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Real Housewives of OC Episode 4 Recap

We Have a New Puppet Master

Well I’m sad to say it, but I think that this season of Orange County has already peaked with last episode’s “It’s not my plate!” debacle. More happened before the first commercial break of New York than happen in this entire episode.   I mean this was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one!

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The Aftermath

Shannon goes over to Tamra’s to discuss the events at the Quiet Woman but Shannon doesn’t really cop to acting like a crazy person. And Tamra doesn’t really push her to talk about it or her feelings towards Kelly.

shan 2

They just kind of laugh the whole thing off like “Oh well, another restaurant we can’t go to anymore.” And please Shannon, enough with the leprechaun clover matching necklace and earring sets…. it’s enough.


Kelly is at her gorgeous home talking with her hubby about the crazy Shannon. Of course, Kelly doesn’t take any responsibility for the things she said and did and tbh she prob doesn’t remember everything. She thinks that Tamra is the new puppet master to Shannon and the force behind the wedge between herself and Shannon. Um, I’m pretty sure Shannon hated you from the moment she met you and you called her children’s school entitled.


Is This Party Sponsered by The Emoji Movie?

Oh great, another child’s birthday party – how fun. I think there were actually more shots of the kids doing activities and running around than of the ladies. Is this the best you can do Lydia? The party is at Lydia’s crazy mom’s house and she is busy throwing “fairy dust” on everyone. I’m with Peggy on this one – keep that glitter away from me. You can never get if off… ever!


Vicki meets Peggy who tells her right away about her health issues. Vicki says in her interview that she believes Peggy and isn’t going to investigate her private medical records. And why would you? Meghan only did that because your psycho ex Brooks was lying at every turn and shady af!

bday 4.png

Another Day, Another Vag

Another vag rejuvenation scene to add to the many we have already unfortunately seen throughout the Housewives franchises. This has to be the most tired, uncreative, and disgusting story arc any Housewife can do, yet they continue to do so. They must think that they’re coming off as kooky and fun – look at me, I talk about my who-has. But no, please stop.


The only thing slightly different about this one was that Vicki was hiding in the corner horrified most of the time. We know how she has an affliction to such things and can’t even say the word vagina… it’s bagina in her book.

vag 2.png

Watch Out For Those Men!

Our next exciting clip is of Shannon teaching her oldest child to drive. I’m not gonna lie, I almost changed the channel at this point. I was already so fucking bored and then they spring this crap on us! Even my 3rd glass of pinot was not making this a good time.


Emotional Break Down Part 1

Tamra’s son, Ryan, is at her house searching for beer and man does he look worse for wear. They show a flashback to him and Simon when Ryan was a teenager and damn… what a difference. He looks terrible now… like he’s pushing 50.

ryan 3.png

Speaking of Simon, Tamra has been friendly with him lately – at least through texts. She also has seen her estranged daughter for the first time in years. So that is a good sign and hopefully there will be more improvement soon to come. Ryan starts crying about Simon and saying that he thanks him now that he knows how hard it is to be a step-dad. Uh yea Ryan, especially to 4 small children…. should’ve thought about that before you knocked up some random from Instagram.

ryan 2.png


We get our one obligatory scene of mommy Meghan – which is good because one scene is about all I can handle. This bitch is seriously complaining about dropping pregnancy weight too fast. Seriously Meghan – way to be relatable. Stfu!

meg 2.png

Off season Kelly and Meghan were text fighting which started with Meghan asking Kelly if she had a boyfriend. Kelly texted back that she heard Jimmy’s having an affair and at this time Meghan was 7 months pregnant. Meghan is enraged that Kelly would ask her that when she was 7 months pregnant – but as usual, you started it Meghan! But Meghan is willing to brush everything under the rug because she’d rather have Kelly as a friend than an enemy – pretty smart.


Go Put Your Pajamas On

Vicki comes over to Peggy’s and pulls into her garage so that we can get another view of Peggy’s many black and white cookie luxury cars. Cool, don’t care – this show is for women and guys who care more about drama than about cars. Thank God Diko has been in most of Peggy’s scenes because she really needs his personality to carry the story. So far, she has been a dull dud.


And apparently, she’s not very smart either because she trusts Vicki when she says that she will be there for Peggy. Peggy feels instantly connected to Vicki and it kind seems like she sees her as a maternal figure. Good luck with that Pegster.

peg 2

Emotional Breakdown Part 2

Tamra is giving a speech for a charity for estranged families and everyone in her family shows up, even her dad. Everyone that is except for her mother who has been a constant staple on the show. I don’t really blame her mom for not wanting to be around her dad – he left her for her best friend! But as usual Tamra makes it all about her and calls out her mom on national TV. At the event Tamra meets lots of people going through the same thing as her – terrible divorces and not seeing their children. Her closing line of her speech is very moving, “Love your children more than you hate your ex.”



Wow – this whole episode was such a downer. I need some tequila and RHONY reruns after that monstrosity. Next week: Lydia goes to Hawaii – don’t care, Vicki talks to Michael about birth control – don’t care, Kelly tries to get her mom involved with life – don’t care. Peggy and Meghan will be meeting for the first time and it doesn’t look like it goes well which is exciting. Meghan is at her best when she has a target person to hate.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was it as excruciating mind numbing as it was to me or are you happy just to see our fav gals living their daily lives? Will Diko replace Peggy holding the orange next week? How much more weight can Meghan lose without even trying?

Let me know in the comments below!

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