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Shahs of Sunset Episode 3 Recap

Hava Nagila, Hava Tequila

This episode was on the tamer side but we are building up to next week’s trip to Israel.  There are a lot of complicated discussions about the impending trip and everyone feels differently about it.

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Should You Really Have That Chocolate Croissant?

Mike and Reza are out to lunch and hung over after Shervin’s crazy and random party. MJ is meeting them so Reza suggests ordering her something she actually likes: a quesadilla. But all knowing, misogynistic Mike thinks she should have something healthier and orders her a veggie wrap. Didn’t you learn your lesion last season Mike? MJ’s food choices are her own – not yours!


The crew decides to take a trip to the Holy Land of Israel to get more in touch with their roots. MJ is unsure and feels guilty leaving her sickly father – which is totes understandable. But in the end Reza and Mike wear her down and she agrees that she does need a break.

I’m Like Carrie Bradshaw!

Gigi’s big storyline arc this episode is her walking in some unknown designer friend’s fashion show. I’m imaging this show to be along the same lines of the Posh fashion show in New Jersey. Gigi’s getting her make-up done pre-show and wants to make sure that her dark eye circles are covered. The designer asks, “Want to go crazy?” and then says, “Yea make her crazy” to the make-up artist. I don’t think Gigi needs make-up in order to be conceived as a crazy person – she can handle that all on her own.

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Out of nowhere, Janice Dickinson (looking a lot like Caitlyn Jenner) comes strutting in wearing the outfit that Gigi was supposed to wear. I’m with Gigi one this one – Janice Dickinson’s old ass can still walk?! Gigi is super pissed and throwing a fit but it looks like the designer is going to let Janice get away with is because what else can he do? She’s even crazier than Gigi!

show 3

Shervin and Gigi are both very hesitant about going to Israel for personal, business, and religious reasons. Shervin says there’s some law that states once you go to Israel you can’t visit other Arabic countries which he must be able to do for work. Gigi offers Tahiti as an alternative and I’m down with that. The whole thing seems like a touchy subject and one that I’m not well versed enough to comment on.

The fashion show starts and Gigi comes strutting out wearing a long, silver, sparkly boxing robe thing and she nearly trips over the damn thing! This never would’ve happened if she had been wearing the romper that Caitlyn Jenner stole from her!

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Ovulation vs Masturbation

MJ and Tommy had talked about getting pregnant on their dinner date. It seems MJ has a fire lit under her ass now that Asa is prego. Thank God MJ froze her eggs several years ago – that was smart. They bought ovulation strips (which I guess is a thing) so they know exactly when to do the dirty deed. The strips that they bought were generic Walgreen’s brand – like really?! If you’re gonna spend the extra dollar on anything, wouldn’t this be a worthwhile endeavor? Thankfully MJ was not ovulating at the time so we didn’t need to see Tommy give her the “hammer down right here, right now.”


Let My People Free!

Reza has a Halloween themed “Peace in the Middle East” party and I’m not really sure how to feel about it. It seems offensive af but again I don’t have any leg to stand on when it comes to this topic. Reza expresses that he’s not trying to be disrespectful but trying to make a serious situation more humorous. I guess it’s no different than people dressing up in sombreros and mustaches for Cinco de Mayo…. But it’s still not doing anything to help deter stereotypes. I guess what I find a little more disrespectful is that they’re dressed as religious characters yet chugging alcohol and acting in their normal unsavory way.

party 3.png

Shervin comes dressed as a 70s pimp and MJ comes dresses as a skeleton – um ok? Gigi tries to drink a beer in her burka – she is truly representing the struggles that women in Arabic countries go through. Way to keep it real Gigi.

party 6party 5

The group gets into a heated discussion about the upcoming trip to Israel. Gigi doesn’t like that Reza said, “fuck Iran” which is her homeland and the situation gets serious with the topic of nuclear weapons coming up. Reza says that he thinks the people of Iran are a great people but he doesn’t agree with their government. This appeases Gigi who agrees, along with Shervin to go on the trip.

party 4.png


The divide between Muslims and Jews rears its ugly head again next week when Gigi’s father disapproves of her new beau because he was born in Israel. But the situation gets much direr when the entire group is held in airport security when trying to travel into Israel. Hopefully it’s all just a misunderstanding and then group is released in a timely manner.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was Reza’s party offensive or done in good taste? Will Mike and Gigi hook up on this upcoming trip? Will Reza cheat on Adam for the umpteenth time?

Let me know in the comments below!

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