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Southern Charm Reunion Part 2 Recap

Reunion Part 2

We finally get into the meat of this season on this week’s episode – Reunion Part 2. Shep takes responsibility for his terrible actions…. Landon takes zero accountability – at all – ever. We get a visit from Chelsea who looks beautiful as ever and also from Whitney who looks creepy as ever.

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Kathryn Takes 3 Steps Back

The reunion picks back up with the Jennifer/Kathryn friendship… or lack of friendship and Thomas once again threatening to take Kathryn down in court. He really must have something on her because she shuts up real fast! They discuss the lunch scene that Kathryn and Jen had, in which Jennifer is crying about her sick baby while Kathryn looks on in disdain – totally heartless.

lunch 2lunch 3

Kathryn admits that she was cold but stands by her statement about Jennifer being manipulative. They both say there’s hope for their friendship but Kathryn never actually apologizes for any of her wrongdoings towards Jennifer.


Shift Change

And then very suddenly, with no commercial break in between – Jennifer is whisked away and Whitney comes strutting out. I’m not sure why Whitney is here – he only says about two words the entire time.



Thomas is talking about moving to a more kid friendly area and to a house with a decent yard and this makes Kathryn burst into tears for reasons that are never explained. Way to drop the ball on that one Andy.

kat cry.png

Thomas claims that he lives in the guest house with the children, but Kathryn refutes his claims (under her breath and not actually too his face – she’s still afraid of him after the court comments).

guest house.png

Thomas is talking about the girl situation in Charleston and the cameramen throw some serious shade! As soon as Thomas mentions girls being “too old” the camera zooms in, hard and fast, onto Landon’s face! Omg you shady shady cameramen and editors! I didn’t hate it.

Lan old.png

Luggage is Important!

Next Landon comes under fire for being a pretentious gold-digger wannabe. She stands by her comments and even reiterates that she wants to date a man who can travel the world with nice luggage. Austen, Cameran, and even Shep are embarrassed for her! They are like cringing as she talks.

luggage 2luggage

If Shep is embarrassed by you, it’s time to rethink some things. But Landon seriously just does get it! She doesn’t see how those comments come off as pompous and snobby. She even doubles down on her “Vail is a truck stop” comment saying that it’s a running joke between people who prefer Aspen. Ok, Ramona Singer.


This Little Girl Right Here is Your Soul Mate!

Thomas and Landon discuss their relationship and that random ass lady who told them that they were soulmates. Andy verified that she was not planted by production – just some random Charleston drunkard.


Landon is still defending her actions in regards to going away on a weekend trip with Thomas. Her and Kathryn disagree on the timeframe – Landon says it was not Valentine’s Day and not for 3 days. It’s all very suspect and we’ll never know for sure what, if anything, happened between Thomas and Landon on that trip.


Kathryn does say that watching Landon stick up for her in Key West really meant a lot and they actually seem to get to a genuine, civil place.

Love Triangle Conclusion

Chelsea comes out, and it’s weird to me that she hasn’t been out there the entire time. I mean she has just as much involvement in everything as Austen does.


Love triangle talk ensues and we learn that Shep has known Chelsea for 10 years – so he’s def already had plenty of chances with her. Austen tries to call out Cameran for her involvement in pushing Shep on Chelsea but she just kind of comes out and admits it and moves on.

cam chels

Landon doesn’t apologize for flirting with Austen on the hunting trip and in Key West. This seems to be a running theme – she cannot apologize for anything! She has an excuse for everything! She said that the flirty behavior is just part of her personality – which I get but she was def going over the top in both of these situations.


The Grab

Chelsea explains that Shep did indeed “grab” her when he tried to kiss her at the bar. Everyone agrees that Shep is just used to getting his way with women and isn’t used to getting rejected. Chelsea thinks the whole thing is an example of Shep’s entitlement and that he’s a different person when he’s drunk.

grab 4grab

But I guess all of this is a moot point because Chelsea and Austen are no longer together! I am shook and saddened! And both are them keep totally silent as to reasons why! The people want to know! And then, again without a commercial break in between Chelsea and Whitney both leave.

grab 2

Drunky Shepy

As we know, Shep missed his flight from Key West because he was so inebriated that he swallowed a chicken wing bone. I mean how does that even happen? Cameran reveals that Shep was eating French fries off of a stranger’s plate! God I wish we had footage of that! But again, that’s pretty entitled of him – my French fries random peasant!

shep 3.png

Austen wonders how it’s even possible that Shep made it through security and then it sounds like Shep tells Austen to keep his mouth shut. The music gets all dramatic….what does Austen know? Dun dun duuun! Commercial.

Turns out, Shep was just answering Austen’s question about how he got through security: by keeping his mouth shut. Well played Bravo, well played.

grab 3.png

Craig thinks that Shep is looking for purpose which he thinks is fine but doesn’t understand why Shep berates him for the same thing. Shep says that he is introspective while Craig is delusional and will say that he’s “killing it” even when things are going wrong. They both acknowledge that they won’t admit when they’re wrong. But then Shep compares Craig to Trump! He’s says that Craig can’t handle hearing bad things about himself and just blocks it out. Too far Shep! And puhlease…like you didn’t vote for him. “Here’s to the bourgeoisie! May we always be in it.”


Andy finally asks the obligatory question that everyone watching wants answered: Is there hope for a Kathryn/Thomas reconciliation? They both coyly smile and leave it up in there air…. so be expecting a pregnancy announcement any day now.

The End

The group does a toast with some bourbon – right give the pregnant lady and the recovering addict alcohol. And just like that another season of Southern Charm is complete and I am sad. But no need to be sad for very long because we got a sneak peak of Shep’s new spin-off Relation-Shep and a lot of familiar faces make appearances.

cheers 2cheers

What did you think of the reunion overall? Was this your favorite season yet? But most importantly, will you be watching Relation-Shep?

Let me know in the comments below!

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