’ve done a better job explaining beforehand. I didn’t quite understand either until I googled, but still Gigi – you can tell that this is of great importance to many people, show some respect.

wall 4.png


I am shocked that Gigi has not exploded yet and I’m a little disappointed. She confronted Reza on this episode in a calm and mature way – such a letdown. Please someone start pushing her buttons while she is drinking and let’s watch the fireworks! She is one eye roll away from popping off! MJ and Asa are going to again go back and forth with the baby convo and MJ blabbing on about bastard children. Get a grip MJ – you are offending so many people and pushing everyone more to Asa’s side. No one calls babies that anymore! This isn’t Game of Thrones! Asa’s baby will still have a right to the Jackson throne!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was it too serious or did you appreciate the exposure to different cultures and experiences? Who is being more closed off Reza or Gigi? How many times will Asa say “my baby” in next week’s episode?…. Drinking game anyone?

Let me know in the comments below!

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