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Real Housewives of OC Episode 2 Recap

It’s Either My Way or the Feng Shui

Once again the O.C. was a little slow… more babies and more kids. But hey, there was no prayer circle so we’re improving. So far we haven’t really seen the ladies interacting with each other…. everyone just seems to have their own individual scenes. Get these girls together for a lunch and lets hash some shit out!

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Relationship Corner in the Crapper

The episode kicks off with Shannon and her Feng Shui quack – so real riveting stuff. She tells Shannon that her toilet is in her “relationship corner” and must be moved. How much is that going to cost?! Shannon will probably leave the toilet as is because she thinks that some relationships need to go down the drain. This lady picks apart Shannon’s entire kitchen and pretty much wants her to move everything in there – including the kitchen sink! I thought this house was just a rental until they found a new home? Hmmm…


Baby Baby Baby

Meghan and her baby – her gassy baby. I am already sick of this – I don’t need to see someone attempting to take care of a newborn. Aspen seems to cry whenever Meghan is holding it and then calm when she passed her off to Jim. Interesting.

baby 4

Meghan is having an extremely difficult time describing motherhood in her interviews while she’s wearing Elsa’s dress from Frozen. Where’s Bethenny when you need a good Frozen joke? She doesn’t seem to be digging the whole baby thing – finally something relatable!

baby 2.png

Meghan is venting to Jim about the ladies of the show and he really tries to listen at first (or pretend like he gives an F). But he reaches his bullshit threshold pretty quickly and grunts at her “What’s for dinner?”


Laguna Beach Jr.

Shannon’s oldest daughter is going to her first formal and everyone is getting ready at their house. Shannon is stress eating and has a piece of bread – until David scolds her for it. But to prove that she only had a little piece and not the whole slice, Shannon removes the half chewed bread from her mouth, shows David the evidence, and then puts the bread back in her mouth. Wow – so unnecessary Shannon. But also – screw you David! Let the lady have some damn bread!


All of the teens arrive for photos and the boys and girls are literally split into two groups across the yard – each group afraid to approach the other first. It is so adorably awkward and relatable. This whole scene is giving me Laguna Beach Jr feels, but from the parents prospective.

dance 2.png

We Own Our Cars

We get our first introduction to the newest O.C. housewife, Peggy. I mean the whole scene was pretty blah – family, food, wealth. It was all very Jersey – but I’ll be fair and give it some time to blossom. As like all new housewives, Peggy starts off bragging about their wealth and being very showy with the cars and jewelry. Usually when people are talking about all the money they have – it means they don’t actually have a lot of money (a la Dorit on Beverly Hills). But Peggy makes sure to clarify that all of their cars are owned – not leased.


1 Year Old Party at Beer Garden

Tamra throws an over-the-top elaborate first birthday party for her granddaughter. There’s lots of drama surrounding Briana being invited but Tamra has basically cut her off since her fight with Vicki. Well Briana shows up, is perfectly polite to everyone, avoids Tamra, and then leaves to avoid any awkwardness. It was pretty anti-climactic but what did we expect – somehow even with Vicki as a mother, Briana knows how to behave in social situations.

bri party.png

Shannon and Lydia meet and Lydia mentions Shannon’s trigger word “Vicki” which puts her totes on guard. Shannon is already starting to unravel and tells Lydia “be forewarned”.

party 4.png

She tried to get Lydia on her side by telling her all of the horrific things that Vicki has done to her but she is yelling at Lydia and waving her finger in her face. Lydia is just sitting there silently nodding and letting Shannon go off on her crazy tangent. “See these 40 pounds?” Shannon screams as she takes hold of her stomach fat, “This is stress! And that stress is Vicki Gunvalson!”

party 6party 40

Lydia finally gets in a word and tells Shannon that she acting the same way that Vicki was acting, which probably means defensive and blameless. This really sets Shannon over the edge and she has to remove herself.


Tamra tries to explain to Lydia why Shannon reacted the why she did…. while Shannon is in the background stress eating nachos. So relatable!


Once again Shannon gets worked up and will not let Lydia speak. Lydia keeps trying to explain how she was shocked that some crazy lady she just met started shouting in her face but Shannon keeps interrupting and talking over her.

party 5party 7

Finally Lydia brings out the big guns, “We’re not gonna get along I feel.” And whoa did that strike a nerve in Shannon! She legit storms off like someone just said the most rude, offensive thing to her. Her reaction was way extra for what the situation was.



Next week we finally, finally get most of the girls together… sans Vicki ,for a lunch that looks sure not to disappoint! (Thank you Kelly!) Shannon once again completely loses it… throwing a plate and all. Not quite as impressive as a table flip or a Lisa Rina breaking a glass on the table… but still a good effort by Shannon. I think this is the beginning of a dark spiral for Shannon and that is has more to do with her love life than the girls. I hope she can pull herself out of it, but I also hope we get a few more crazed outbursts too.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Has there been enough drama or are you still bored?  Whose side are you on Shannon or Lydia?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 1    Taglines

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