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Shahs of Sunset Episode 4 Recap

Let My People Go!

The Shahs have a bad case of baby fever this episode. Reza and Adam visit a surrogate specialist, Asa is baby shopping, and MJ is tracking her ovulation.  Fun stuff all around.

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A Baby Will Be How Much?!

Adam and Reza visit a fertility specialist to discuss their options when it comes to surrogacy. Adam’s ideal situation would be 2 eggs from the same female but one with Reza’s goods and one with his.  So, the children would be twins with 2 different fathers – weird. From what I’ve learned by watching this sort of thing on Bravo shows, that seems very unlikely.  I think you’re pretty lucky if just one of the eggs works out.  But the doctor doesn’t tell them it’s a crazy idea so maybe it’s not that difficult.


What he does say that is crazy is that from start to finish this whole shebang can cost upwards to 160k!  I about fell out my chair when he said that number!  Maybe if everyone had to pay that much to have children we’d have less dumbasses in the world. Never mind, we’d still have dumbasses but they’d be rich dumbasses and we know how dangerous that is… ahem Trump.

Date Night

Gigi and her new inbred boyfriend are out to dinner and waiting for her parents to arrive. If this guy wasn’t already Jewish enough with a name like Shalom, he also has a built in yamak on his head – oh wait that’s his hair.

date 3.png

Gigi’s parents appear and they are so sweet and so happy that Gigi’s finally introducing them to a guy that they don’t seem to mind that his parents are cousins.  However, they do seem to care that he is Jewish – every time he says the words “Israel”, “Hebrew” or Jew” the camera darts to Gigi’s father’s stern face.  Gigi, having no tact, asks her parents straight up and in front of the dude what they think, thumbs up or down.  Damn Gigi, wait till he’s gone man.

date 2.png

Right then is when Gigi’s dad spills water all over and everyone runs from the electrical outlets.  These fondue places are such garbage.  They give you plates of raw food and you have to cook it all in the same nasty water – like if I wanted to cook I would’ve stayed home.  Everyone settles back in and Gigi’s father gets all dramatic, “well you know how I feel about you dating a Jewish person.”  Dun dun duuunn.   Shalom is shitting his pants right about now.  “I don’t care!” he exclaims.  Whew, that was a close one.  Tricky editors almost got me again.


Adopt Don’t Shop!

Reza and Adam meet with an adoption specialist to discuss the idea of fostering or possibly adopting a baby. Reza would much rather adopt a child in need than shell out 160k for a baby with their DNA.  He gets very emotional when the agency woman starts spitting out statistics of all the children without parents in LA alone.  At least Adam and Reza are on the same page when it comes to wanting a child – Reza has seemed pretty hesitant thus far.  Now, they just have to decide how they want to make that happen.


The Holy Land

The time has arrived for Israel! Everyone arrives at the airport – even this new bitch Destiny who they just kinda snuck in on us… like who are you?  Who are you friends with?  How do you belong in the group?  No backstory at all – she just keeps appearing.

Once the crew lands in Israel, everyone gets detained in customs except for Asa and MJ. It looked miserable af!  They get interrogated one by one about why they’re there and who they are with.  It’s not really clear why they are being detained.  Is it just because of their names and being Muslim?

air 5.png

One by one they are released to join Asa and MJ who think the whole thing is hilarious.  Seriously?  I’d be freaking the F out if that friends were in that situation!  The last to be let though are Gigi and Reza – an insane 5 hours later!

air 4air 2

Party Time!

After getting to their hotel and freshening up, the group heads out for dinner and drinks. Asa doesn’t stay very long since people are smoking inside the restaurant/club.  The group wastes no time getting turnt up.  MJ is all baby talk and says she wants to get pregnant in the next month so this is her last hurrah.

out 6.png

She is very, very concerned about having a baby out of wedlock and it being a bastard.  Is this her low-key way at throwing shady Asa’s way? Reza tries to put her in perspective, “Girl it’s 2017, who cares?  Bitch you should be so lucky to even have a baby at this point – you’re 44!  Who cares if it’s a bastard or not?”  I think MJ cares because she knows that Vida will care.

out 5.png

MJ picks up some randoms inside the club and brings them back to their hotel. Mike and Shervin don’t really seem interested in the girls but MJ sure is interested in the dude.  She forces them to play spin the bottle because she’s so original like that.

out 3.png

They stay up partying until past 3am and I thought for sure we were gonna see some cell phone footage of MJ sneaky off with this guy.  But unfortunately, we did not and the strangers left without ruining any relationships.



Next week the group continues to explore Israel – but some individuals are a little uneasy. Gigi specifically, seems on high alert and she may have good reason to be.  Mike makes it sound like they might be in danger and if that is the case I don’t blame Gigi for wanting the get the hell out of dodge.  Hopefully they’ll be less baby talk next week – I’ve had my fill.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Is Shalom’s mother also his cousin?  Have we seen MJ pee on a stick one too many times?  Will Reza and Adam adopt or make more greasy, hairy little Reza’s?

Let me know in the comments below!

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