Real Housewive's of New York

Real Housewives of New York Finale Recap

Thank You and Good Night – Episode 19 Finale

Everyone is back in the city after the fabulous 3-part Mexico trip. This episode was a good wrap up to a great season! I wasn’t really expecting too much drama because it seemed like everyone worked out their issues on the trip. But somehow, it was still about Tom.

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RIP Luom!

Luann and Tom are playing tennis and in her interviews Lu is going on and on about how happy they are. She says, “I was determined to make it work, and I did it!” If by “did it” she means dragged his ass down the aisle, then yeah, she did it. I think most people would agree that in order to say you “did it” you would have to have a successful marriage…. I mean at least for a year. The whole thing was so painful and cringy to watch in light of recent events.  It was all just too soon – I still haven’t properly processed!  RIP Luom!


Ready For My Real Estate Spin-off?

Bethenny is standing in her new, giant apartment with some burley, hairy man who is missing a tooth. Strange all around. I guess Bethenny is sort of dating this guy and the missing tooth is because he is a hockey player. Dorinda comes over and declares that she just had some street meet. And then Bethenny commands her date to turn around so that Dorinda can grab his ass. All in all, it was a very weird scene but again the goal was to promote Bethenny and Fredrick’s new show by having B exclaim how much she loves renovation and real estate.


Tinsley Has Left the Townhouse

Tinsley has finally moved out Sonja’s apartment but Ramona is ready to move in. Sonja should turn her townhouse into Sonja’s Home for Wayward Housewives.


Meanwhile, Tinsley is shelling out $7000 a month to live in a hotel but it’s def worth it to have access to ice that isn’t brown! Tinsley and her new boyfriend, Scott, are already saying “I love you.” Damn Tinsley wastes no time.

Where’s Sonja?

Tinsley’s “Thank you/fuck you” party begins with Tinsley running around greeting all of her prep school guy friends, “Hiiiii!!!! Hiiiiiey!!! Omg Hiiii!” Ugh. Carole shows up wearing MC Hammer pants but thank God for Dorinda who glides in look glam af! Ramona arrives wearing an ity bity black dress that shows off her amazing legs – and damn they really are great legs for anyone to have, let alone a 60-year-old woman. Ramona informs the group that Sonja’s prob not going to make it because she’s still in bed and doesn’t feel like coming.

party 3.png

I kind of don’t blame her – is this supposed to be a thank you party or a meet Tinsley’s new boyfriend party?  Tinsley and her boyfriends are so adorable together though!